Astrology and Fashion: Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump stuff magazine coverLet’s face it, Ivanka Trump is fun to watch!

She is a true Scorpio girl and let’s it show in her style regarding fashion and lifestyle. Her Sag moon shines in there and gives us a real go-getter and a woman who is not afraid to show her sexuality and use it for what she needs.

The tall (5’11”) drink of water has a stellium in Libra and she wears those little suits so well she could give lessons on how to pull them off! Always matching, always presenting perfectly, her Libra with a touch of Virgo for her work ethic bring to the table a woman worth watching and a woman who will being “doing,” for a very long time!

We can find very sexy photos of Ivanka but she always has her sexuality on display with a touch of “tough girl,” Scorpio and “tom boy,” Sag so that she is taken seriously despite having half of her breasts exposed! You have to admire that sort of skill.

Educated, “Sag moon,” hooked to Dad, “Scorp. Sun,” with a stellium in Libra, Ivanka is preparing to marry and relatively young. It goes without saying, when looking at her chart, that she would lean towards marriage and would marry “money,” or someone connected to it.

Tall, little perfect suits are Ivanka’s trade and day wear and each suit is done just right and tailored perfectly to her body. (Scorp.) But when Ivanka pulls out all the stops she goes over the top sexy and wears very little to cover her. Again, she gains respect still, regardless of what she is wearing.

Other signs may bare all like Ivanka and not pull off that power look that she manages no matter what. The power in her chart and the power in her connections shown in the chart give us a clue as to how she pulls it off.

As I’ve said before, we often dress for our Venus and hers is in Sag so we have a bit of fearlessness in her clothing. She appears ready for any occasion due to her Venus and Moon in Sag and is a “double whammy,” with that education that is no small part of her.

As to style I think Ivanka has it in spades but I always remember that stellum in Libra and her Scorpio and Sag planets connect her to whomever she has chosen to adhere herself to.

Best of luck to Ivanka and her upcoming nuptials and I’m sure that wedding dress will be “just right!”

– Annalisa



Astrology and Fashion: Ivanka Trump — 4 Comments

  1. So funny, I know a girl who looks and acts exactly like Ivanka and she is also a Scorp with Venus-Moon in Sag! Amazing – I didn’t know Ivanka’s data.

    Thanks for the profile!

  2. I like the trumps – the few times I watched that damn reality show (can’t remember the name), I’ve enjoyed her–

  3. She has a birthday right after mine! You can tell she has a good work ethic just looking at her, not like that slimy Brandon Davis. I can pull off having half my boobs exposed too, but I always thought that was ‘cos I had tiny tits, haha.

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