The Fastest Way To Solve Your Problems (Using Astrology Efficiently)

A lot of people feel themselves drowning in problems. I recalled this video, I made in 2007.

I made this video because someone asked me about minor aspects. Typically, I ignore them due the 80/20 rule (see Character, Blogging, The 80/20 Rule and The Community ).

If you apply this rule to astrology it would state that 80% of a person’s problems are caused by 20% of the aspects in their chart. Figure out what your number one problem is – resolve it, and your progress will be epic.

Do you use astrology, efficiently?


The Fastest Way To Solve Your Problems (Using Astrology Efficiently) — 30 Comments

  1. Hah!! Couldn’t agree more! I spent yesterday with two people who have SN in Gemini (a Virgo Sun & Pisces Sun) and all I wanted to do was yell at them to look at the BIG Picture . . . this hits my NN in Gemini and my Libra sense of balance. aaarrgh! 🙂

  2. working on it.
    looking for the magic perspective to make everything click into place so i can fix… things. getting there. i think.

  3. Completely agree. I just heard someone say her naturopath tells all her new patients to follow a simple health program for 3 weeks before coming back for the initial tests. (These are: proper amounts of sleep, water, exercise, plus 3 meals a day, and a multivitamin with omega-3.) Just getting the basics in balance.

    The golden mean. It’s not just for ancient Greeks 🙂

  4. Work hard and be good to your mother is a tip I once heard. But how do you do it Elsa? Might be ok for you Virgo types but for the rest of us, procrastination and feeling stuck makes it hard to just “do it”. Perhaps I need a little virgo geeney rub?


  5. I wish I knew where to start. I have no idea how to find out what’s dogging me. I guess as Pluto continues its progression through my 1st House I’ll find out whether I like it or not.

  6. Yeah Kingsley. Come to my house and look around right now (literally and figuratively) and it will have your neat little idea of ‘Virgo types’ running for the door. Besides, we’re the ones with Saturn wagging his finger at our every move.

  7. Boy, I have been feeling this coming on for a while now. My Cappy Sun is screaming to tell people off, mainly my sisters, but my Libra Moon keeps being diplomatic. I really need some help with this part because it is making me crazy….also with my job…Cappy working at the courthouse, Libra wanting to focus more on artistic side which I miss. Saturn in virgo has me really thinking about this and wanting to get some new patterns in place toward helping me balance the two.

  8. Lol thanks Togi! As a Virgo sun with other Virgo planets I am sort of grinding low to the ground feeling tired and stuck and not as driven. I am even getting tired of serving everything and everyone, imagine that! I am hearing the same stuff I feel from two other Virgo friends so it is what, a thing? Both said they felt silenced, gagged, and angry about it. I sort of understand. Also, i had oral survey, am dealing with some s—-y clients and have been sick w flu so yeah, unusual down-ish time but….I have to really push myself to get stuff done, which is not like me; I am somehow obsessed w reading and Learning however, feeling that. I don’t know. I am usually tougher and more of a fighter and doer. A friend gave me a chart reading with an astrologer for Christmas. He said “your chart is a mess, I can’t do this” and thus ended the reading. Sort of funny but sort of discouraging. Not fun to be a Virgo now!

  9. I remember that’s what Bernadette Brady said when I attended one of her seminars. Take the top 1 or 2 heaviest aspects, and they will over ride the others everytime, as the human brain prioritizes. Example, pluto square moon trumps uranus square venus. The stronger the outer planet and the more personal the inner planet is what equals the most important transit.

  10. I know you are right Elsa but saying so does not make it easy.

    Virgo rising, Sag Sun and Pisces Moon – here. Square/square/square. That has to be a big chunk of the 20% of my chart dogging me. I make a decision based on balance and logic and it breaks my heart because it isn’t what I desire. Or I go after what I want with all of my heart knowing full well it is wrong, wrong, wrong. The first time I married because I just had so much fun being with the man even though I knew we’d be lucky to make a year together. My current husband is a practical, wonderful man who makes me want to run away and join a circus…any circus will do.

  11. So true, so true, Elsa. Astrology has helped me to live with the 20% of my chart that at one time paralyzed me – my Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio (almost exact) that also conjuncts my Neptune in Libra. I had such low self worth and self-esteem issues in my younger days that I missed out on a lot of opportunities because I felt I wasn’t good enough. I was my own obstacle and it permeated every area of my life.

    It took me many years to understand how I was sabotaging myself by being such a negative critic. By studying Astrology, I was able to take control of my inner critic and learn to use it in a more positive way.

  12. Would love to do that and work on it, because my mood is really awful (even after doing some relaxation exercises). But how do I find my number one problem in my chart?!

    • Brex, if is isn’t obvious to you, I’d consider consulting someone. I could tell you in 15 minutes, if you could do without frills, 🙂

      • I have problems with foreign payments 😉 What are frills? The thing is, I know my own chart quite well, but there are a few big ones standing out and I don’t know which one is the biggest. Venus opp Saturn is a big one (tight orb) but my Pluto squaring Sun, Merc and Venus is always working (at the background?) but my tightest orb is the thing I can’t “see” for myself, and are intrigued by it, is my Mars-Neptune conjunction at the Midheaven. I think I have difficulty to “get my Mars up” if you know what I mean 🙂

  13. South Node/Sun Virgo is my 20%. Where I should be putting my 80%? Yod in North Node/ Midheaven/ 10th house Pisces. There is the answer. Man this stuff is great.

  14. Very interesting…..I also have a Mars/Merc flavored aspect in my chart. Mars in Gemini in the 5th house. My big mouth causes drama! I’m getting better at controlling it but damn, I have to stay on top of it almost constantly. Its such a knee-jerk reaction for me that if I am not in the best frame of mind, I tend to revert back to it without even thinking about it. Until the drama ensures of course….

    What I AM getting better at is recognizing what I’ve done and being adult enough to admit it to myself and others when necessary. Ugh…..

  15. This video is brilliant. I’ve read a book on the 80/20 principle and it is a life changing perspective. I think my instincts have always been to go for those strategic changes, partly because I like having my time to myself…I’ve never been one to get caught up in other people’s minutiae, and hate to waste my time on stupid stuff, so I just do the minimum with the most effect. My motto is, “don’t do everything; just do the right things!”

    I think when it comes to my chart the big unanswered question is how to channel my mars energy. It’s my chart ruler, I’m an Aries, mars in cancer, mars square Venus and Pluto, quincunx Neptune, trine mercury, trine Uranus.
    Needless to say, I have health issues because I turn my anger inward–everyone thinks I’m really nice–and due to health issues it’s nearly impossible to expend much energy physically. Doh! Trying to change it but it is a slow process.
    Usually I’m inclined to turn the energy into work and endless projects…but it burns me out being so intense all the time. The illness is forcing me to slow down and be more conscious. But it’s hard! I just want to channel my powerful energy…but perhaps due to the wishy washy energy of mars in cancer, I often see myself spinning my wheels. I switch gears, switch projects, just can’t seem to find the one place to focus. It’s incredibly frustrating.

    If I could just crack this nut…yeah, I’m guessing everything would change!

  16. Like you have lots of cardinal energy…Capricorn ascendant/moon and Libra sun. It seems like I exercise this controlling behavior only in very close relationships…. specifically I forget that others have the right to choose how to live their own lives (9th house sun,venus and mars). I learn the most when i do try to control loved ones with boundaries. It makes me reevaluate my behavior and think why I’m doing this to begin with. Control issues seems to always appear again….the joy of cardinal. Did you stop making these videos because I really enjoy them.

  17. I used to think Mars in Cancer in the 3rd was the most “difficult” placement in my chart but now that I learned about the self-censoring effect that Saturn R opposing my Sun in the 5th, it seemsto be the worst placement of all my chart.

  18. Mars in cancer 4th sqr mercury aries in 1st with a cancer moon in the middle so once I sorted out the moon my method of communicating changed big time and with mercury exact trine to pluto in leo and sextile uranus it can be quite insightful but only to those of the same wavelength. Blessed with a friend who for years kept telling Id get more with honey than vinegar – we are still great friends but with quite differing views at times.

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