Astrology and Fashion: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is an interesting study in astrology and style. A Cuban/German woman whose duality does not end there! Cameron has two styles in the fact that she will take a comedy film or a dramatic role with equal style.

Cameron is a Virgo with a Taurus moon which we would think would lend itself to an earthy girl who wants to be comfortable and plays it a bit safe and cozy. But, when we consider her Sag rising with Jupiter in Sag in the first house we find the true Cameron, the girl who left home at the age of 16 and lived in numerous cities and countries about Europe before landing in her home, California where she thrives.

Cameron shows us the interesting side of Virgo the Virgin when we see that she mixes her look with wearing all white and then all black and often. Her Virgo is playing the Virgin and the worldly woman in turns each time she switches her style and if you watch Cameron you will see that she goes all the way in her virginal white look as she does in her black siren look!

True to her sun sign we see Cameron in “California chic” in her off times. She will appear when caught by the photogs in comfortable clothing, a mixture of cotton, cashmere or even sweat suits again:  the California girl image she puts forth. The Virgo in her must love the wash and wear and “wash and get better,” trait of high quality cotton we so know and love!

(I’d like to add here that often when we see a tall and statuesque figure we find Taurus or Virgo prominent in the chart. Cher, (Taurus.) If we do not see height, we often see an imposing figure when these signs are prominent in the chart…)

But take Cameron to the red carpet and she will appear in black gowns or even red when the mood suits her. She knows how to mix it up and her Sag is very adventurous in this way! A Sag likes to be ready so Cameron has pants on many, many times in her off hours. Her T-shirts are most often loose to comfort her Taurus moon. Practical as cotton separates are, and easy to care for we get the impression that this is an unspoiled woman.

For events we see the “Jane Fonda, Sag,” effect when Cameron goes for the gold with bare, skin showing gowns that are more daring than some of her counter parts. White with gold accessories is a Cameron favorite…and an CA favorite. We can even find her in turquoise jewelry on her tanned skin.

Cameron, lastly is not afraid of her body and that is again, a mixture of her major planets with the earthy woman who is not afraid to be one with her body and the adventure loving Sag who likes to keep things hopping. She has a beautiful body and it is often featured but if one watches she is at home in her skin, and we get the idea that she would rather be nude or wrapped in the softest, (Libra Pluto and Uranus, Taurus Moon,) fabric she can find.

With such a sense of humor we can expect to see her do more comedy and with her sense of adventure no question she will mix it up with dramatic roles.

– Annalisa
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Astrology and Fashion: Cameron Diaz — 5 Comments

  1. i’ve had a slight, irrational grudge against her ever since “There’s something about Mary.” all those men just falling all over her annoyed me to no end…

  2. The comments about a “tall and statuesque” or an “imposing figure” associated with Taurus and Virgo is interesting. I’m Taurus sun with Virgo rising (Virgo is very strong in my chart) and even though I’m not particularly tall (only 5’3 or so), I appear taller than I actually am to people.

  3. she’s always seemed unusually real a person for a celebrity. strong character and self posession.

    people have told me i’m “intimidating” but i never would have connected it to virgo/taurus. and at home for the holidays i’m surrounded by giants.
    worth pondering…

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