Astrology And Fashion: Emma Watson

Emma Watson, a Sun sign Aries actor and model, literally grew up in front of an audience with her commitment to the “Harry Potter” series of movies she has made and will finish. Although Emma is an Aries she is greatly responsible by the placement of planets in her chart and interested in being educated and secure in her life. With much Earth in her chart she was an excellent choice for the role of “Hermione Granger,” and has the responsibility to see the role through and the ability to do the hard work such a commitment would require.

Emma has Moon in Sagittarius in the 4th house but her Fire ends there and her chart takes a very Earthy turn with her rising in Virgo leading the way. This makes her 12th house Virgo and that can lead to a working artist. Emma has Saturn at home in Capricorn as well as Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn in the 4th house making for a very responsible person and one that values her commitments to family as well as any “family” she has created outside her family of origin. The cast of “Harry Potter” is more or less as close as a family can be and Emma grew up in that cast so she is responsible to them and to the project.

Emma has Mercury in Taurus in the 8th house completing the trine in Earth that keeps her chart “in check” and making her a safe bet for her role in the series that has defined her life thus far. It is common for casting agents and producers to use astrology when casting and it is not a surprise that Emma is such a responsible person but with the innocence of an Aries Sun combined with the open emotions of a Sagittarius Moon. Her chart is almost set to succeed in such a big, blockbuster series that most had to know would require commitment and responsibility from its actors and others who were involved in the project. Emma’s chart rounds out with Jupiter in the 10th in Cancer bringing more responsibility to family and to whomever is family to us after we leave our family of origin. Emma began her work on the Harry Potter series when she was 9 but had decided she wanted to be an actor by the age of 6. Emma had much amateur stage experience before being cast as “Hermione” but had never had professional experience.

Emma has always been reviewed well by critics in each of the “Harry Potter” films she has done. Even when her co-stars did not review well, Emma was said to have “stolen the show” in the first “Harry Potter” movie and was described as “confident,” when she was being cast as “Hermione.” It is easy to see when we see the Capricorn in her chart and the hardworking Virgo and Taurus that Emma must have taken her training in acting, singing and dance very seriously before she was chosen for the role that would define her. Emma’s hard work was rewarded after the first film and when directed by Chris Columbus he was criticized for “underplaying” Emma’s “hugely popular” character.

Emma has been described as “touchingly earnest” in her role and the Aries has come out when Emma said after completing “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” that she “loved all the arguing… I think it’s much more realistic that they would argue and there would be problems.” Emma said in the quote that she was happy that the role seemed more “realistic,” and she would enjoy that with all her Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus energy along with a healthy dose of Aries that would be at home when “arguing.” With her Mars in Aquarius, Emma would enjoy a bit of verbal jousting and adding to that enjoyment would be her Sagittarius Moon and Aries Sun. Emma has both traits that come out on camera of the playful Fire sign child and young adult as well as the responsible one in most of the movies that she has completed in the series she has undertaken.

With Virgo rising, Mars in Aquarius and Moon in Sagittarius, Emma considers her education very important. When on set Emma was teased for having all “A’s” on her reports and she was adamant about attending college when she came of age and was ready. Emma chose Brown University because she felt that education in England would be less broad and force her to “study one subject for three years.” Emma stuck to her guns and left England to study. In 2010, Emma was the highest paid actress, however her Virgo rising and Capricorn stellium along with a Sagittarius Moon caused Emma to decide not to quit school to become a full time actor. She said, in very Capricorn/Virgo style that “school keeps me in touch with my friends.” “It keeps me in touch with reality.” With Jupiter in Cancer and the strong 4th house, Emma’s friends would be very important to her and become a second family to her, not to mention that she decided to sign to complete the “Harry Potter” series and would be part of the family there too when making the films. Emma is said to have a close relationship with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, calling them her “support system.” A “support system” would be important to a stellium 4th house of Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer in the 10th. Emma would play it safer than some Aries Sun, Sag Moon people given the rest of her chart.

Emma, again, has the style both of the innocent Aries woman/girl but also the sophistication of a Capricorn stellium and strong 10th house. She appears both intelligent and playful at the same time and her style is such. Emma has a great English style when dressing casual that includes pants, shirts, jackets and scarves. She plays well with color on her days off and keeps a mane of long hair either loose or in a ponytail to the side for some Capricorn class. Emma always appears pulled together for her red carpet events and I’m sure her Virgo rising is very helpful when she plans her looks for events. She would want to look very respectable with so much Capricorn in her chart but have a bit of the “lady” in her with Cancer leanings. Aries often can’t be bothered with the fashion of it all but with her chart, Emma is very up on fashion and in fact has signed to model for Burberry as the face of their new campaign in 2010. Burberry will fit Emma well for it is preppy in its look but upper line. Emma is a student and will love the “responsible” designs that Burberry is known for. With such Earth in her chart and her love of higher education she will be perfect for their polos and chinos as well as their very classy and at times, lacy looks for evening that stay in the realm of good taste.

Good taste would be Emma’s style with all of that Earth in her chart and most of her photos show just that “good taste” and with Emma presenting in just the right thing for whatever she is doing. Virgo rising likes to have things “just so,” and comfortable and Emma also dresses with this in mind.

Emma’s eyes are very interesting for you can see the openness of the Aries Sun and Sag Moon as well as a twinkle of Aquarius Mars in them when she is posed. She has a shimmer in her eyes that I often point out when someone has Aquarius in their charts and it comes to the surface when Emma is made up and is posed for a shot. With Mars in Aquarius it would be her sexuality peering out and showing us that shimmer I always see and like so much. Emma has dark enough eyes and skin to wear any color and she looks great in reds and deep blues which she chooses often for her red carpet looks along with the shimmer I have mentioned before when she wears silver in a gown, for example.

There is a bit of playfulness to Emma’s fashion sense as well but she always appears a lady which is a nod to such strong Capricorn, Virgo and Cancer planets. There are little to none when it comes to risqué shots of Emma and I believe that is her style and not what others want her to wear. Emma would want to “keep it real,” which she does in her makeup and hair color as she keeps both in real colors that look natural and almost never wears anything outlandish in the way of makeup looks. She has done shoots for fashion magazines that push the envelope a bit when they dress her but she always comes out looking “pretty,” and there is someone that wants to be “respectable” inside of Emma.

After a bit of soul searching, Emma has signed to do the last of the “Harry Potter” films so we will see her again as “Hermione Watson,” and she will fulfill her commitment to the role. I always look forward to her character which she has polished to a fine form and which acts very much like Emma’s own chart! I look forward to seeing what she chooses to do in the way of roles after she completes “Harry Potter” and her education.


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  1. Thank you for the post Annalisa! I have always liked Emma as an actress, she possess style, intensity, and grace to her role.

    Also, I did not know that casting agents and producers looked at the astrology of their actors..I appreciate the “heads up”..

  2. I love seeing what Emma is wearing on the red carpet. She’s cutting edge but also classy. I think her and Kristen Stewart have the most interesting taste in red carpet choices.

  3. Another excellent job, I’ll have to come back and read this more thoroughly when I have the time. But on a side note, I’ve been coming to realize how attractive Aries girls often are. Not sure about the guys, would have to go look at some pics.

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