Astrology and Fashion: Jennifer Hudson

Virgo Jennifer Hudson has a chart that lines up like a locomotive. With placements starting with the node in Cancer, her planets line up all the way to Sag making for a train going in a direction, toward her destiny.

Leo Mars and Scorpio Venus give her drive as a performer and she has needed this drive to overcome great obstacles in her life both before and after her star reached the level of Academy Award. Jennifer dresses almost entirely in Black or White and when looking at her chart, we can see why.

A Scorpio Venus is not afraid of a bit of sexuality and Jennifer romances us as well with her sexuality because she has a Pisces Moon to help create the dream. Scorpio Venus also can see things in black and white as we all know and dressing in one or the other is a formula that works for Jennifer. Leo loves uniforms and having these two basic colors as her fallback gives her a uniform that fits every occasion.

Her Leo mane of hair is always part of her look, most often worn down. A Leo will take care of their hair and it is always a part of her look.

I say “romantic,” because Jennifer is a Virgo giving her the innocent look and outlook combined with a Pisces Moon giving us dreamy tendencies and that is back up by a Leo Mars bringing drama into the picture and causing her to be born for the stage and romantic roles. (and songs.)

Jennifer has small features, not unusual, I find, when you have Pisces in aspect to Scorpio. She must know by now after receiving fashion advice from the best that patterned fabrics will “wear her,” and she will not present the whole of herself if she wears strong patterns. Some people can wear many colors and patterns and show up and that happens when they have strong facial features to balance the “show,” that patterns are on your body. Jennifer has smaller eyes and a smaller face when it comes to features so she is safest in a palette that allows for no interruption to it’s wearer.. When you have the romantic look that is smaller facial features it is easy to get swallowed up by what you are wearing, even if it is a jewel tone in the case of Jennifer because strong colors can often deflect from your face as well.

Black or white don’t interfere with your face and rather, provide a frame for what is in them. She makes wise fashion choices for these reasons.

The tragic loss of her mother, brother and nephew had to be a challenge for Jennifer’s Scorpio Venus and a test for her Pisces Moon. Virgo Sun would come in very well here in keeping her on track as she mourns.

Again, her chart is like a locomotive so I expect to see Jennifer for years and years to come. Her chart is lined up and her energy is based in entertainment so an entertainer she will be. When we think of her taking the role she had in “DreamGirls,” and shooting to the moon with it we can see she is capable of lining herself up towards the target, (Leo Mars,) and firing herself in it’s direction making a direct hit.


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Astrology and Fashion: Jennifer Hudson — 3 Comments

  1. Interesting. I have small features and have experience with being overwhelmed by my clothes or accessories, too. Good to see it addressed so well. Thanks Annalisa.

    I’ve Pisces Sun in 8th house so there’s a pretty direct Pisces/Scorpio interplay, just as you mention. Unfortunately my pale, freckly skin washes out with white or I’d take a cue from Jennifer. 🙂

  2. Hudson and I share Scorpio-Venus and Leo-Mars. I completely agree that her tragic losses have been a horrible challenge for her. In fact, I understand it…

    I love her, too. Thanks for this article!

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