Astrology And Fashion: Kate Hudson

kateOutwardly bubbly Kate Hudson is an Aries but there is something grounded about her and we can begin with the fact she has her Moon in earthy Capricorn and her rising is Cancer. With a Cancer rising we usually see a “womanly girl,” and Kate does not disappoint. Much of the impulse of the Aries sun is curtailed and that goes for her lifestyle and her dressing as well! Kate is a woman and a girl in her dressing style and dresses very well for an Aries sun which usually prefers to wear little in her performance roles and yoga pants in her private life. Kate is a dress girl and wears pastels very well because they fit her feminine reality with Cancer as a rising and Jupiter in the first house in Cancer as well. Cancer means dresses and Kate is often seen in those line up’s of “who is the best dressed,” choices. She varies her look and dressed for success as her Cappy Moon would have it.

Her life has also been tamer than that of an Aries Aries when we look at her long term relationships instead of speed dating that an Aries might engage in. Venus is at home in Pisces and causes her, no doubt, to reflex on relationships even if her Mars in in Aries. She seems to want a conventional love story and with Pisces Venus one often fools themselves into thinking a relationship is what it is not so we can assume that Kate has taken her relationships very seriously even if they started with a Mars in Aries bang in the beginning. Often a Venus Pisces is fond of dressing in pastel colors and Kate is no exception.

Kate looks great in blues and greens, and she wears blue a lot. She is fond of wearing shades of yellow that are pale and that is not easy to pull off. It helps to keep clear of a tan when one is sporting pastels for the skin will throw off a pastel color and be washed out if it is tan against a pastel color. Kate, most of the time, stays in her natural light skin tone and that fares well with her yellow dresses and other lighter shades. If one is blonde and light skinned as Kate is, they must use the “California girl,” tan to look great in deep colors. Although Kate is the daughter of the ultimate “California girl,” Goldie Hawn, she still sticks with her lighter skin tone causing her to be able to shimmer on the carpet in gowns and when she attends openings. Kate is often photographed at openings and on the red carpet and her Aries Mars and Sun would tell us that she likes a “happening.”

Still she must be true to her water signs and that Capricorn Moon so we see her seek a stable relationship although it lands her in the press more often than not. She does come off womanly or even childlike and a Cancer tendency will do that to a person. Either they appear the mature woman or the youngish girl and Kate has both working for her. With the Capricorn Moon thrown in we can surmise she is serious about her career and whatever she does.

With Kate’s face shape and hair color, which is a shimmering light blonde, she looks best in long hair. She wears her hair long and when it is up it is in a “do,” that leaves tendrils out for that tousled effect. This is the best style for her square face shape and works very well for her. Too many layers would cause her facial features to be lost and she does not have too many levels interfering with her look when it comes to her hairstyle. She has a great stylist when it comes to highlights and low lights which must be balanced very well when working with white blonde hair.

That Cappy moon with keep working and Kate will keep seeking the ideal, (Pisces Venus,) in her personal life as she continues to charm us with all the homey Cancer energy she puts out in all she does, including her work.


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  1. She’s always touted as a manslinger more than anything. She goes through men faster than I can drink a glass of water! Always picks bad bad boys too.

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