Fashion And Style By The Signs: Cancer, Leo, Virgo


A Cancer often presents in a style that is a bit pulled in and pulled back but with a distinct style that most Cancers love. When first meeting or seeing a Cancer one might find them to be less than talkative and more likely to be watching others. The Cancer type flaunts the chest area with clothing whether it’s with a neckline that is low, ties in a bow, is decorated with some sort of pattern or jewels/sequins around the neckline or with jewelry that decorates that area of the body. The male Cancer often lifts to develop a bigger chest or wears clothing that shows their upper body if they have an upper body to flaunt. As the Cancer observes they will eventually put themselves in a position to meet the person they decide they trust or have interest in.

Often taken to be a shy sign, the Cancer style actually is one to watch in the way of “people manipulation” for they will find and isolate the person who has their attention, carefully and in a well-planned way. The Cancer woman often has long hair that she keeps in good shape or curls at her shoulders and down. The Cancer woman may use highlights in her hair but tries to keep things looking natural, never wanting to draw too much attention to herself. Consequently she can make her moves in her usual way without being detected until she is ready. By using blazers, jackets and sweaters the Cancer woman can keep herself covered both literally and figuratively until she is ready to be seen. Never underestimate the homey style of the Cancer for they are very strong in their ways and entirely able to hold the attention of even a room of people if they so desire!


A Leo enters the room as you might imagine. Making entrances is their specialty and they take the prize when it comes to bringing the attention to themselves. A Leo is a sly cat though and have their own ways of controlling the situation around them regardless of how intense their presentation! A Leo has the biggest habit to be late. Their style of being a bit late for everything is an effort to control, make an entrance and help their ego! Yes, the cat can keep us in gear in their magic ways. If you study the style of the Leo, you will find they have a way of controlling the situation that is studied and very intelligent. They may have a way of speaking such as speaking slowly almost to the point of you feeling they may have a problem communicating but it is a method of getting us to listen closely! They have these sorts of styles of getting and keeping our attention that are sly and sort of cat-like as they keep control with such techniques that we cannot quite detect unless we study them well!

I love the Leo for their open sort of way of being there while working under the surface at the same time. The Leo has many guises that they can wear for an entrance. Some entrance clothing is over the top and obvious while other pieces are understated but just as effective! In a sea of black coats they may wear white. They may wear something royal about their neck or pull off something as simple as real snakeskin boots with the jeans everyone is wearing. A Leo has a wardrobe of showstoppers designed to pull the eye to them, and each has its own perfect time for wear. The Leo will never go completely over the top unless they are having fun. Most of the time the Leo wardrobe showstoppers are subtle and very, very effective! While the Leo wardrobe is just enough to take them to the level of being seen the Leo’s hair will be perfect for their face and body and something they have worked on all their lives to get right.

A Leo’s hair will be just the right everything to be a personal style and they will wear that style effortlessly as their hair is so very important to their well-being. You can find a Leo by their hair, not by the obnoxious way they are wearing it but by the perfect way it fits them, making them lovely and just a bit different. The Leo’s style socially is to get the attention of the group and then slowly cruise, choosing their interests slowly, carefully and like a cat, never tipping their hand. If the Leo tips their hat to you, something has hit them so strongly about you that you should feel honored for it is a glorious day!


The Virgo style is to enter without bothering anyone and take only the space they really need. If there is something to be done, the Virgo will see it and try to lend a hand. If something is about to get out of hand, the Virgo will detect it and take the appropriate action! The Virgo will be wearing their uniform and it will be something that works well on their body, with their look and in a style that is not going to draw too much attention to them. It will be just enough attention to work with their date and work in the room. The Virgo wants things working in their personal style while they want to be able to work. Always ready to pop into action when someone needs help, the Virgo style is to be available and noticing everything they can in a social situation. If a Virgo visits you in your home, they will come away knowing how to make your home run more efficiently in every way they can find. Not one to insult, the Virgo will hold back most of the time in social situations until they have the feel of the room, the personalities of their companions and know that their intellect can match those of their compadres!

Virgo changes their clothing and look at bit to match their partner, and if they had their way they would walk about in what fits and what works for their job. If they become involved with someone, they are likely to want to look the part of the partner and change their look so they look as if they belong. The fun thing about the Virgo style is all the while they are keeping their head down and working or not they are building a complicated way of making everything more efficient. When the Virgo leaves you could find the bottom falling out of your business, party or dinner party! A Virgo seeks to provide what is needed but anyone who seeks to find how things work and what can be done to improve things can bring your house down in one fell swoop if they have the chance to arrange it!

Virgo hair will be cut in a style that is perfect for them and their face. Nothing wild or organic will be going on with their hair because they want it to work, above all, with their face and body. If their hairstyle is serving them well in working and flattering them, they are happy and will take no steps to pop it up to the next level. Look for the clothing that is just so and that does not stand out but fits in well and fits well and you will be close to finding the Virgo. Not one to out do their friends or people they are seeing, the Virgo would rather take the back seat to others but fit in just enough. The trick to understanding the Virgo style is to remember that everywhere they are they are helping and making things work better. So when they leave, prepare for a let down you never expected unless you are tuned to the Virgo style having had it in your realm!


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  1. Dang, Annalisa… I’ve never really known how my Cancer rising plays out, but you nailed that down. *whistles appreciation* That description hit on things I do that I didn’t know was my ascendant talking!


  2. This is a very informative article Annalisa! It explains a lot. 😀

    I know a friend who has a Cancer ascendant, and indeed, the chest area of her clothes usually had more decorations than other parts of her body.

    My mother has Sun in Leo, and indeed, she definitely knows how to be an effective show-stopper with her elegant clothes, she knows when to pick the right moment to wear them!

    As for me, well, with Sun in Virgo, I like simple hairstyles and practical clothes that still make me look beautiful. I like wearing clothes that are easy to wash, I like hiking clothes, and sometimes I used to dream of wearing a uniform. I’m ready to help when needed. In social situations, I usually do not hold back unless I know the kinds of challenging social dynamics I am dealing with.

  3. Hmm… once I reach my goal weight, my big “prize” is an entire new wardrobe. Annalisa, want to help me?

    It might be boring for you. I dress like a stereotypical virgo.

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