Fashion And Style By The Signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini

Each sign has a way of wearing their clothing that shows us their style no matter what they are wearing. How your style shows greatly depends on your chart and what comes pouring out of you when you dress, walk and talk. With my experience with dancers, models, actors and musicians I have seen many, many people and studied their style which helps me find similarities between those who vibrate to a certain sign. You may be able to pick out your style from the descriptions and get an impression of how you are coming off, with regard to your style, before you even speak a word. Even when someone dances the same steps or wears the same clothing they will give off a different style depending on what in their chart pops out for their ruling style. Look for yourself below and see what style you think you project to all around you!

Aries: An Aries wears their clothing, moves, and talks with a purpose and with no regard for what they are wearing. No matter if they are dressed in jeans and a tee or a little black dress and heels they will come off as someone with somewhere to go and something to do without reservation. The Aries style is one of “deer in the headlights” bravery. There is always an innocence in their clothing and movement that seems natural because they don’t put on airs and appear too busy to worry about how they are presenting. No matter how they sweat what they might wear to an event, they will have the above style regardless of what they decide to wear. I find them amusing in the fact that they will appear as natural in jeans as they do in business attire if that is what they have to wear.

Taurus: A Taurus will look comfortable no matter what they wear. They appear comfortable in all settings or will excuse themselves and not attend an event for very long. When out and dressed to the nines they appear comfortable in their clothing and in their style and refuse to do anything that makes them uncomfortable. A Taurus moves with a grace that seems natural but with grace at all times. They have a strong look that is so easygoing that it sets people off guard because it is not a “put on” look but a natural one and can be a bit intimidating. If they are wearing yoga clothing or a fine dress, they will appear the same calm, graceful, easygoing person they always seem to be. A Taurus is focused on what they are interested in no matter what they are wearing and seem at ease no matter what is going on around them. Their style is comfortable, graceful with a natural beauty and charm that is as natural as nature. It seems they could wear their three or four inch heels, if they are wearing them, to hike in the next half hour! Clothes have a way of hanging on them even when designed a bit tight and their strength is subtle but visible if one is looking for it.

Gemini: A Gemini appears to know what they are wearing and seem to use it to communicate. They are always aware of how they appear and keep their eyes moving over all around them at all times. The Gemini appears a bit uncomfortable in their clothing because they move with a certain jerking speed no matter if their legs are moving or not! The Gemini style is designed to affect those around them and they often look as if they are trying in their clothing choices. Gemini style is often very strong and attention-getting with nods to pieces that cause conversation. A Gemini will wear something different to draw the conversation to them when in a crowd. Gemini movement besides being slightly jerking is also a bit nervous while being very aware of what others think and how they react. You can spot the Gemini style by looking for the person who seems to have checked out every person in the room, and who keeps checking. The Gemini fashion style is one that is about fitting in while keeping themselves a bit different so that they can create conversation and attract interest from others. Never completely comfortable in their own skin, they are keenly aware of others and dress for others instead of themselves. Often changing styles for effect, the Gemini style promises change above all.

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Fashion And Style By The Signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini — 9 Comments

  1. I’m so grateful for your fashion posts Annalisa. I’m going to Chicago on Thursday and I’m stressing so much cause I don’t have stylish enough clothes to be in a big city. I’m probably going too read over all your fashion post’s for fall all night tonight:) It’s very consistent , and very appreciated cause going on sites like vogue , in style … makes me no smarter. Def ordering a fashion consult with you next payday.

  2. Can you blend the Taurus and Gemini? I have Gemini rising and Taurus Moon. Add that to my Virgo and I don’t know what I am fashion-wise. I like the comfort but I have the restless energy and I do like to be neat and tidy. Annalisa, you may have to just invent a new catagory. LOL

  3. Hi Annelisa,
    Your Gemini piece reminds me of my ex-husband. He was a Gemini, blond, wide cheekbones, like your model, really tall, and walked fast and ‘jerky’ as you say. Also his feet used to remind me of Hermes the Winged Messenger, cos he never seemed to put his heels down! Always half up in the air, as if he could barely touch the ground. And the conversation-piece clothing? He had a pair of trousers for nights out; long, skinny legs, but silver, sparkly, metallic fabric, reminded me of a glitter-ball. I used to call them his disco-pants, and beg him not to wear them! (whilst laughing). Well, I am a Virgo….

  4. I’m an Aries with Aquarius rising. Love unfussy, clothes with good lines. Live in navy with accents. Cannot bear a cluttery look. Too much jewellery puts my teeth on edge.

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