Astrology And Fashion: Designers and Clothing lines through the signs

Ideas are always popping up for signs and designs. You bet clothing designers use astrology and vice versa, after all, look what you’re reading!

Let’s look at some ideas for some signs that might make sense, in every price point! I’ll be providing links and please remember how to use the runway:

Look at pieces, not at whole looks!

When I saw Calvin Klein’s line for spring, I thought PISCES! No question it was aiming for that feel and we will see it in every price point because the buyers loved the line and thought it was about time the designer went in another direction. I happen to agree: (click “see the slideshow” to see the line.)


On the other hand, I thought: Gemini, when I saw Marc Jacobs line for the same season. Remember to look at pieces not at full outfits but full outfits are good ideas for Gemini’s to copy with less expensive stuff. Libras might like to get their hands on some of the girly looks as well:


Philip Lim’s Spring collection is speaking toΒ  Libra who can wear some of his “lady looks,” and well, he’s just wearable to many of the more “fem” signs that like the classic with a slight twist:


Calvin Klein’s Fall line is perfect for the Scorpio sexy gal at the office and the Cappy will love it too. A Virgo will do well in these also: (go through the slide show and give it time to show you the more fitted looks…)


I thought to bring these to your attention since some of you are interested in building your own lookbooks. Now is a good time to start. There is a function where you can save the look in your own lookbook for later when you are shopping. Remember: All these will be knocked off in lower price points for your shopping pleasure!


Astrology And Fashion: Designers and Clothing lines through the signs — 11 Comments

  1. I adore Marc Jacobs & Philip Lim…but my personal fave is Zac Posen πŸ™‚ here’s the link to his collection:

    If I had the figure, I’d wear ALL of it! gorgeous stuff…

  2. Haven’t checked out the link, though the fall CK line sounds up my alley!
    I just wanted to mention how much I’m drooling over those lace-up sandals in the pic. Yow! πŸ˜€

  3. I think the Philip Lim Spring line can have a bit of an Aries feel to it. We love wearing red πŸ™‚

    I am personally an Oscar De La Renta fan. Have you checked out the Spring collection? It is so wearable, so comfortable and very feminine. This doesn’t quite satisfy my Aries side but it certainly satisfies my very feminine Cancer Moon πŸ™‚

  4. Pretty collections, but the girls look like a gallery of skeletons – in my opinion it’s sick to let them be “models” for other women.

  5. I’m still waiting for a couple of shows in Milan, especially Bottega Veneta, which is always very pretty, feminine, with powdery Libra colors. And then Paris, of course, it’s still where the most interesting – even if not necessarely wearable – collections are shown.

  6. Lunalie, I thought Oscar’s line this time was inspired. It was new from things he has done lately and completley wearable. I agree. Perhaps a more earthy line than usual in it’s wearability.

    Yes, the Calvin fall line is very sexy and any Scorpio could love the hell out of it!

  7. Annalisa: I like how Oscar used veils and some of the Spanish aesthetic (tiered, full skirts, ruffles). Interesting how he incorporated the veil. I haven’t been in touch with fashion in a while but I think this is the first time I’ve seen him use it. Interesting combo with the veil and the bright colours.

    Calvin’s line is so flowy! I would agree that Pisceans would love this!

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