Fateful Day Under the Full Moon

full moon facI woke up this morning, knowing this would be a fateful day. The full moon. Mars conjunct Saturn, square Uranus. Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, conjunct my ascendant.  SPINE SURGERY. I just didn’t know what to expect.

A few weeks ago, I was telling people I felt like the patients on 600-pound life. They all say they need to be “approved for surgery” or they’re going to die. It’s become an imperative.  I’d be going down due to the pain or the pain treatment or both!  Unless they fix me?

I woke up this morning, feeling scared but exhilarated, ahead of an appointment with my surgeon who would have all test result and hopefully, a plan. I felt it would go well but tried to check myself. I know someone with an “inoperable” back and I have already been turned away by one neurosurgeon (back) and one orthopedic surgeon (neck).  But I really felt this was the man. If not him, then no one.  And I felt good!

I felt good enough to post in the forum to say I felt good and I have to tell you, the news is not just good, it’s good beyond my wildest dreams.

I will be having back surgery in June, penciled in, contingent on Covid-19. But here’s the thing: he’s going to go in through my SIDE.  This as opposed to cutting me in front and having to move organs aside.  Tell me you would not be leaping for joy.

Yes, the surgery will be minimally invasive. There will be more than one, but it will be done in stages, over time.  It’s like a four-day hospital stay. I will have to travel to have the surgery.  But there will be no poles sticking out and whatnot. Can’t drive for a month which is infinitely better than three or four or six months, I thought might be the case.

I think this is a story of hope and perseverance.  Sometimes it’s better to be denied and delayed. You find out, eventually, that the universe (God) was conspiring in your best interest.  I have the BEST surgeon and sometimes it just takes time for two people to line up,

This goes for all relationships and not just mine but yours as well.

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Fateful Day Under the Full Moon — 29 Comments

  1. That’s fantastic! I think minimally invasive surgery is the way to go.
    Several years ago I woung up in Er writhing in pain. Intestianal obstruction.

    Surgeon on call at 3 am wanted to open me up “from sternum to pubis” and have a look. But one of the residents told me there was a “laparoscopic guy” only he was not on call.

    I held on for 5 days and refused to give surgical consent until the laparoscopic genius came up to my room. He thought he could help me and it was a breeze.

    Went home next day after surgery! This is instead of 2 month recovery with old method. It pays to insist on the best surgeon and best method.

  2. Very happy for you, Elsa! Thanks for sharing the good news.

    Similar but different: I was just just chatting with the owner of the corner store near my house. She’s been trying to sell the place for months and months because she had hit some hard times (which is a whole different story). She has a buyer, but all kinds of delays have prevented the official change of hands. Now with the coronavirus, and the fact that nobody wants to go into town, and people are literally avoiding the grocery store like the plague, her sales have tripled. Boy is she glad that she’s the one making money and not some new guy!

    I have my own personal little delay thing going on, where I’m the one holding things up – but I’m really doing my best. I try not to stress about it because I know that there’s stuff like this.

  3. Dear Elsa, I wish you good luck with your surgery. I hope everything goes very smoothly for you.
    Thank you for giving hope to those of us who feels being denied and/or delayed.
    aleph 🙂

  4. Remember,be brave and build your prayers for the best
    No building the worst happiest with the least,ask in your prayers, you
    Deserve the best; someone said to me sometime make like it’s already over then what’s on your list next to guide your energy
    My little sister actually had a couple back surgeries
    Her only complaint , she hated flights overseas 10hours
    Plus,seeing as long plane rides not too popular,you’ll
    Slay this!

  5. Woop Woop!

    This is fantastic! Good luck to you, Elsa!

    With a heavy Saturn profile I tend to agree. It takes time and in the meantime you find out you were spared for a shitton of trouble. But the wait…. Oh the wait. I have Saturn and Pluto in conjunction natally, and Aquarius on the Ascendant. Mars in Capricorn on South Node.

    Usually I am gracefully saved in the direst of circumstances, but I usually have to be ‘so far gone’ in all ways before anything happens.
    It has happened a lot during my life, so I would have liked to say I am used to it…. But no. Everyone I REALLY want something, I come to the point where I have given up and becoming depressed – and then it happens. Usually a small death (Pluto) of hope has to occur before my wishes come through.

    I have Venus/Sun/Jupiter exact conjunction, and as Saturn is strong in Libra and Pluto aren’t, my hopes and wishes are often delayed.
    The upside though: you become really grateful for your rewards 😉

  6. Great news!!!
    Such a relief after all the doubts that preceded.
    It makes those good news that much more valuable.

  7. I am so happy for you Elsa. The universe does conspire for our wellness and the best. Thank you for sharing the good news!

  8. “Sometimes it’s better to be denied and delayed. You find out, eventually, that the universe (God) was conspiring in your best interest….. sometimes it just takes time for two people to line up”

    Well said! Pleased to hear that this worked out well for you 🙂

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