Fashion Ideas: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

-Have you tried a buttoned shirt lately? Try one, they are updated with added lycra that adds stretch and makes the look more flattering than you can imagine! Your love of looking sharp can be fed by this look more comfortably
and with more sex appeal!
-If you don’t wear them, try stud earrings in colors. They are a way to look pulled together and add some color to your face. Depending on your skin tone try to find stones that are real and venture away from the always seen diamond studs.

-Make a space for your favorite desk and start organizing. If you don’t have a Blackberry or haven’t tried one, you might like investing in one. It allows you to take care of email, surf the web and answer your phone at the same time. A Blackberry is like a small office in your hand.
-Read a biography or two here or there. Bio’s are your best friend if you are a Capricorn and there are some great, interesting bio’s of people you would be interested in and that can mentor you towards your next goal.
-Now is the time to line up your next goal and sketch it out piece by piece. Get a notebook just for your ambition and step by step outline your goal, as you always have one. Write down the steps it will take to get there from the contacts you might need to how to get them and include the wardrobe you will need when you arrive!
-Frame portraits of your idols and hang them on your walls! Cappy loves portraits of those they admire you and you can frame them for very little or look for posters of your favorites and have them framed for you. In a pinch I’ve seen a Cappy pull out a magazine photo and have it framed for their wall.
-Have your wardrobe ORGANIZED. You, above all, will benefit from a very organized wardrobe. Choose three colors that work together and build a wardrobe from them. Add bits of other colors in the way of scarves and gloves and the like. You can accessorize as well but stay within the confines of your color choices and increase your working wardrobe.
-Send out snail mail little thank you notes for dinners and other favors people do for you. Often you are in the position of supervising groups of people or of receiving this or that from others and it is always a classy way of thanking to use snail mail and if you find a stationary you can call your own signature that is even better!
-Find a make up palette that is easy to apply and one that has colors that are found in nature. Use it instead of “iffy,” colors that require a wild hair style to pull off or a wild hair color. You could do well with Laura Mercer or Bobbi Brown, even Nars can work for you if you stay in the natural color range! Inquire if you are seeking a new make up line and I will do the research for you since my own rising is Capricorn!


-Try your hand at colorful dressing. Stay in the “watery,” prints and try some of the new styles of tunics with leggings for dressing with ease in any season. Try to buy your wardrobe to function in all seasons if you can for you are one to have a certain style to your look and you want to have many choices for yourself every morning.
-Watery eye color looks great on your eyes for they are pools of water that are beautiful. You can pull off more than one color on your eyes or line the eye with a colored liner and fill in your lid with another color. MAC eye color can be used wet or dry and it works in all cases. MAC also has many different shades to chose from. Bare Minerals is building a great wardrobe of eye colors as well and moving into some nice colors for blending. Blend your eye color and go heaviest in the crease to make the most of Aquarius eyes.
-Invite someone or some people from a different culture or belief system to dinner! You are entertained by interesting people and nothing is more interesting than listening to someone talk about their culture and comparing it to yours. If you are Aquarius you have your own unique belief system you can share as well. Try trading recipes in the same way!
-If you have not completed your “club house,” for those you have in your system of friends who agree with you, now is the time! Make your friends comfortable when they meet at your home and take into consideration that no one needs a “clubhouse,” feel more than you! You can use toss pillows and benches as well as a meeting table. As I have suggested before, add a small refrigerator for refreshments as well for comfortable get togethers.
-Try your hand at stocks if the market picks up or speculate in other ways. Invest in your own business because you have unique ideas that often are the wave of the future. You can take advantage of your forward thinking in many ways and make yourself and your loved ones more comfortable by doing so. Think of selling your unique ideas and sharing them in that way.
-Try organizing fund raisers for those friends you have that are in need. You are great at motivating a group and if you have a friend or acquaintance that has a disease or is having money troubles you can come up with great and creative ideas for solving problems that you can share with those you know or work with. This sort of leading others can do good for society and help you exercise those muscles you have that work so well in group activities.
-Dyeing your own fabrics and taking them to someone who will sew your ideas is a good idea for you. You could also pick out your own fabric and have your clothing sewn that way. There are a couple nurses I know who have their scrub tops done custom with fabrics of their choices and they are the most popular!
-Volunteer your time! You have an eye on humanity and you can round up a group to volunteer at the drop of a hat! Why not put your great assets to good use by helping those in need? You can bring a crowd with you easily as well to do good for human beings or animals.


-You need peace like no other so spend some time alone every day. We talked about you making your own space and I cannot say it enough: Get time on your own each day because you give so much of yourself to others every day!
-Go shopping and try to find a blue color that suits you. You need to think “water,” and find a deep shade of blue that reminds you of deep water or a softer blue that reminds you of whatever water you enjoy. There are many shades of blue and one has to work for you. Even if you wear a lot of black to keep your energy to yourself, add a piece of blue to your wardrobe to show yourself in your best light. Sea green is another good wardrobe choice for you.
-You also look best in watery eye color and you know how to apply eye make up without lessons most of the time. If you don’t, take the time to have your make up done at a counter and then copy that look with whatever make up you can afford and you prefer. Never feel pressured when having a make over for you can walk off without buying anything and all you are doing is making yourself an advertisement for the line while you are getting the make over.
-Wisp your hair in the front to flatter your face or have layers near your face cut to make you hair softer in appearance. Think of Pisces Drew Barrymore who has wispy hair and know you will look very mysterious and lovely in a hairstyle that is not so blunt cut. You have a knack of hiding behind your hair as well and that is very becoming for you. Try a style that covers your face from time to time as it moves to give yourself a place to hide when the mood hits you! Low hanging bangs do the trick a lot of the time!
-Find abstract prints for your walls and if you can find them in fabric hangings so much the better! Think again in sea greens and blues and add one other color for interest. Think your colors through when you surround yourself with them because you, like no other sign, pick up from your surroundings.
-Keep a journal of the thoughts of your loved ones that inter your head. Often you feel other’s feelings and if you write those down they are less likely to become your own thoughts. Keeping yourself for yourself is your goal and this I know for I am a Pisces as well! Write down how your friends and family are feeling and then write your separate feelings on the same page. This is a great favor you can do for yourself.
-Nothing clears the air like fire from candles so stock up! Try ocean scents and those that bring to mind your happier times. Take great care when picking scents for they also affect you greatly. Light candles all around you when you are taking that time for yourself and don’t be afraid to look into a flame from time to time to bring your natural psychic ability to the forefront. Use this time to rejuvenate and then feel free to share of yourself afterward. You will have more energy by far after being with yourself.
-A Pisces is a natural artist and whatever your medium you need to make space for it. If you live with a family or a group of friends you still need your place to create. If you have not found your creative outlet yet, try collages, for they can bring out of you those ideas that have not taken form. It is always good for a Pisces to make a collage from time to time and dont’ be afraid to hang it in your space.
-When applying your make up I recommend you get used to brushes. A natural artist, you will find brushes help you apply your make up using less product and assuring you will not use too heavy a hand. Pisces should never appear overly made up unless you are dressing in costume for you loose your natural beauty if you are covered with colors other’s have concocted. Try to find a make up company that uses a light hand with color for your “go to,” line of make up. Ask for suggestions.
-Get a reading on your astrological chart to better understand how you are who you are. Don’t hesitate to visit psychics that are proven to be accurate and you may find soul mates when you do. You are a deep feeling person and need a person to go to to bring you back into yourself so I recommend you have at least one friend who is an earth sign. If you befriend an earth sign you will have more grounding but never allow yourself to be so grounded that you loose your natural creativity.
-Find your signature scent and bath yourself in it. Make sure it brings forth good memories or good dreams and apply it in bath products, lotion and perfume. Go with a softer scent that does not over power for you are not needing to take over the room with your scent, just have a bit of it surrounding you when you do whatever you do. You feel pampered that way and I can’t say enough about making sure the scent is one that is agreeable to you and to you alone! Try the “Fresh,” scent line.
-Take up swimming or get in the nearest Jacuzzi! Water is medicine for you and even if you do it in a bit bath tub or even a small one, you are in your element in water. If you need exercise, swimming is an option!
-Believe it or not, Pisces, you can wear statement necklaces very well! Bold, statement necklaces alone on plain garments can set your beauty off and you can carry them well. Try a jewelry company that makes ethnic jewelry that is heavier or even an American company that specializes in big, statement jewelry. You might surprise yourself!



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  1. Annalisa, thank you so much for this, I have been patiently waiting for the Pisces section of this series and I was NOT disappointed in the least. I especially like the part where you mention journaling feelings of friends/family and then your own…this advice comes just a day after I wrote in the boards how I have trouble deciphering my own identity amidst other people’s personalities. I love to write, and this just sounds like the perfect way to establish my own feelings amidst a sea of others.
    Thanks again, love this!

  2. Capricorns on a budget need to learn how to shop smart. Some tips I’ve picked up over my student years:

    – Research sales and discounts in your area. Deals are sometimes not publicly advertised. Ask retail staff about deals.
    – When buying something, ask yourself if you think you will be able to wear it in 5 years time, especially if you are prone to impulse purchases.
    – Makeup is tougher to find discounted. Keep an eye open for bonuses. Extra tip for Asians: I find Japanese cosmetics work much better than European/American brands, esp eye products which have more lasting power on our eyelids.
    – Learn what luxury clothes/fabrics feel like and familiarize yourself with the details of what constitutes a well tailored item.
    – Find good consignment/vintage stores. Don’t overlook places like Goodwill, I’ve found some very high end items there. You do have to spend the time hunting through piles of stuff though. Consignment stores are great for finding older, quirky and fun stuff for cheap.
    – If you bought something full price that is discounted shortly afterwards, keep the receipt and some places will refund you the difference.
    – Find a good, cheap and reliable tailor (ask retail staff at store in a well to do area). I just had a fave pair of jeans saved by an excellent tailor.
    – Two words: eBay, Craigslist.
    – NEVER follow a trend or purchase something if it does not make you look and feel fabulous, no matter how awesome it looks on the clothes rack.
    – Never feel like a tight budget restricts you from being fashionable; $$ does NOT equal style.

    btw, I’m a Cap w/Mars on the ASC and I’ve found military green *always* works for me.

  3. Annalisa, thanks for all the great fashion articles you write – they’re wonderful.

    Where did you see get that picture of the black double-breasted coat? Is it advertised somewhere?

  4. Thank you to both Annalisa and isthmus for very good info. Since I was a kid and sewing my own clothes, I have always had champagne taste but on beer budget. Some of my best, and often higher quality clothes and new shoes have come from discount or thrift stores. A good tailor is a definite asset, better than buying $300 jeans, which are not guaranteed to fit anyway.

    My Thrift store strategy is to cruise quickly to my “three colors”, and just by touching a fabric can tell what the material is and the comfort it has, and only then pulling off the rack and looking at it. If there’s time, try it on, otherwise be prepared to redonate.

    I do not like the smell in thrift stores, yet there often jewels to be found, it’s always a crapshoot, and you have to weigh time vs money.

    But I personally have donated the most awesome clothes and items to these stores, many new, unused bad choices. And obviously I’m not the only one.


  5. @Annalisa Thanks for your tips too! I’ve enjoyed reading them, even the ones that don’t apply to me.

    @Mari Oh I wish I had more sewing skills, I can only fix small tears and such. And champagne taste, beer budget – that will probably always be me. Even if I won the lottery, the Cap in me would probably still balk at the prices of certain items. Esp since there are ways to get them for much less.

  6. I gotta volunteer the black dress for the Capricorn, there’s nothing like it! The diamond studs are so classy, Annalisa.

    Also I think Aquarians look good with funky dangly earrings. My Aquarian friend wears good ones. I actually like ones with a peacock feather in them if they’re tasteful, but I’m a cheeseball. I got her some mother of pearl (or maybe ivory?) bird earrings with coral beads to match her necklace. I love giving her earrings.

    Guys with Venus in Capricorn are so funny! I showed up to hang out with my friend and was still wearing a suit, he had never been so attracted to me!

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