Astrology And Fashion: Goldie Hawn

With the styles of the 70’s making a huge comeback I thought we’d take a look at the iconic Goldie Hawn and her contributions to entertainment as well as her style which has been solid and worked for her throughout her career. Goldie is a Scorpio Sun and Venus who loves the look of the 70’s and has worn a form of it since her career started in the 1960’s. A Scorpio loves a look with an edge, and when she started her career her look was on the edge and helped to make her a star.

Goldie has a Sagittarius rising and Mercury with Mercury in the 12th giving her an interest in religions and people of other cultures as well as giving her a gift for comedy, for which she has been known. Moon and Uranus for Goldie are in Gemini allowing for an ability to read scripts and choose those best for herself and also lending itself to Goldie studying subjects that interest her. When we see an opposition in a chart I always know that a balance will eventually occur between the two signs and one will become more well-rounded as they live their lives. Goldie has found a way to embrace two religions and finds that they do not contradict in her life.

Goldie’s Midheaven, Jupiter and Neptune are in Libra giving Goldie a pleasing personality and a style that is both pretty and well designed while allowing her a steady relationship in her personal life that is long-lasting and satisfying. In dramatic Leo, Goldie has both Mars and Pluto in the 8th giving Goldie a comfort level in her sexuality and driving her love of acting, directing and producing entertainment. With Saturn in Cancer Goldie has been an active parent and child in her life showing concern for both her children, nursing her mother when she had cancer and even taking time off work to take care of her children when they were young.

Goldie’s career began in the 60’s when she attracted big attention working on “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-in.” Her role in this comedy program broke Goldie’s style out in the open as she wore bikinis, had a painted body in 60’s style patterns and delivered her comedy lines with great skill. Goldie quickly moved into movies where she often played the “dumb blond” while finding great success. Goldie, with such strong Leo placements, has acting skills that also include dramatic acting and Goldie wasted no time showing both skills in her early work. Goldie won the Academy Award in 1969 for the movie “Cactus Flower.” In the 70’s Goldie worked in such movies as “Shampoo” and “Butterflies are Free.” Goldie’s career was still strong in the 80’s when she did such movies as “Private Benjamin” and “Swing Shift.” Goldie moved on in the 90’s to do movies like “Deceived” and “Death Becomes Her” and stayed in the game after 2000 as well!

Goldie’s career has spread over decades while she raised her children and maintained a good relationship with Kurt Russell since 1983. With Libra so prominent in her chart, Goldie would find relationships very important and take them seriously. She has shown this by having great relationships with her children, actors Oliver Hudson and Kate Hudson and her son with Kurt Russell, Wyatt Russell. Goldie is also a step-mother who cares, as Kurt has a son. Goldie has taken years off in her career to take care of her children when they were young and to care for her mother for four years when she had cancer. With Saturn in Cancer, family is very important to Goldie and she has shown this in her life choices.

Being a Scorpio with Sagittarius rising, Goldie is interested in religion and combines the Jewish religion, in which she was raised, with Eastern philosophy, which she became interested in early in her life. She is a practicing Buddhist who funds “The Hawn Foundation” which teaches “Mindfulness” to fourth through seventh graders. Goldie visits India yearly and has been to Israel where she has said she finds she relates to it’s people greatly. Goldie raised her children with both the Jewish and Buddhist religions and has stated that she does not find them to conflict. Although Goldie has found some negative press for her belief system she is strongly attached to it and lives her life in these religious systems. Goldie would have a great interest in other countries with her rising and she would communicate well with Gemini Moon and Uranus so we can expect that she is committed to teaching what she has learned in her life in the realm of religion. Goldie is a great believer in “Mindfulness” and discusses it often.

Goldie’s lifestyle is very much a nod to the 60’s and 70’s and it has served her well throughout her career and personal life. She has built a great style for herself by wearing her hair in the “shag” of the 60’s and modifying it for the decades as the years go by. The shag suits her face well because she has smaller features. Having layers cut to feature her eyes and her smile in the form of bangs and layers looks fantastic on Goldie who has a shining smile that takes over her face! Goldie’s smile is famous and her hair is cut to layer where her smile is framed which is a very flattering technique.

Goldie’s look has not waivered much since the 60’s which is admirable because she found a look that worked for her and that matched her personality and has worn it well all these years! The 60’s “surfer girl” look has been a strong part of Goldie’s look all these years as she wears a tan most of the time and loves off the shoulder dresses and tops as well as halters. Goldie has Gemini in her chart so she wears many colors together or prints that are interesting on her and work well with her big personality. Her Sagittarius rising shows when she dresses in the style of India at times and uses colors and cuts from India in her clothing choices. She rarely changes her style for anything she does and has worn jeans and tops in her spare time all her life. When on the red carpet Goldie stays in the style of the 60’s and 70’s by wearing shoulder baring gowns, halter topped gowns or gowns that have ruffles or sleeves that flutter and flow. A “free spirit” is what Goldie appears to be and in her chart we can see that she would find that image very attractive. Goldie has been known to use such tricks from decades past such as flowers in her hair and dresses in flowing scarves and layers when out living her life. With her free flowing hair and nod to “mod” we have the 60’s “flower child” image in Goldie and the prettiness of that look suits her well with her Libra planets and her big wide smile.

Goldie has her serious side but even when bringing on the “glam” she maintains a loose and flowing style that one expects from her after all these decades. Goldie’s style can be seen on her daughter Kate Hudson as well when we look at Kate’s hair style and dressing habits. Goldie has lived a very successful life and we can assume from her smile that she has been happy these years in the spotlight while keeping herself out of the tabloids most of the time. When one finds Libra in the chart of an entertainer one can expect less tabloid action most of the time. Goldie is an example of a Scorpio that keeps her personal life to herself and is driven and committed to her beliefs as well as her career. A Scorpio is a strong parent that often hands down part of themselves to their children and Goldie is also an example of that trait.

We can expect Goldie to be active in her work in religion as well as directing and producing. It is possible that Goldie will have another acting release in the next year but it is not certain at this time. Goldie is an icon at this time for her style and life style and will be forever.

What are your favorite Goldie Hawn films?



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  1. I loved her in Death Becomes Her.. Talk about Scorpio! One of my all time favorite movies is Almost Famous, (Kate Hudson) plays Penny Lane..

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