Astrology & Fashion: Kim Kardashian

Kim KardashianToday I enter into the realm of “reality television” in order to touch upon all types of celebrities and fame. The phenomenon that is Kim Kardashian’s popularity is easy to explain and to see in her chart while we consider what appeals to everyday people. In the realm of “reality stars” we consider what people can relate to and what they have become interested in with regard to knowing other people’s “business.” Kim has cashed in on this public interest with great skill.

Kim has Sun, Saturn and Pluto in Libra giving her a charm that is firmly entrenched in her personality and which allows her to smoothly move through issues such as her debut in the public eye in a “leaked” sex tape that she later sued over and received upwards of 5 million dollars for. Despite the ruin that a sex tape can cause in some people’s lives, Kim was able to parlay that situation into a career that includes many different areas. Kim has a Sagittarius rising with Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius as well causing her to live large in the public eye. With both Mars and rising being Sagittarius, Kim is also interested in many things and loves both learning and teaching in her life. The Moon for Kim is in Pisces once more helping her to reach out to people and giving her a sensibility with regard to others, especially women. Kim has Uranus and Mercury in Scorpio working with her Pisces Moon and giving us a possible hint of why a sex tape would “leak” in her life. MC and Venus are in Virgo giving Kim an appreciation for hard work and an understanding of the average person’s taste and interests.

Kim seems to have the Libra ability to smooth rough spots in her life to appear attractive and to make the most of her assets even where she is average. Making the most of her appearance is a talent many Libras have and she uses her Sagittarius talents of teaching by sharing her life and everyday activities with others causing many people to feel that they too can live in ways that she does.

She has three clothing stores called D-A-S-H that cater to the average shopper and stay at a price-point that her Virgo MC and Virgo know will serve many people instead of only a few. These stores do very well even causing lines to form outside of her latest endeavor which was the store that opened in New York. She shares these stores, as a Sagittarius rising might, with her sisters with whom she also shares her reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” She also features her mother and stepfather on this show, and together they all reap the benefits of opening their lives for all to observe. In order to be comfortable with opening your home and life to everyone you have to be very open yourself and with so much Sagittarius and Libra we can see why she might be comfortable with what she does.

She has kept her Virgo work ethic and her inclusion of everyone in mind in her creating of scents in her name to her designing of shoes and clothing. Kim has also tried her hand in music videos, movies and pubic appearances on television shows that cater to an “average” crowd and attract a wide audience. Kim’s Pisces Moon would be sensitive to her sisters and family as well as to other people and helps people perceive her as kind and understanding when she is in the public eye. Her Libra Sun, Saturn and Pluto would help her keep her activities in the realm of good taste while her Virgo MC and Venus keep her tastes on a level that many people can relate to.

Kim’s style is interesting because she takes the body that she has and makes the best of it while showing other women who are also of average height and weight that they also can work with what they have and look tasteful. Kim is 5’3″ which is an average height for a woman, so she shows other women of small stature how they can dress to look their best even if they are not the amazon height of professional models. Because Kim does not keep herself rail thin and, in fact has some proportions that are bigger, she seems like the sister or the “girl next door.” Many men and women relate to her and either want to be a bit like her or some may be attracted to her and find other women who look a bit like her easily enough.

When Kim opens the door to her life and shows herself with her sisters, who are also of average build and height, she allows the average person to share in her reality. Many women can dress like Kim because she makes the most of her body, which is not that unusual, and wears clothing that can be found most anywhere and at any price-point. Kim wears her hair in a style that can be copied easily and is also one that many women wear already in the fact that she wears it long and parted in the middle in a dark shade. Kim keeps her look natural without taking herself blond, for example, and makes the most of what she has to work with.

She is often commented on with regard to her backside, and she has done more for women with “real” bottoms than anyone, with the exception of Jennifer Lopez! Kim makes no adjustments for her weightier areas and wears clothing that is tight in all places and even pitches for a weight-loss product which makes her even more “real” to people who battle their weight. Many women want to be proud of their bodies and not be subjected to a norm that is “model thin.” Kim’s style allows them to feel good about themselves and dress, like her, in body-hugging clothes regardless of their size.

This open dialogue about her weight, height and style keeps her popular with average women and they feel as if they could relate to her sisters or mother or any of her friends and family members. Kim’s makeup is kept natural with attention to her dark eyes which she makes up with the natural black that her eyelashes would be. While playing up her dark hair and eyes she has a signature look of natural colored lips which she glosses to give the some “pop” while not making them scream out because her eyes are her focus. The makeup style that Kim wears is an age-old one that works on almost any woman and again draws many women to her because they can emulate the look easily themselves.

Kim’s Sagittarius placements make her romantic life active and interesting with a leaning toward sports figures which would not be unusual for a Sagittarius rising, Mars and Neptune. Her Virgo Venus would indeed sue for a “leaked” sex tape and helps Kim keep her very active dating life a bit behind closed doors since the leaking of the tape. Although Kim is active as a single person she would prefer to keep the deep details of her love life personal with Virgo in the place that it is. She lives an interesting mix of the conservative and the outrageous that appeals to so many people that I expect Kim will continue to find outlets for her skills in the years to come. She is so inclusive that we can expect her to find ways to bring others into her life continually as she has thus far.

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Astrology & Fashion: Kim Kardashian — 4 Comments

  1. I confess that I watch them and don’t find them bad at all. Kris (the mom) is a smart cookie and from what I’ve seen Bruce Jenner is actually a very nice guy depsite being surrounded by these kooky women and you know, the plastic surgery he’s had. Kim’s nice, she’s smart, and c’mon she is gorgeous.
    I also confess to watching some of the Housewives, since I am in confessional mode. And I’ll skim by Jersey Shore during commercials. I didn’t even have a TV for years so this is the fault of my husband’s big TV and cable!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I read somewhere once that her Dad sent her to makeup school when she was a teenager. I found that hilarious for some reason. I had this vision of him freaking out about lip gloss.

  3. I started watching the housewives with the NJ version. I moved near where they are and it was fun to see local places on TV and also to watch them embarrass themselves week after week. It’s like high school, isn’t it? I can’t believe grown women act like that!
    So then I started watching Beverly Hills and WOW, these people have some serious money- it’s amazing that they agreed to do a show like this. Camille Grammer was just horrible. Kyle was semi-ok for most of it, mostly because Camille was worse, but when she attacked her sister Kim in the final episode- I really found that disturbing. It was unfair and mean and just…nasty. Should be interesting to see the reunion. Have you read the recaps on Gawker? They are hilarious and the writer is so, so good.
    I have watched Atlanta kind of halfway- I’m not too crazy about that Kim Zolciak or whatever her name is- more nastiness for no reason. Actually on Atlanta no one is very likable.
    Jersey Shore is a much “harder” version of what I remember high school/college age- I grew up in New Jersey so it’s not totally unfamiliar. The girls especially, just weren’t so slutty and unrepentant- times have changed so much. Of course there were always low-class, catty skanks but it certainly wasn’t celebrated! Again, more high-school level drama, and it just makes me so happy to be a happy, boring old 40-something. I watch them and think ugh, this is all so meaningless. But my husband’s kids are in college and they and their friends do not miss an episode- they have viewing parties and follow every move!
    Snooki doesn’t seem like such a bad person, though ๐Ÿ™‚

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