Astrology And Fashion: Lady Gaga

Relatively new, Lady Gaga has herself off to what I would call a “good start!” She is an Aries and that almost doesn’t need to be said, does it? She has the self starting Aries “feel,” to her that hits you right away, right between the eyes!

As an Aries, she is going to be competitive and stay on the pulse of her fans very closely and she does both. She has influences from Madonna to Queen as her muses and she doesn’t miss a beat with the high energy coming from Mars.

Gaga’s Venus is in Aries too with a not small spark from her moon in Scorpio giving her no problems with dressing in almost nothing as she performs and builds her image. She is a creative woman with a no holds barred way of presenting that one cannot miss. She’d almost HAVE to have a Scorpio moon, wouldn’t she?

When we see Gaga present we see what I always recommend to Aries and that is a lot of red. Black is also a favorite and that is Scorpio keeping some energy for herself. When one wears black although the impact is one of strength, it really saves some energy back for the person and keeps it for themselves. It gives a look of mystery that every Scorpio loves and a feel of the “dark side,” of which Gaga is not afraid, not in the least. Her powerful Mars energy is seen in almost every shot of her and every performance. She came on strong and keeps coming because she is not afraid of the work it takes to build herself and her brand and that comes from a Mars in Capricorn! A bit of big earth there gives our girl longevity and a knack for building.

In these days of fame we see a lot of success with the blending of sexes and the cross dressing that was used a lot in the 80’s. Lady Gaga is not afraid of the cross dressing game and I, for one, enjoy that. She appeals to straight and gay people and embraces them for their support as well. It is one thing to dress in both men’s wear and women’s semi nude style but it is another to actually embrace it and I think that Lady Gaga truly finds herself in both.

Mercury and Jupiter are both in Pisces and we see that she is a true artist not afraid of stretching at all. She thinks in the artistic realm and she has a broad spectrum of ideas at her disposal. Uranus is in Sag giving her an even broader scope and view.

Given her chart, costuming is not only a trademark of her performance but a way of life for Gaga. She thinks big, comes on big and dresses big and it’s a natural state for her. When one thinks of celebrity today it is almost a sure hit to go to the extremes without stepping over the edge and she does not step over that edge with the healthy Cappy Mars holding her energy in check. I think we will see much more of her and again, she is not afraid to build her brand and do the work it takes to do so. She is so open to ideas with her creative Aries and Pisces placements to give her big thoughts and more and more ideas.

Fan or not, the Lady is here to stay and I feel works very hard to present what she does for us to love or hate as we will. She is not one to put a lot of stock into what others may say about her with no planets in Libra and other signs that would make her curb herself to public ideas. I think she is an original and again, let’s see what she presents to us next…

What are your ideas on the Lady?

– Annalisa

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Astrology And Fashion: Lady Gaga — 26 Comments

  1. It’s kind of funny. I don’t want to like her (I don’t understand why?) but damn if her songs don’t stick with me and she’s just entertaining as can be! So I’m coming ’round.

  2. My love affair with Lady Gaga is like this guilty pleasure, and I see it in my girlfriends too. None of us can admit how much we admire the hell out of this sexy/talented lady. Strange phenomena. She is very Madonna.

    Youtube has a video of her doing a live performance of John Lennon’s Imagine. After that, I’m a big fan.

  3. she’s one artist I finally feel like I can relate to…her style, her talent, her fun, the energy and raw emotion she evokes from her songs and dancing. LOVE her…she is one of those walking art forms tapping into the collective subconscious.

  4. This girl is freakin’ WEEEEEEEIIIIIIRRRRDDDD. I can’t get past her strange outfits with lace covering her face and Kermit all over her body.

    And the Boobs of Flame. Sorry.

    No, sir. I don’t like it.

  5. I’ve been wondering since forever when Lady Gaga would come up on the fashion posts since she seems so ripe for it. WOO. I’ve never met an Aries woman I didn’t like, they’re my polarity and I tend to get along with them. Personally, I love Lady Gaga even though I don’t know much about her. The video for “Bad Romance” reeks of Scorpio and Aries–all fire, explosions and corpses. I love (or envy) her style and her energy. I love people who can pull off anything and know it and do it and she’s one of them.

  6. like gaga, she’s out of this world. i also liked this bit of knowledge: “When one wears black although the impact is one of strength, it really saves some energy back for the person and keeps it for themselves.” I’ve been wearing a lot of black lately…lots of change going on…maybe this is why?

  7. I really like Lady Gaga. I like her weird clothes, but I like fashion that is way the hell out there. I LOVE theatrical dressing, especially when it’s gender-bending. Recently flipped through Vogue, she portrays the witch in hansel + gretel in a spread they have. She’s very raw and I like that. Her music…I dunno! I’m not super keen. It’s funny how some artists “perform” better than others though, isn’t it? Some musicians perform and they’re just…wooden.

  8. this is a great thread. a lot of people are talking about Gaga’s influence on style. it’s hard to process bc it’s so new. anyway, just wanted to say i like this posting quite a bit.

  9. i think we need more people with a flair for “weird” in the world.
    i don’t really keep up with popular trends or tv (aquarius moon nonwithstanding… or does that make it make more sense?) but i’ve been hearing enough about her that i guess i better go find out for myself.

  10. I feel she is a leo rising. I know alot of leo risings. My best friend, My brother, and My sister. And she’s got that whole leo rising thing going on.

  11. I like the over-the-top showmanship and at least one of her songs. However, there’s always been this creepy, empty-seeming element to it. Projection on my part?

  12. My daughter is 8 & a half and adores Lady Gaga. she also has Venus in Aries in 11th and gets all her friends to do karaoke Lady Gaga (PPPPPpoker face…) with the camera on the TV, her IC is conjunct my Leo Sun and I love it.
    Only thing i dont like about lady Gaga is why spoil the music with soft porn. My kids hate it on Utube when they listen to her great music then the images are so gross. So Aries! OTT to the max. and so Madonna, who did all that soft porn stuff to death. Im no prude anything but … (8th hse Venus in Gemini err Ive been there did it got a Tshirt to match) but I cant see why women even Aries women thses days cant just strut their fabulous stuff and put the sex where it belongs in private (ok 8th house!) LOL.

  13. My daughter has just shown me Bad Romance on Youtube and it’s totally amazing! dont know much about lady Gaga’s background but she so understands the power of Opera and huge gestures. It’s fabulous, I think she is amazing (& have forgiven her for the Paperarzzi rude stuff, LOL.)
    She is definitely completely awesome.
    As for rectifying her chart, havent done it myself yet but a very prominent Pluto, Id say. Conjunct angles or personal planets. She is so Plutonian, she is great.

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