Astrology And Fashion: Katharine Hepburn

Katharine HepburnKatharine Hepburn is a great study of the opposition of Taurus and Scorpio energies at work in one’s chart. Katharine was a “double Taurus” with Sun and Moon in Taurus and it showed strongly in her career and life. Her Taurus Sun and Moon gave Katharine a strong and almost stubborn personality in her work and private life while her Scorpio rising trine Jupiter and Neptune in Cancer made her private life often off limits and gave her a unique sexuality. Katharine had a career with very strong ups and downs that she stayed with throughout following the strong-willed and steadily climbing Taurus. She also showed a secretive sexual life and experienced Pluto-type situations that would shape her deeply.

Mars and Uranus in Capricorn in Katharine’s chart trine her Sun, Moon and Mercury gave her both an appreciation of hard work and conservative values that she would show in how she lived her life. The Capricorn energy along with Taurus gave Katharine the strength to deal with her career when it would be on it’s last leg and she built herself up again through hard work and staying power. She had Leo on the Midheaven and acting was her first choice career. She studied drama at Bryn Mawr College but was suspended for breaking curfew and smoking. Katharine was committed to the very earthy feeling and “realness” of the stage experience as an actor, but would suffer many “flops” from which she would recover in true Scorpio fashion backed by her willingness to “stay her course.”

Katharine’s Venus in Aries trine her Midheaven made her love drama and caused Katharine to bravely tackle situations in her love life that many women would have balked at. Pluto, a strong planet in her chart, was in Gemini giving Katharine a very intellectual approach to many subjects and her Saturn was in Pisces helping her have the strong conviction to stay in the arts when her career was fading or was sabotaged.

Katharine was a strong character in her own right and had a stage presence that was powerful due to her Taurus/Scorpio opposition. She was at times both earthy and sexy in her roles while her most successful roles would often call for a character that was biting and quick-witted while being a very powerful female which was rare. In her most popular films she worked with her lover, Spencer Tracy where she showed her reality as an independent woman who was also vulnerable in love. These roles opposite Tracy would later define Katharine’s career and become her strongest movies. It is interesting that she would become most famous and successful by playing characters that were much like herself.

Katharine experienced a very plutonic situation when she was young; she found her brother who had hung himself. Very depressed after her brother’s death, Katherine would require home schooling and for many, many years take her brother’s birthday, Nov. 8th, as her own. It is interesting to mark that Katharine’s brother was Scorpio and she chose to use his birthday as hers in the press and in her life. Katharine would finally confess her true birthday when writing her memoirs. In another Pluto sort of experience, Katharine was staying at her families home in Connecticut when a hurricane would hit and take the family house off its foundation causing Katharine to lose 95% of her personal belongings. Not one to be stopped, Katharine’s Scorpio ability to rise from such an ordeal would surface as well as her Taurus strength to stay her course once again.

Despite the peaks and valleys in Katharine’s career and personal life she would ultimately hold the record for most “Best Actress” Academy Awards for four wins out of a total of twelve nominations. Katharine would be named “greatest female star” by the American Film Institute. Katharine’s famously strong constitution would allow her to live a very long life and she would stay in film for many years by playing spinsters and older roles as she aged.

Katharine had a “secret” love and sexual relationship that was very Scorpio while also being in line with the conservative Taurus and Capricorn energies in her chart. She had a decades long relationship with the very married Spencer Tracy who would not divorce his wife due to his Catholic religion and beliefs. Tracy and Hepburn would become a great duo in films and a “known secret” in Hollywood regarding their romance but they would be careful and very private about their relationship in the press. Always taking care to keep their relationship behind closed doors and away from press, Katharine would think of Tracy as the love of her life. Spencer Tracy was Aries which is where Katharine’s Venus was in her chart.

Katharine’s strong support of her friends in the film industry when the “communist witch-hunt” began among the Hollywood crowd would at one time put her on the “black list” along with them during the 1940’s. Among Katharine’s strong roles are her work in the movies “African Queen,” “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner,” The Lion in Winter” and “On Golden Pond.”

Katharine’s style was one that was very Taurus in the fact that she wanted to be comfortable and so wore a great deal of pants and pant suits which was not done at the time. She stated that she was more comfortable in pants and a Taurus values comfort above all else. There was something also very Scorpio and sexy about her choice of pants because they were very tailored and showed her body in a very flattering way. Katharine was tall for an actress at the time, being 5’7″ and pants with flare legs can be very flattering on a tall woman. She had a Scorpio’s penetrating eyes which showed mystery while she could hold steady eye contact and make strong statements in a very Taurus way. When Katharine was young she would often value her privacy so much that she would refuse interviews and refuse autographs. As Katharine got older she became more outspoken in the press and her very strong and intense Scorpio/Taurus nature would come through like a powerhouse. She held herself in a very athletic way. From childhood she believed in exercise and good eating and was very down to earth in regard to both as a double Taurus with strong Capricorn backing her up.

As Capricorn will do, Katharine gave more interviews and became more accessible to the press when she got older and would give many interviews in her later life. A strong-minded woman, she dressed the part as well in her smartly tailored menswear that flattered her in a unique way. Katharine, with a Scorpio rising, was very aware of herself and her body and had great control over both her mind and her body all her life. Her commitment to physical fitness lasted all her life and Katharine was thin and fit all her life.

Katharine’s hair was styled in the perfect length to be able to wear it up or down depending on what character she played but she always kept her hair off her face to play up those intense Scorpio eyes and the straightforward Taurus reality. Katharine would famously disdain makeup and often appear without it. Often Taurus does not like the false look of makeup and does not want to take the time to apply it and fuss over themselves. Katharine was very Taurus in her style by forgetting about makeup and not having a great deal of plastic surgery in her life.

She was an earthy woman first and portrayed characters that were age appropriate as she got older. Always down to earth with an eye on fitness, Katharine would wear her trademark pants all her life, even when retired. Katharine was styled by Hollywood, however, to give the best impression and so she wore tailored clothes that fit her small frame with not a lot of huge decoration so as to allow her small features to be seen in the best way. Katharine wore simple gowns that allowed her petite body to be showcased and often belted dresses to set off her small waist. Unlike many Hollywood actresses of her time, Katharine was a fan of exercise, especially swimming, so she had tone in her arms and body that was lacking in many actresses of her day.

Katharine had strong bone structure in her face that was best set off by having her hair shoulder length. Her hair was lightened by kept to a natural shade instead of a overly blond color. Having small features, Katharine had to keep her hair off her face so did not wear bangs and often combed it back and up off her face to show her eyes. “Strong” is a great word when we describe Katharine Hepburn’s style and lifestyle. She looked very strong as opposed to soft in her photographs yet made that work for her in a time when women were often styled to be soft and feminine. Katharine’s Taurus and Scorpio energies were both very strong and fixed and she showed her style to be the same.

What are some of your favorite roles by Katharine Hepburn? What do you think of her style?


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  1. Great post!! I love how Katherine’s planets all played out their parts in support of one another and how she was able to use them all to her advantage. 🙂 In looking at pictures of her you can immediately tell she was a strong woman.. and even though she may not be looking at the camera, her eyes seem to pierce right through!

  2. She’s one of my favorites. Thanks, and great job!

    Favorite roles: Philadelphia Story, Bringing up Baby, The African Queen, Lion in Winter, Woman of the Year, Adam’s Rib.

  3. I love Katharine. She was so totally herself in an era of conformity… “On Golden Pond” was such a strong role. Thanks, Annalisa, for this post, Ms. Hepburn was a gem.

  4. “The Lion in Winter” is one of my all time favorite films. I love Katherine’s strong presence and respect her ability to remain true to herself, regardless. Thanks, Annalisa. { hugs }

  5. I never was much of a Hepburn fan, I tend to agree with Dorothy Parker’s sentiment that “She runs the gamut of emotions from A to B.” but the woman does have style. All my Virgo loovvves that crisp, perfectly tailored pant and sport coat combo. Woman of the Year is good, especially the scene at the end where she tries to cook breakfast and fails miserably.

  6. Great article as always, Annalisa 🙂

    I thought she was fascinating and I enjoyed all her roles. My favorite was a Lion in Winter, for the strength and sadness she showed in her relationship.

    In that role, in that time period, to have all the smarts and cunning to play the politics and intrigues, yet have her sex hold her captive, was just so sad to me.

    I think in a way it somewhat reflected her love for Tracy, who couldn’t have been an easy man to love. I have read that he wasn’t a happy alcoholic and could be quite abusive. Having to remain hidden from society, and live a life secretively, due to the dictates of her man’s religious and other dictates, must have chafed on some levels. I am sure with all the Earth, that going against tradition in love matters was not something that she took on lightly.

    I think her style was impeccable. And in that choice, the comfort and singularity for her easily overruled what fashion was in mode at that time.

  7. Lion in Winter, and of course, Philadelphia Story..

    Kate Hepburn is my favorite actress of all time – such as strong female cinema presence for the era she was born in

  8. wow I didn’t know that Taurus is the zodiac sign that doesn’t like to put on makeup much or deal with plastic surgery. She does come off really tough on screen.

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