Fashion Tips For Every Age: Aries, Taurus, Gemini

Aries FashionI’ve been asked to write about fashion that applies to everyone and not just twenty-somethings or thirty-somethings. In my career as a model and dancer I have worn just about every style and there are ways to style yourself that are not trendy and that fit your lifestyle regardless of your age. These ideas will apply to any age person, keeping in mind that not all of us have model bodies and we all want to look nice no matter what our age and figure. As Elsa put it, “Saturn in Libra.” Following trends only goes so far and I only recommend buying trends in pieces and keeping the rest of your wardrobe fitting for all days and over the years.


Aries women tend to get a style in their twenties and carry it on for years and years not even thinking that they need to change their look as they get older because they are so busy! You can stay busy as you like but update your look to something great for you with only a few changes.

Haircuts: An Aries will find a haircut and wear it forever. This is not a good idea because as we grow into ourselves we need to get off trend and find a style that suits our face and for Aries, one that will get us out the door in a flash. Aries has a “cute” energy that comes out with bob cuts and shags that can be updated as the years go by. A bob will always be “in style” but will go through changes over the years depending on fashion. Just a tweak or two to your style by your hairdresser will be enough to keep you current and save your signature look. Style your hair, Aries, in a shorter do that will dry almost on its own with a minimum of product. When you are older, a bob still looks young and right but pops with a bit of color and for Aries, a color that is fun. I suggest coloring your hair a color that has some punch to it because you have punch yourself.

Many Aries are jeans women and love the look of jeans with any top. Loosen your jeans to a less than “skinny jean” look when you wear them and add tops that are not cut “down to there” but still have a look to them that is new. To update your look every year and stay in style you can change up your T’s to those with different patterns and details that come and go each year. When we are in our forties or older the T does still work but we need a bit of a cap sleeve on them and they should not show an abundance of cleavage. Layering T’s still works and having a long sleeve T over a short sleeve one looks new on a woman of any age. If you have touring T’s from concerts that you have attended those are always great style but make sure you don’t wear them too bare and avoid showing the stomach at all costs! If you are into leggings it’s best to cover your butt with whatever you wear with them because having “Juicy” on your bottom gets old very quickly! Try dressing in classier tops with your leggings and as with the “grunge” look; layer as you go for a nice casual look.

At work you may want to wear blouses instead of T’s for a dressier look but keep the comfort and speed you require in mind when shopping. The khaki colors are great for pants too when it comes to work when you are Aries so keep those in mind. Keep in mind for work that if you are a pant woman you don’t want to wear clothing that doesn’t fit because you feel bigger. You want to have clothing that fits to look your best and not go baggy because you feel you are overweight. Shop your size and go for comfort in movement making sure you can lift your arms over your head without a problem while investing in clothing that is not too tight but holds its shape. Aries cannot abide the matchy-matchy fashions and are happiest when they can pull on their clothing and go without much else getting in the way.

The trick for Aries is to update your favorite pieces as the years go by so they stay in style and you can do that and still keep your look the way you like it, quick and shapely. An Aries should try blouses and the classic white shirt with their favorite pant as an option. Often we get caught up in the T and forget about the options that are just as fast and that get the job done that are in the style of blouses. I love color for an Aries when it comes to a blouse, and any prints should be small or forgotten as to not overpower the strong Aries personality! Red is always great and you can find great blouses that work with all your pants but look a bit dressier and a bit more adult than the T’s you are used to!

Taurus FashionTaurus

I’ve said before that Taurus women are great sweater girls. The trick is what sort of sweater to buy when you want to stop dressing as if you are a teenager and want to maintain some dignity but still be comfortable as you can be. Sweaters come in all weights, and in the Spring and Summer there are many sweater looks that can be worn just as naturally as you can find them in Winter or Fall. I love a Taurus in a sweater that looks lush and comfy with a pant that fits the leg in a loose way or a legging that goes to the ankle for Fall. The idea is to find sweaters that are longer and have an oversized feel to them but fit in the shoulders so you look in proportion and not like you are wearing your boyfriends or older brother’s sweater. You also want to find the most lush looking sweaters you can afford that have movement and do not fit too closely to the body. Go for oversized but in your size and look for the natural colors you find in the season. For Fall, go for fall colors with a bright look here or there in your sweater wardrobe for when you feel you need a pop of color to brighten your day.

For work you can put a blouse underneath your sweater and dress it up while changing up your favorite jeans or leggings for a long skirt that fits but hangs down instead of puffing out around the waist and hips. The long skirts that work are timeless and come in jersey or a lightweight wool for cooler weather and are columns instead of “puffy” at the hips and waist. This look is very classy and ageless and fits the Taurus need to be comfortable and also allows them to get into the fabrics that make them feel at home and safe in their clothing. You can wear a tunic sweater with a long skirt anywhere at any age and look modern and put together while not looking as if you are trying too hard. If you go for a long dress and decide to cover it up on top that will work too but avoid the halter-top dresses that are out there because they have no place in a wardrobe that is for a woman and not a girl.

You can find cap sleeve longer dresses that fit around the body in a loose but fitted way and flatter any figure in fabrics that please the Taurus senses. I love the feel of the right fabric on my body and have the touch of Taurus in my chart just enough to want my clothing to not choke me when I move. Resist wearing low cut sweaters but avoid the turtle neck as it can feel as if it is choking for a Taurus. A cowl neck is great for Taurus and looks like luxury which they love.

Finish your look with an oversized bag made of a leather that is soft and can be used as a pillow if you want to lean your head on it! You want a shoulder strap on your bag that is long when it is oversized, Taurus, because you can hang it over your shoulder or over the opposite shoulder for a different look and a safer place for your bag in some situations. Safety is key to Taurus so make sure your bag cinches closed well for when you are shopping so you don’t have your mind on your bag and can focus on what you are doing.

If you choose to wear a pant, try a pant that is flat front and boot cut to go with your sweaters for the most comfortable style. Pleats are aging and never look good unless one is very thin and can cinch the waist, with the exception of buying plus sizes that fit well and are made to be cinched. Most Taurus don’t like to feel the waist cutting into them especially as they get older so avoid it from the start as you build your wardrobe. For a cover-up you can go for a cropped jacket over a longer sweater for a very hip look at any age. Different layers look new and will always be trendy so don’t worry about piling on the layers so long as they fit you and are made of fabrics you love.

Taurus often loves the feel of their hair when it’s long and that is fine as we get older so long as the cut is modern and if you know how to put up your hair in a youngish way when it has to be more classic. When you lift up your hair remember that the finished look is never going to come back into fashion because women are just tired of being forced into that sort of look. Leave a bit of hair out of your updo, and when you wear it down have it cut to your face and consider bangs because they can hide the forehead while flattering the eyes. You can have the sides of your hair cut to curl into the face for a younger look and a more current look that is more flattering than hair that hangs down straight around the face. Lastly, try product in your long hair and letting it dry mostly on its own or do a blow out only about twice a week and let your hair rest for the other days. As we get older we tire of blow-drying our hair and straightening it daily and there is no reason you should have to do this if you have a good cut. If you hair isn’t working for you for days check your cut and check your use of product because maybe it’s time for an update in those areas!

Gemini FashionGemini

Geminis of any age love a bit of whimsy in their look and I love that about them! The new bodysuits and rompers are great for any age so long as they aren’t body hugging and are cut loosely to the shape of your body but can be belted or not depending on your figure. I love the worn denim looks in one piece dressing that are out and they will not be going “out,” because women of all ages are loving the ease of them and the look is very flattering! A khaki romper is a great buy as well. Try a one piece that is made of cotton either in heavy cotton for Fall or lighter cotton and layering a T under the bodysuit because there is room for layering in the new pieces that are out there. They come in all fabrics, but the one I like best for Gemini is the collared one-piece bodysuit that fits loosely and that can take a T layered under and be left open at the top because it has buttons to close instead of a zipper. This classic top for a romper can be very flattering and also is very young-looking no matter how old you are. You can also wear the new romper in a Capri length for Fall so long as you add boots to the look to warm it up and then take off the boots to wear it into the Spring!

Don’t be afraid of this new/old look that is beyond “disco” and into the now because it is made to be worn everywhere and not cut of the same cloth as the old disco skintight version we all remember as being a fashion accident! The new bodysuit is wearable in all sizes and cute as a button for Gemini women everywhere! Belt your bodysuit if you like but you can usually find them with waists that are loose enough to be comfortable and that flatter your figure without a belt if you like feeling more free now in your clothing. Get out of the tight jeans our daughters should not be wearing anymore and get into the look of an old “501 Levi” look that is always fresh no matter what is on trend in the season. Look for a five pocket jean that fits you loosely and allows you to move and wear your favorite message T’s to your hearts content no matter how old you are!

Remember to keep your cap sleeves on unless you are twenty and that you can also layer your T’s for more interest and warmth. There is no age that says you can’t wear a nice pair of jeans and the only problem that I see is that some people are wearing dated looks that just don’t work anymore. The “501” boot cut jean in a fit that is relaxed is always “in” to the point of EBay selling them all of the time for women even though they were cut for men! You can find this sort of cut in many different labels so all you need to do is recognize the look of this denim and find a pair or two that fit you and you are set for casual days.

For some of us, all days are casual and just a few are dressy so invest in your look, Gemini, just NEVER bore us with your choice of top. A great top for a Gemini is anything interesting whether it be a print on a blouse or a T with a message. No matter what your age you can invest in tops that are interesting and have patterns that flatter your skin and eyes. Blouses look new at any age and all you need to do to stay in fashion is to shop for a few new blouses every season to wear with your favorite pant! I love, love a Gemini in a perfect blouse that fits them and has the most exciting print and I can’t say it enough: What is near your face, Gemini, is what matters most! Go ahead and shop those stores you love but with an eye on what is near your face in fit, color and content!

Gemini’s fast eyes that flash are great with a shorter cut that is cut to the features of the wearer. Yes, Gemini can look good in longer hair but at a certain age the hair can pull a face down and especially Gemini doesn’t look good in anything that weighs them down! Keeping your hair to the collar or above is a good idea for your best look and having it cut to bring out your eyes is the best way to go. No one wears product as well as a Gemini so you want to keep checking out new product for hair to change up your “do” and keep it modern. Never cut your hair too trendy for that can age you faster than anything, Gemini, but a shorter cut or one to the shoulders that is “tweaked” to your specifications is the way to go for you!

Your makeup should not go over the top when you reach a certain age, this is true, but Gemini needs a bit of color on the eyes no matter what age they are! If you want to go with a light hand, try a very natural green liner that us smudged just on the top of the upper lashes to make your eyes pop and give us the Gemini eyes we all have grown to love! You can pull off more than most signs when it comes to color on your eyes so remember to have a bit of color on your eyes when you go out anywhere even if you skip the rest of your makeup routine! Smudge, smudge, smudge to avoid looking clown-like and remember that color on your face is to enhance it not to take it over! Still never shy away from color, Gemini, just choose to wear it in small amounts. I suggest that you leave off the blush if you use color on your eyes to avoid the overly done “doll” look, and use blush if you don’t use eye color so your smile is enhanced instead! The Gemini smile is always a winner no matter how old or young you are so think about having both hair and makeup flatter your smile and consider investing in your teeth and caring for them all your life!


Fashion Tips For Every Age: Aries, Taurus, Gemini — 10 Comments

  1. My sun sign is Taurus. I love your practical yet elegant advice. I overspend on clothes and then don’t like anything I have. I’m petite and about the same size I was 30 years ago but I’m not comfortable with my choices anymore. Great advice.

    Now I wish I had a personal shopper!

    Thanks Annalisa!

  2. Thank you Annalisa for confirming what I already knew..tight pants and low cut tops are NOT flattering to women over 45…just a bit of modesty and thought to clothing goes a long way!!!

    BTW, I have so much red in my wardrobe it’s insane!

  3. Im a sun Sadge, moon aqua and gemini rising. I like to call myself trendy chic.
    Annalisa and AriesSun, I disagree. That depends on what 45 year old is wearing the tight pants and low cut tops.
    I myself still wear both, just not together. If I’m wearing tight jeans, I’ll pair it up with a nice blouse. If I’m wearing a low cut top, I will pair this up with a nice pair of pants or a skirt.
    Either way, I can still pull off both styles and still look sexy at 52 😉

  4. I’m 51 and eat right and I’m a gym rat. I’m happy with my hair, skin products, make-up. If I could just find someone with good taste to shop for my clothes I’d be all set!

    Annalisa, you do consulting? How does consulting via the web uhm, proceed?

  5. Rachael, Annalisa told me she wanted me to talk to you about this and I’ve not had a chance. We have never done this before but if you could email me what you have in mind, I can ask her how long it would take her to come up with a cost.

    I do know when we’ve discussed it in the past – I think she’d need a picture. She’s psychic as hell, no telling what she’ll come up with so if you want to send a picture (full length, I’d imagine), I can get this together for you. 🙂

  6. So crazy. I’m wearing this automnal colored sweater, cowl neck, with leggings today and if you could only touch this fabric! Sun in Taurus.

  7. Annalisa- your timing is perfect! I (Aries Sun) just got a new hair cut- I told my hair dresser who is in her early 20’s to be my guide- that she would know what is young and hip, and would work best with my hair type and age. I LOVE my hairdresser and am glad I put my trust in her. I can shake it out, spend just a couple minutes with a defuser (sp?) and with a very tiny bit of product, I’m done. I’ve already gotten lots of compliments (including how it makes me look younger)! Now, to work on my wardrobe. It’s so hard, since I work at home… it’s easy to fall into the jeans/T’s trap when your not going out.

  8. You are so spot on about us Arieses and not wanting to change hairstyles! Right now, I’m transitioning from a pixie cut that I’ve worn for two years to a longer, choppier, textured bob. This way, I put little product, do a “messy” do and get out of the house. Eventually, I’m growing my hair back to its long length because I can only enjoy my shiny black hair for so long. I spent my 20’s colouring my hair, but in my 30’s I plan to keep it natural.

    I also have been reconfiguring my personal style lately and found that as an Aries, comfort and speed of dressing. As someone with a Virgo Saturn (and in LOVE with creating systems), I highly recommend Aries girls out there to learn their body type, learn their colours and shop based on cuts that work for them. We’re the types that like to go in and out the door quickly, so it’s good to have a uniform 🙂

  9. Lunalie I’m the same with my hair—I coloured it all my 20s and now in my 30s I’m leaving it natural. Until the grey marches in, ha ha.

    Thank you, Annalisa.

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