Fashion Tips For Any Age: Cancer, Leo, Virgo

Cancer FashionCancer

When I think Cancer women I see skirts and flattering blouses or T’s that come in all varieties! You can come from two schools with Cancer affecting your chart and one school likes to flatter the bustline and the other covers it up. No matter what your age you can decide to flatter your bustline but do it with class and consideration for others! There are plenty of T’s that are cut to flatter the bustline that you can wear with a pretty skirt in an “A” shape that is great on any body. If you make sure your skirt has enough fabric to have some movement and match it with care to your blouse or top you can use this style no matter what age you are.

The pencil skirt is often hard to wear when you are older and don’t have that perfect body but believe me it can be done if you find one in YOUR SIZE and fit your body instead of trying to squeeze yourself into a skirt that is too small! Anyone can wear a skirt of any type if the skirt is in their size because no matter if you are plus size or small you can find your size and look pulled together. If you feel your lifestyle is more casual then I love Cancer women in blouses and skirts that have patterns on the skirt and simple color in the blouse or top that matches in an interesting way. Every time I see a woman with a great skirt and a top that flatters the bustline, I think “Cancer!” Sure, some Cancers are not skirt women but they are usually dressing for another point in their chart! A Cancer woman does best in separates because you can get them in whatever size fits your top and bottom and get the best look. For a Euro look that works here try the skirt in an “A” shape with a great blouse and see how you feel! Elastic at the waist can eliminate many problems with comfort so think about that when you are shopping skirts!

There are wrap tops that look great on the bustline and there are some tops with drop necklines that are made to show off the bust. Try not to show too much and put it all on display for that should stop when you are about twenty and have a job! It’s okay to show a bit of a bustline but good taste is where you draw the line. Any age can wear bust-flattering tops with the underwear that is out there now and some women even wear “Spanx” to help them along if you are the type. Most Cancers don’t like their clothing as tight as “Spanx” but it is an option! For fall look for swinging skirts in lightweight wool and pair them with blouses that have darts that show for a forties look that looks great no matter what your age. Also, try the new shapes of sleeved T’s that look good with your skirts and can be cut in all sorts of imaginative ways!

Hair is important to the feminine Cancer woman and feeling their hair long can make their day. A Cancer looks great with a bit of curl in her hair as well so think about keeping your hair at a length that can wave or curl a bit so you have some body in your hair. There are all sorts of products that work to add body and you can roll large pieces of hair up in about five or six rollers for a few minutes to get the look! Secure your look with enough product to make it last a few days and let yourself take a break from styling too often. Yes, curls and last more than one day and you can freshen them by rolling up large portions of your hair while you are showering in the morning letting the steam do the trick while you are dressing. You needn’t wash daily to keep a bit of curl or wave in your hair! You may want your hair cut in a way that will cause natural waves if you have them and if that is the case ask your hair dresser to work WITH your hair to bring out some body and some wave. If you have bone straight hair you can always bring it up in a casual “updo” that leaves it looking soft around your face if you leave out some of your hair. Remember that harsh “updos” are aging and don’t look good on anyone and try to learn different ways to put your hair up that are quick and flattering. You can do a search on the internet and find “how to’s” on just about any hairstyle. If you want a change up you can also try your head with just about any style using a site that allows you to transfer your photo and try on hairstyles.

Keep your makeup Cancer-friendly by keeping a bit of color on your cheeks and lips no matter what your age because we can become washed out later on in our years and a bit of color makes a Cancer face pop especially if it’s in a pink color that matches your skin in a great way. use a lip product that adds a touch of color but closely matches your lips for a natural look that is not fake and too young and wild!

Leo FashionLeo

Leo women can pull off distressed jeans at any age and look smashing so long as their tops are classy or dressy enough to pull off the torn up look of the denim. Denim is at its best when it’s soft and worn a bit and you can rock this look, Leo, no matter how old you are if you think in terms of the tops you wear and the fit of the jean. If you don’t want to get out of your jeans you don’t have to, but you do have to think about making them looser than the too tight sausage look that can come from squeezing yourself into pants!

One style that Leo can pull off most of the time is the look of ethnic prints or animal prints in separates that flow in the way of pants, tunics , tops and skirts. A great ethnic print makes the Leo personality come alive and they have the strong dramatic presence to pull this off. I have seen many lines that sell these separates and they can also be paired your favorite pants if you are a pant or jean wearer! Also, Leo looks good in color and collecting colored tops to go with whatever your uniform on bottom can be a great way to build your wardrobe for whatever age you are.

Your face, Leo, is the place you like to show the most and whatever frames your face is what people will notice. Find colors that work with your eyes and hair color not to mention your skin tone which you might want to use a tanning product on. When it comes down to it a Leo needs to think of what they are wearing with their face and hair because the attention always goes to their personality in the end.

Collecting jackets is key for a Leo and I suggest collecting lightweight jackets and heavier ones for Fall and Winter that frame the face and can be worn with whatever you prefer to wear on the bottom half of your body. Jackets can be worn as tops if they have full closure and the drama of a great jacket or coat can’t be beat for Leo! Think of the fun you can have with an animal print jacket or a faux fur collar on a coat or even a vest! Frame the face with what you collect and you can shop at just about any store from the top of the line to thrift stores, collecting your different weight jackets, bombers, coats and blazers. I think the best investment at any age for the Leo is the dramatic piece to be worn over just about everything they own. You can then keep your wardrobe very simple because you have such drama in the jacket, even in the summer when you can find lightweight jackets and blazers in linen and cotton.

Leos look smashing in a tan at any age. The trick is the tan not being too deep and dark because a deep tan can be aging but a light tan looks fresh and young. There are tanning products that come in spray, cream or towels so there is always a way to get on your faux tan without hurting your skin in the sun or in a tanning bed. I highly recommend you avoid the tanning bed no matter how much of a sun worshiper you are because the damage is documented and intense regarding sun tanning or the use of tanning beds. However, if you use a slow developing tanning product on your face and neck you can achieve a great color that helps you avoid aging makeup and gives you a young and healthy look. If you are a woman with color already in her skin you have half the battle already won and all you need to do is avoid aging makeup like the inexpensive base for faces that settles into wrinkles or ages you by looking too fake. Many a young woman has been aged by the wrong base on her face! If you are older you know by now that base can be aging by settling into wrinkles and drawing attention to them!

I suggest the use of an eye cream at any age because the benefits will be immediate and in the future as well! Get rid of dark circles in the corner of your eyes and spot check your face for places that need covering then leave the rest of your skin bare with an SPF for a finish or better yet, a primer with an SPF! The new primers give us a chance to wear our own skin and have it look highlighted while reducing the look of pores on your skin. If you really feel like you need a product to cover your face consider the use of a base that won’t settle into the creases of your face to avoid that old look that never pleases.

A Leo should put some drama on their eyes for they have such active faces and a bit of makeup on the eye in the way of smudged liner is best with a dose of mascara. Finish this look with a natural color on your lips and remember to care for your lips because dry lips look horrid on anyone and can be aging for everyone as well. Use your favorite lip product under your lip color and apply lip balm frequently when you are out and about or at home. Everyone has a favorite secret lip balm and you can list yours below to help out others if you have a lip balm that seems to do the trick. I like “Aquaphor” and apply it often but have a real love of the “Fresh” products, and the “Fresh” line has a great lip treatment that I spoil myself with and buy often. I use this product when I am out, over my lip color to make it lighter and moisturize my lips. Remember that some glosses can be drying like MAC’s lip glass, so you have to think treatment when you think of lip gloss if you love to wear it. Dark lipstick can be aging for all ages so you should think in terms of stain or gloss when considering your lips!

Virgo FashionVirgo

Virgos like clothing that works more than anything and so can fall into a trap of wearing the same look for ages because it was “in” at one time and worked for them, and so they keep wearing it even when it is aging them because it is “out.” What a Virgo needs is high performing clothing that doesn’t get in the way when one is working, whether at home or out in the world. We all need two looks these days because so much work is done on our computers and we don’t often go out if we work at home. The trick is to find a look that can be worn out or in and still look ageless and fashionable.

I like the look of leggings that are to the ankle on every age so long as the top worn with them is a tunic length or a length that is mid-thigh. If you have the legs to pull this off then go ahead and collect cotton and well-made leggings and dress your top up or down depending on what you have to do that day. If you are going out that day you can wear a dressier top over them and if you are staying in you can use a simple oversized “T” or white classic blouse to look pulled together yet not feel too dressed for home or the grocery store.

The other look that works for your bottom half is a casual bootcut pant made of cotton in a heavy cotton for Fall or a light cotton for Spring in colors that work with as many colors as possible on top. Collect tops that are blouses instead of “T’s” for a dressed look and update them every couple of years to keep yourself in a variety of looks that work no matter where you are. Most of the time a Virgo doesn’t want the leg of their pant to get in the way of them working so they want a bootcut or a legging to keep things efficient. The idea is to get yourself out of “T’s” if possible and into lightweight sweaters that can be layered or blouses with a sweater over them in the Fall. If you work at home you have no problem because you can wear anything but we all have to go out so think about how you present when you are out. There is no reason to go out and buy a full wardrobe if you work at home or in a very casual office so don’t invest in anything unless you know you will need the look.

I love a Virgo in a neat black legging and an oversized classic white top either belted or not with a low heel and a touch of jewelry. This look can be repeated with colored blouses or tunics that you decorate with a signature piece of jewelry at the neck that dresses up the look and makes it office-ready if you have meetings. If you work at an office I like Virgo in simple skirts and blouses that have small prints or no prints at all so they are not overpowered by their clothing. The hard part for Virgo is to get used to something different if they are very comfortable in what used to work for them. I can’t count the number of Virgo that are dressing for 10 years ago or more and haven’t tried something new in that long! They become used to a “uniform” and wear it over and over as the years go on. Changing this up to something “grown up” is what matters most to Virgo.

Lastly, the best look for Virgo that I’ve seen and that they feel comfy in is the “monochromatic” look which is wearing one color, top and bottom. This look of wearing all brown or all black or all of any color is always in style and always looks pulled together. You can buy separates that match in color and pair them up which looks very classy and is like a uniform which pleases the perfection-loving Virgo mind! Whether they are men or women, this matchy look works well for Virgo and you can dress it up with that bit of jewelry around the neck or on the wrist for a dressier look when you need it. It need not bore to wear the same color top and bottom and it actually looks very new at this time. It is a “no brainer,” as we say in fashion, and a “no brainer” that works! Consider it, Virgo, as you consider everything!

Virgo hair looks best in a natural way hanging a bit around the shoulders. Virgos can be feminine and nothing looks better than a bit of hair around the face which you can have cut to accent either your eyes or your cheek bones instead of wearing an aging look of all one length for your delicate features. Have your hair styled to accent your favorite part of your face and then have your hairdresser tweak this look as the years go by to keep it current. The idea is not to get stuck in a hairstyle that worked in your twenties and stay there forever! You can accent your smile, your eyes, your cheekbones or your chin line depending on what looks best. The weight line of your hair should be in the places that you want looked at the most.

For makeup you need to remember, like most signs, that too much is aging at any age no matter if you are in your teens! What works for you is an accent on the eyes or a smudged liner and a simple lip treatment that is similar to what I’ve described for Leo. The idea of blush is fine if you keep it light and use it to brighten your face and not to accent your cheek bones. When we start to try to change our face structure with face color we start to age ourselves and it can go wrong in a hurry! Keep it natural and follow the advice for Leo with a lighter eye and a drop of colored blush on your natural cheeks after treating your face with a primer or a tinted moisturizer if you need one. Keep your skin as natural as you can while keeping your cheeks just a bit pink in the natural shade you blush. A Virgo looks best “fresh,” and fresh comes in the form of the right blush and we all blush a certain color which you can find by looking at your face the next time you work out, looking at the color of your cheeks! You will find that most of us blush in a pink tone and if you can match that in makeup you will have your best look!

Feel free to post questions regarding fashion at any time!


Fashion Tips For Any Age: Cancer, Leo, Virgo — 8 Comments

  1. You are so talented !! This is spot on.
    The first person that I though of when I saw that red blouse is Kristen Bell..That is so her style and I googled her .and she’s cancer..she is also really good at the pencil skirt style..and she pulls it of even if she is short.
    ..don’t remember if you have done a piece on her.
    But great tips!! Thanx

  2. Annalisa, you’re in my head! 🙂 I have way too many of various blouses I hoarded from last year, buying too many of the same things (Venus in Cancer) (because it’s hard to expand/envision a new style even though I’m a Gemini), especially with cap sleeves and the Mao collar, I was definitely a hiding my bust kind of person, now that I feel more comfortable with myself, I can wear more fitted clothing. I also wore A line skirts all the time, pretty much dressed for work. And flats. I wondered about the whole Moon/Venus in Cancer “dress girl” thing, can’t wear it, too lazy (wish I could be more put together or trendy, with more accessories), pretty much always wear separates. I’m a Gemini and I know what looks good, but I can’t apply it to myself. Sigh.

    I find I can’t really do smoldering sexy, it’s just not me. Gotta do the quirky/pretty Gemini/Moon in Cancer thing and if they can’t take it, too bad for me.

  3. Great post again, Annalisa! My moon’s in Cancer, and I usually channel this when I’m going to a wedding or a semi-formal event (as opposed to showing my Aries side, which I wear daily). You’re right about Cancer and cleavage though. I have an ample bust and am not afraid to tastefully show this off. 🙂

  4. Yeah, catch a Moon in Cancer wearing one of them cocktail length Zac Posen dresses 🙂

    Cocktail dresses (and cocktail length dresses that are slightly more casual) are my favorite, particularly as a good, interesting, well accessorized outfit, but damned if I can do it. I’ll settle for a blouse and jeans. :/ (Looking at his chart… a good amount of Scorpio, wha? Hey, he looks like Marlon Brando.) (My Gemini and Mars in Capricorn likes Comme des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto and other weird designers)

    What designers make you think of a Cancerian vibe?

  5. My Moon is in Virgo and what you said really appealed to me in the Virgo section Annalisa! Looking for a good pair of boots to wear with those leggings, you know to put on a bit of the Scorpio look in there, rather than flats, which are cute but need something warmer in the winter. If you have any good shoe/boots links please post! Thank you Annalisa!!

  6. this is uncanny. i’m virgo sun with moon-mars-venus in leo. i like to wear elegantly simple outfits (skinny black jeans with well-cut sweater for example) and add a quirky detail like bright flats or funky purse to satisfy my leo.

    monochrome is a great idea for virgo now. we can get away with it, as long as it’s tailored well and good quality material (it’s all in the details!)

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