Fated Trip, Composite Charts, Etc.

minneapolis.jpgMost of you know I got a corrected birth time for the soldier some weeks ago. The real time is markedly different then what I had been using and it’s so disorienting I haven’t really spent anytime with the new chart but today I looked at the new composite chart, just wondering how is jibed with the take-off chart of our trip back to the desert.

Our composite Moon is exactly conjunct the ascendant of the flight chart. The Suns of both charts are exactly conjunct as well if you can believe that. The whole thing has got to be fated, it’s almost spooky.

It’s also the kind of thing that happens to us all the time. I will never forget flying to Minneapolis with less than 24 hours notice, renting a car, driving to a truck stop to meet the soldier.

Not only did he pull up within 4 minutes of my arrival. Freda Payne’s, “Band Of Gold”, was blaring from the fuel island of the truck stop (the song he associated with us for 30 years) and then we wound up at that Catholic wedding – Just literally delivered there, a hour later.

I wonder what waits for us in the desert.

Here’s Freda. The soldier thinks this is the best song in the world, sung by the best singer in the world!


Fated Trip, Composite Charts, Etc. — 5 Comments

  1. Elsa, that’s breathtaking…you and Soldier have made my day. I’m smiling ear to ear!!!

    …this song is magical, and it brings you full circle – just beautiful 🙂

  2. I LOVE that song! It comes on and I crank it up and sing along, nevermind that it’s from well before my time! 😀

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