Astrology And Fashion – Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was a Sun sign Leo with Leo on the Midheaven and an Aries Moon supporting all that Leo. Her rising was Scorpio and Jackie spent a lifetime with an eye on legacy which would interest a Scorpio rising and image, which Leo is very interested in. Jackie lived a full, full life and it is diffucult to do it justice in this small space.

Jackie found education important and had Jupiter and Venus in Gemini keeping her mind interested in her subjects at all times. With Jupiter and Venus in the 7th house and Scorpio rising, Jackie also took relationships and dealings with people very seriously. She was a woman that understood power and not only attracted it but also had power of her own that she knew how to exercise. Jackie had interests in fashion and interior decorating that were supported by Pluto in Cancer as well as her artistic Leo planets. Style was very important to Jackie and she would spend a lifetime putting out style that was hers and that could be shared by others (Scorpio rising). Jackie had Mars and Neptune in the 10th in Virgo so she was not afraid of the hard work that it took to do what she saw as important and important to others.

With Pluto in Cancer she would have some difficulty with motherhood. Jackie’s Saturn was in the first house in Sagittarius giving her a bit of insecurity with regard to crowds and others and this showed in her constant war with the press in trying to control (Scorp rising) her image in the press and the image of her children in their childhood. Uranus was in Aries with the Moon in the 5th house giving Jackie an interest in other cultures which she would show throughout her lifetime. Finishing her chart, Mercury was in Leo as well as the Sun and Midheaven giving her personal style even more importance to Jackie.

Jackie began her life with a mother who was concerned with how things looked and who raised her two daughters, Jackie and Lee with a constant eye on how they looked in society. Jackie would later take this into account in everything she did. Jackie was an accomplished equestrienne and had interests in reading and drawing. Jackie was also a person who loved all things French and spent her jr. year in college in France studying. Given her family legacy with regard to the French and her love of style, Jackie would embrace French fashion as her own early in her life. With planets in Virgo and Gemini, Jackie was very much the reader and writer and she had in interest in others with a Scorpio rising. She would combine these traits and become a photographer and writer for a magazine in her early career which is how she met Kennedy as they both frequented the same parties and events.

With Leo Sun and Scorpio rising, as well as Leo on the Midheaven, Jackie quickly became interested in legacy and the Kennedy legacy when she married John Kennedy. She began attempting to build a family early on in the marriage and when entering the White House, her focus would be on re-modeling and re-furbishing the home which was very out of sorts when she arrived. Jackie would apply her designs and locate and categorize objects of history to put in the house from the beginning. She would have an effect on the family quarters and remodel it to the effect of gossip starting at the amount she spent on the restoration. Jackie had a very distinct style and would apply it to the residence in great detail thus leaving her mark on the White House forever. A strong Leo will love the dramatic and a Scorpio rising would be aware of legacy and Jackie had an eye on both as she worked on the house more than any of the former first ladies. Jackie would later be credited for the work she did and places in the home would be named after her but as a Scorpio rising will, she did come into power plays with others when she was doing the work. Jackie’s eye went to the outside of the home as well as she designed the flower garden which is still named for her. Again, the public was peeved at the amount of time and money she was spending on the home but she would later be praised for the very work she was condemned for in her lifetime.

Jackie’s eye for the arts and interest in people would also show when she was first lady as she invited artists of all sorts to White House events to mingle with politicians. Her interest in people of power helped greatly when she worked with Kennedy in his travels to other countries where her style and grace were a hit. Soon the American public would begin to emulate Jackie in everything she did from how she did the home to what she wore. Jackie would tape the first tour of the White House and show the public her work after it was finished and women all over the country would adopt her style as she showed the home. Her fashion style spread like wildfire and many women dressed as Jackie dressed and found interest in what Jackie found interesting.

With Pluto in Cancer and a Scorpio rising, Jackie was no stranger to loss even before she lost her first husband. Jackie would suffer from miscarriage and lose a child in her determination to have a family while first lady and in carrying out her other duties. With Aries Moon energy and Leo Sun to light a fire under it, Jackie was always very busy and a hard worker with her planets in Virgo. She would often find herself exhausted with all her duties and not have enough energy when she was pregnant to accompany her husband or join him at events. Jackie was a determined woman with Aries Moon and would have two children that survived to adulthood to whom she remained very close until her death, Caroline and John.

At the death of her husband, the President, Jackie would lead the nation in mourning him in such ways as insisting on wearing the bloody clothing she had on when he died to the swearing in of the Vice President to President to “let them see what they did to John.” After the death of John Kennedy, Jackie saw to his legacy in ways such as the building of his library to house all of his paperwork. Jackie had one eye on the Kennedy legacy for the rest of her life although she was relatively young at John Kennedy’s death. A Scorpio rising with 8th house Pluto, she saw the legacy of her husband and that of her children to be of great importance and she guarded that legacy with all of her energy when someone wanted to print anything about her late husband.

Jackie’s North Node was in Taurus and her main focus after so much death and press about her was to find her children and herself safety and this lead to her marriage to Onassis who lived in a place she felt she could be secure and away from the press and that she would be marrying a man who could protect her. However, the press followed Jackie and public opinion would ebb and flow about her throughout this marriage as well. As Pluto will do to a chart, Jackie’s stepson died in a plane crash during her marriage to Onassis and that set her marriage to Onassis on the rocks. Onassis would die before they would be divorced, however, and Jackie would enter a very public fight for what she saw as hers after his death. Jackie would later settle that lawsuit with Onassis’s daughter and inherit millions.

Relationships were important to Jackie as they are to all Scorpio risings, especially with Pluto in the 8th, and she would finally find peace with her last boyfriend, the married Maurice Tempelsman. Although Maurice would never divorce his wife and marry Jackie, they had what everyone saw as an ideal relationship for Jackie and were together until her death.

Jackie also found peace finally in her career when she became an editor of her beloved books for Doubleday. With her love of knowledge and plants in Virgo and Gemini, Jackie loved books all her life and loved being an editor. She lived a peaceful life at this time in her life and could walk to work without being bothered by the press in New York and lived her last years in a very calm manner while producing some great books for her company.

Jackie’s style was very French in its way. In the beginning, Jackie would wear many French designers but came under the gun of the press for wearing foreign designers’ work so she hired American designer Oleg Cassini to design clothing that were “knock offs” of French designs for her to wear. They worked very closely and very carefully to design her wardrobe which the Leo Sun took very seriously, and she was always aware of what statement she was making with each outfit she wore and was photographed in or seen in public wearing. What Jackie wore was so important to the American people that when she started wearing what was called a “pill box hat,” the American women started wearing copies with a vengeance!

Jackie was a dramatic sort with Leo Sun and had an eye on sexuality with a Scorpio rising so all her clothing was fitted to her body and tailored. She wore little dresses that were tailored at the waist, flattered figure and showed her legs, and women quickly started wearing copies of those dresses as well. Jackie was the first to wear jeans in the White House and she started a trend in doing that as well. All her pants were flat front and either the French “capri” length or tailored to her ankles, and she was fond of flats which is also very French. Jackie had dark hair and eyes and could wear color so she had dresses in a variety of colors and was not shy in wearing them. When wearing a jacket, Jackie often wore a jacket that stopped at the waist to show off her slim figure and was thin all of her life. The little dress that Jackie wore almost as a uniform became extremely popular and to this day survives as a style that can be worn anytime. During her White House years, Jackie was also known for “A-line” dresses, wide legged pantsuits and scarves. All these styles were taken from Jackie as a cue as to what to wear by American women and they would search for photos of her just to see what she was wearing at the time. This style-setting went on through Jackie’s marriage to Onassis and after.

Jackie wore her hair in a shorter style than some women to flatter her small features and make the most of what everyone said were her “interesting eyes.” Jackie’s eyes were said to be magical and she was said to be more attractive in person than in photos by far. She seemed to touch everyone with her style in one way or the other and this was because of her Leo-forward fashion sense and her Scorpio rising understanding of the idea of “attractive” being more than about just the clothing or the hair on one’s head. Jackie could seduce and seduce she did!

Jackie died a peaceful death surrounded by friends and family at the age of 64. She is honored today with many, many structures and awards.

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Astrology And Fashion – Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis — 6 Comments

  1. “Jackie O” is in my personal TOP3 of style icons (other two being Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn). I find her style by far the most “approachable” out there. The things she wore especially in the 70’s are still current, and modern. They were clothes you really can go out in and do things. I know, because I find myself “channeling” her all the time.

  2. Thanks for this! I have a similar chart to Jackie O, who you may also notice shared some significant similarities with Napoleon Bonaparte’s chart. It’s interesting to read something like this and think, “yup, that’s a Leo with Scorp rising” or “that’s a Gemini Venus alright”.

  3. Very good work, Annalisa, so gracious a woman!

    I remember in high school, cruising the back county roads of NJ and coming upon this beautiful valley that was totally gated off and secured. Well she had a property down there and horses and partook in the annual fox hunt every year. She would show up in this little BFE (bum fuck egypt) town varity store, my mom ran into her and foolishly thought (or so expressed) that she was no greater than all the other inbreds in the area ha ha.

    And Ari had insommnia and was walking the streets of this seriously backwoods town, and a policeman stopped and was ready to arrest him for being a wandering loony. I think it was the same cop who pulled me over in HS with a bunch of tripping friends in my car to inquire what was in the bag in the back seat, dirty underwear, well he had to find out for himself, dope

    I remember a PBS special about her and seeing her diaries when she lived in France, her drawings were imaginative and fantastic!

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