Astrology And Fashion: Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler is an American actor and has a rock and roll pedigree. Liv has Sun and Mercury in Cancer in the 12th with a Cancer rising as well. Her Moon sign is Capricorn in opposition. Liv had some hidden drama (12th house Cancer sun) in her life as she originally thought her father was Todd Rundgren. Her mother was model, singer and former Playboy Playmate, Bebe Buell who spent much time around rockers in her youth.

At the age of 9 she met Steven Tyler who she recognized as having features like her own as well as matching herself to Tyler’s daughter and was told that her real biological father was, indeed, Steven Tyler. Later Liv would change her name to Tyler but keep Rundgren as a middle name. She has since become close to Steven as her father, and family would be extremely important to Liv as a double Cancer.

Liv has Mars and Venus in Taurus in the 11th, making her feel secure with the unusual which certainly describes her family. Liv is remarkably accepting of her family regardless of the confusion while she was a child, remaining close to all her parental figures and siblings. Again, family would be important to Liv and with the Sun in the 12th there would be much to discover in this area. Liv has Uranus in the 4th in Scorpio aspecting her Cancer placements making her at home in the bizarre. She has Pluto in the 4th in Libra lending an intensity to her family life which has been public. Liv has shown herself to be an imaginative actor and has taken roles that have had success in the realm of fantasy.

Liv began her career as a model, doing television commercials while studying acting. She has said she had a problem with ADD as a child while in school. Her mother, who was the parent who raised her (Sun in Cancer and Cancer rising), found a school that could accommodate her ADD, and Liv was successful in school even as she was working and attending classes. Saturn is in Leo in the 2nd house giving her responsibility with regard to her own security. Her chart reflects a “rock and roll” baby and this is what Liv was. She has stayed close to her parents and has worked with her father in video. In addition, he has provided soundtracks for a movie or two that she has done. It would be unusual for a child to grow so close to a parent that she did not know until she was older but for Liv, given her chart, it would be fairly easy for her to accept the differences in her childhood and come to terms with them.

Liv has done many movies for one her age and critics often love her performances. She is said to have a natural ability to take on her characters and this could be from the Sun being in the 12th and the strong leaning towards fantasy and living in an alternate world. Liv’s early work involved the movie “Stealing Beauty” in which she gained favorable reviews from critics. It is interesting that Variety described Liv as “the perfect accomplice. At times sweetly awkward, at others composed and serene, the actress appears to respond effortlessly and intuitively to the camera.” The quote shows us the unusual part of Liv with such an 11th house emphasis, yet also tells us that the Cancer “lady” and 12th house comfort with art and fantasy is in place. Liv broke out in her career when she did the movies around “The Lord of the Rings.” Liv seemed very at home in her character in the “Rings” movies and said she enjoyed them very much. The story would please both her 11th house Taurus Venus and Mars as well as her 12th house Sun and Mercury. There is something “other worldly” about Liv and it shows in her chart.

Liv has a different view of things when compared with some models and actresses in the fact that she is outspoken about disliking of society forcing onto women the need to be overly thin and stated at one point that she would feel beautiful as an “amazon” and did not care if her weight was on the high side. As a Cancer, she is a “girls’ girl” and she shows this in her quotes and her work, as well as her charity work. Liv works for an AIDS charity as well as a supporter of UNICEF, a children’s charity which would appeal to a Cancer Sun in the 12th. Sun in the 12th often gives a person great compassion; with emotional Cancer there, Liv is a very giving person and stays involved with charity at all times. Liv was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for the United States. With Taurus Mars and Venus in the 11th house she would want security for all people and would work for such an idea.

As a Double Cancer, Liv is a woman that loves color and clothing and indulges in her love of color when she dresses. Being a Cancer, she keeps her hair long and well cared for. She has 12th house dreamy eyes and a very female look which Cancer is known for. She celebrates her body as a Cancer woman will with gowns that flatter the bust, a Cancer woman’s favorite part of the body to flaunt. Liv looks statuesque in her watercolor wardrobe that is infused with black. With Pluto in the 4th and in Libra, Liv wears black and still appears soft as a Cancer woman can. Her black clothing is also a nod to her rock and roll background and home.

Liv has a certain “far away” look in her photo shoots and I believe that is her love of fantasy and her strong 11th house. She appears covered and does not go too bare because of her Capricorn Moon. A Capricorn likes to have a sort of uniform even if it is in the form of a favorite color or designer or look and Liv has a way of presenting that is always a bit different and often wears black to bring mystery into her look. She looks and is a bit mysterious with her Sun in the 12th, and Cancer likes to keep things close to the chest when it comes to their personal life. Her 12th house style along with her Capricorn Moon give us a well-dressed woman with a leaning toward watercolors for her personal life.

True to her strong sense of motivation with Taurus Mars and Venus, and true to her own statements about pressures on women to stay thin, Liv is always beautiful while keeping her body a normal weight and not subscribing to starving herself to keep herself in a size 0. She presents as a woman with a figure of curves that is in line with a Cancer woman. This comfort she has with her body at a normal weight separates her from many actresses her age and is very Venus/Mars Taurus in the 11th. It is admirable that she would have her success and not give in to the idea that one must maintain an unhealthy weight to have her sort of career.

Liv shows a earthy presence as well and this is due to her Taurus which grounds her well and keeps her sure of who she is even in the wilder areas of the 11th. Being Cancer with Venus and Mars in Taurus, Liv keeps her makeup natural most of the time and even appears without makeup when she is not making an appearance. Her natural beauty shines through even when off camera and her dark eyes can carry her without much makeup. The ability to wear natural makeup or almost none would please her Taurus planets as Taurus does not like to cake it on most of the time unless they have other planets affecting them. Liv keeps long hair to play up the fantasy of the 12th house and give her a place to hide behind which she does often when she is photographed with her face partially covered by her hair. Liv has her own, unique style which we would expect from an artist that is both comfortable in different lands and with her own personal reality. Cancer places importance on the personal as does Taurus and this keeps the “dreamy” Liv grounded.

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Astrology And Fashion: Liv Tyler — 2 Comments

  1. This woman is unbelievably beautiful. Her beauty is timeless because it’s natural…she’d have been beautiful 500 years ago. I’ve been a fan since Stealing Beauty, and I’ve never been disappointed in a performance yet.

  2. Thanks for doing Liv. I used to see her in person quite a bit in NYC.Her boyfriend lived in my friend’s building and we were always in the elevator together. She is every bit as lovely in person, and was always super nice to my kids, who were babies at the time.

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