Astrology And Fashion By Zodiac Sign

After a career in dance and modeling, not to mention producing couture fashion shows, I have made all sorts of discoveries regarding astro signs and dressing. What are you dressing? Your rising? Your sun? Your moon? A stellium? Or a combination of a few places in your chart? My own formula for dressing is at the bottom of this piece.


If an Aries can be bothered with fashion at all, it’s going to be power dressing or dressing for action. Pants wearers more often than not, they often throw on what is there and what is clean, (let’s hope.) The fashionable sweat suit set is not wasted on them neither are yoga clothing, tights and the like. Speed is key.

If an Aries can gain power from dressing they will dress very carefully to gain that advantage and a good example of this is Bette Davis. Most often an Aries will attempt to stay thin or be thin from running and knocking down doors. I suggest Aries consider what will take them to the next level they are trying to reach and dress accordingly. I also suggest that they dress better than they are because the throwing on of clothes can give the wrong impression quickly.


Oh, Taurus love to be comfy. They like natural fabrics and they love them to drape comfortably on their bodies.

They are VERY sensitive to their clothing and what touches their bodies so let’s look at Barbara Streisand to get an idea of a Taurus dressing for herself. Barbra likes to wear draped dresses and pants with tops that drape as well. She has great taste in fabric as most Taurus do and likes her clothes to fit her personality and strong mindedness as well. A Taurus will buy well made clothing but only what they need and wear it until it can’t be worn anymore. (distressed is a great feel for Taurus.) Taurus FEELS quality and can become addicted to it. Barbra will not stay in a hotel unless they have the upper line sheets she prefers to sleep in, that’s a fact. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Colors and costumes! A Gemini can whip up their costume in no time and wear it like no other. Sight: Stevie Nicks or Johnny Depp. No one wears a character like a Gemini. Colors make them happy and combining a lot of them makes them happy as clams. Gem’s also love to wear a lot of clothes if they all work with the specific “look,” they are going for. A Gemini is not a boring dresser. Clothing around the arms and hands please Gemini, as is the case with Prince. (notice the three Gem’s I named all have worn costumes with ruffles around the wrists!) Gemini should dress to communicate who they are and what they are, they are excellent at finding themselves through clothes. If you notice the style before the person, it’s a Gemini!

A cancer likes the stomach to have room to breathe, that’s first. Like a Pisces, no tight belts for Cancer people, uh uh. A Cancer is a dress girl most of the time. Little baby doll dress types and puff sleeves even! A Cancer likes to have watery fabrics on their body BUT look out for the Cancer on the hunt! A Cancer on the hunt will put her butt in those skinny jeans in a second! The butt is big to a Cancer and showing it, liking it on others, is a part of their style sense! No, I’m not kidding here! If aย Cancer is happily set in a relationship expect pastel colors and a liking for the classic. Classic gives a homey feel and Cancers are wanting to be home most of the time! Pastel and proper, the Cancer is one of the best dressers of the zodiac.
Princess Diana is your queen.


Ah, notice me says Leo! Jackets, coats, Jackets, coats, with collars that help them show a mane are really pleasing to a Leo. A Leo will have a mane of hair, no hair at all or a very short cut, there is no in between. A Leo either frames their face with hair or a collar or shows their face clearly with short, short hair or no hair. Leo’s with good bodies and Leo’s without will both wear clothing to draw attention to themselves. They can appear in tight fitting clothing, closely tailored clothing or even body suits! Leo’s should buy dramatic pieces to help them “say,” who they are without talking, thus the jacket obsession. A Leo with curly hair is a happy camper, I suggest a body perm for those who do not have curls! Focus on your hair or head, Leo. Sight: Obama


Functional and feminine.ย  There is nothing a Virgo loves more than functional clothing such as uniforms except feminine clothing. In keeping with their “virgin,” image, they will wear sweet collars and sometimes pink. Their clothing must be functional above all so they make sure they fit the clothes to their body in exactly the right way. If a Virgo cannot fit their clothing and find it functional they will appear sloppy instead. They simply apply their exacting nature to something else if they cannot perfect their look. Virgos like their hair to WORK, their clothing to WORK and nothing extra in the way, thank you very much. Whatever their job, they must be able to work in whatever they wear, all the time, no exceptions. Virgos are suckers for those little sexy jammies too, Sophia Loren worked them well in so many movies.ย  It’s work in the bedroom too after all. My advice? Take the time to study how to dress, Virgo, and make it your uniform from there on…


Accessories! A Libra will match those earrings to that outfit every time! Libras love luxury fabrics and designer names. Needing to partner with someone, a Libra will partner with a designer or two that will dress them as they love, in nice clothing that says “I’m lovely to look at,” and at times, their clothing will wear them. They are suckers for that beautiful print or great crisp linen. They like “outfits,” instead of separates and balk at putting the outfit together unless it is meant to go together or they are practiced “matchers.” Some Libras master the practice of matching clothing and many of them sew or design clothing as well. A Libra knows how to dress, proper, pretty, and just so. A Libra loves a pastel suit. Audrey Hepburn, always turned out just right!


Accent the positives! Oh yes, the Scorpio knows what’s attractive on them and accents it greatly! Those leopard prints are not wasted on them either! A Scorpio dress to seduce and always knows how they look all of the time. Grace Kelly is a great example of this. Grace flaunted her face with collars and subdued hair. She accented her thin ankles and small waist with dresses she wore. Grace worked extra hard in Hollywood with clothing experts and designers to make sure she appeared seductive and expensively so, (other peoples money,) everywhere she went. When Grace fell for the Prince she invested in flatter shoes as to appear closer to his height. A Scorpio plans their look to seduce and bring power over others. Julia Roberts was in her element wasn’t she, as Erin Brokovich.


Ready to ride! Fine work out clothing, leggings and tunics. Pants, ready for action like the Aries but sure to pass in every culture, that’s a Sag for you! Often, dresses just get in a Sagittarius way with all that fabric bothering their legs! Look at Jane Fonda. Pants, pantsuits and even body suits. Sag’s like it ready to go in all cultures and stay in the box so they can’t be pinned down to any particular “type.” It gets them in the door more places to dress in well fitting, fine, standard colors so they employ these qualities to their clothing. Not wanting to be pigeonholed, a Sag may also dress one way one day and another the next depending on where they are at the time. Jane put her boots on to go to Vietnam, didn’t she?


Power dresser extraordinaire! Those business suits were just made for that Capricorn. Fitted and high quality, at least medium quality is right for the Cappy. Note: Faye Dunaway! In Bonnie and Clyde she was just made for those suits! A Capricorn loves a uniform too or is attracted to them. If that uniform can have stripes, the Cap is after it even more! Dark suits, jewel colored suits and they don’t forget to make it feminine either! Thin belts like Faye or thick belts like Diane Keaton! Belt it in for a Cap! Oh, and that suit had better be the best one or a good one too!


Make no mistake, that woman dressed in ethnic clothing that is not of her ethnicity is Aquarius! An Aquarius can wear more prints together than any other sign and will do so! Mixing cultures and colors are their specialty and they will not be seen in something plain!
Their own style is what they want to show and they will do so in one way or the other. Leave it to an Aquarius to appreciate the style clothing in Africa or India, for example! An Aquarius loves prints. An Aquarius leaves an impression with their style even if they have to dress a certain way for work! They want to stand out and they do. An Aquarius has fun dressing and left to their own design they will do just that and design themselves! Misha Barton. An Aquarius will design their children’s looks too so look out if you are the child of one! Wanting to show the individual in the best light is what they are about.


Get those belts and tight clothing off a Pisces and NOW! Freedom to float is where it’s at. A Pisces has lovely taste but will not be reigned in by their clothing! Beautiful and colorful dressers who have individual style, they just won’t let clothing restrict them. Notice Liz Taylor. Liz made the pup tent look right if that was what she had to wear when she unfortunately gained a ton of weight! The most skilled dressers of the zodiac, a Pisces can look like anything at any time. A Pisces will dress, at times, so that she can move through the room without being seen or dress up to the point of taking over the room. Seeing dressing as an art form and needing space as they do, a Pisces will opt for a uniform or the most beautiful item in the store. “Don’t rope me in,” is their motto when shopping for pieces to wear.

Ideal for the fishes are dresses that are floaty and fluid and that allow them to move with out footsteps if they can manage it. The woman in the tiny flowered floaty skirt and loose but fitted top is a Pisces every time.

Each of these is just a touch of each sign and depending on what planet you are expressing or what aspect, you may look like each one on any given day. They key is, again, dress for your rising, make it feel like your sign and indulge your moon. If you follow that key, you will be comfortable every time. Find your look.



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  1. This is totally awesome, she’s a screaming talent. Can’t wait ’til Cancer is in there, cuz that’s my rising sign. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. well I know that breasts are going to come into it!! She is writing now! We are mars mercury fast – hold one!!

  3. Fixed and a note from Annalisa:

    Cancers, please forgive me. It’s just, well, I’m PICSES! I love Cancer people and have, yes, watched them dress all my life, I
    just SPACED!

  4. I had to laugh at the description of Libras…My mom is Libra and I have Libra Moon & I was taught from a very early age what colours go with what (Mom was also very much into art…colours are IMPORTANT! She also had a Gemini Moon…LOL)…

  5. SWOOOOOOOOON, what a lovely article. I especially love the description of Gemini ~ costumes & quirky clothing… my best friend is a Gemini & you never know what to expect.

  6. I though of my very close friends and family….which consist of nearly every sign…and it was SPOT on! Especailly the Leo (me) who has to have long, short, or no hair at all….because I went from very long, to a bob. I’m trying to grow it out and it’s in the in-between stage and it’s killin me!

  7. dress for your rising, make it feel like your sign and indulge your moon

    wow… i’m surprised, actually… i do all three… interesting…

  8. Thank you so much Annalisa and Elsa! I really really enjoy this article and I may just share this to friends on facebook ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I actually have a knack for satisfying my Sun, Ascendant and my Moon in the way I dress. Like a typical Aries, I have a very well-planned (thanks to the Virgo Saturn) and comfortably stylish (thanks to Venus in Taurus) grab-and-go action wardrobe with a lot of drapey and floral tops (Moon in Cancer).

    I also wear my hair very short – which is likely a combination of Aries and Leo (Mars). I tend to be very bold for eveningwear as well, which I think is more my Mars influence than anything.

  9. This is great. Leo sun – hair, I was born blonde but it turned mousy brown. Was pretty miserable with that until I went back to blonde or at least highlighted it. And I’m sure my Aqua moon makes me unafraid to try different hairstyles, not afraid to play. It’s only hair and will grow out, after all. And yes… when I’m feeling good I like to wear something that attracts attention, but not in-your-face. I try to be classy… which must be the Cap rising part. Like well-made and classic clothes, but with a touch of feminity (Libra Venus). Again, the Aqua moon makes me not want to look like anyone else and I always try to put a different twist on things. Black cocktail dress with hot pink sling-backs and so on. Do not want to be a clone, or a fashion victim, either. BUT, when I’m at home, comfort rules and it’s t-shirts and jeans or sweats. Mars in Sag?

    Thanks Annalisa ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Thank you so much, Annalisa! I had to laugh: my leo rising just permed my long, pink hair (after I punched up the blue bangs tonight). And yes, I love it because it feels like a mane.

    I have also been wanting some hippie clothing, to satisfy my Gemini moon. I just have to figure out how to incorporate my Vigo sun and I’m set – maybe making sure the clothes are practical and easy to care for. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I love the Johnny Depp reference and picture. He and I have the same birthday! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great piece! Thank you Annalisa!

  12. My midheaven in Leo must like a good standout jacket!!

    quoting myself from the thread that inspired this post:

    “If it’s a dress up occasion I will be stunning in black pants/black t-shirt and a dynamic stand-out jacket. Or black skirt, black shell & another dazzling/colorful/bright jacket.”

    I’ve always call the basic black stuff my uniform.
    The switchhits come w/changing accessories, shoes, jewelry & jackets!

  13. Ohhhh, and I loved the Johnny Depp outfit in the Willie Wonka movie – I would wear all of that!!!


    Exception being my shades would be black.

  14. I hear you about the jackets, Dreams, my closet’s full of ’em. And I have a black jacket like Johnny’s red one in the picture you posted. I would wear the red one, too, if I could find it. Now if I could just lose some weight so I could fit into all of them again.

    Thanks for this Annalisa, this was great and I loved the pix too.

  15. this is great!!
    I totally relate to the Taurus…I work outdoors and so know the practical benefits of synthetics,living in my rainy city…yet I think I’m the only person I know who has silk and cashmere long underwear, and of course triple ply (the fabric snobs know what I’M blabbing about, lol)

  16. …I mean, the only person at work I know…I’m sure many people out there in the world love these fabrics like I do (just not the dudes I work with)

  17. This is awesome! So true, but especially the part about dressing your rising. I totally do that! But my moon is same as my rising too so I’m not surprised.

  18. i dress my rising, and its ruler’s placement, and my sun, and my moon.
    sometimes things in aspect to my ascendant, if the mood strikes me.
    but, this is pretty spot on. makes it really esy to pick out what’s at work…
    had to laugh at her advice for aries. i’ve been told the same thing on more than one occasion…

  19. Annalisa,

    These Astrology and Fashion vignettes are fascinating.

    See also

    It’s shed light on the fashion inclinations of my daughters which will help me greatly in gift-giving and during those marathon shopping sprees to find the perfect dress.

    I now understand the hair fixation on the two that have prominent placements on Leo. The Taurus, Libra and Virgo observations are spot on for the others. They’re gonna wonder how I now understand their taste in clothing/appearance.

  20. Aqua rising has to be unique. Pisces Moon needs to be flowy. Libra (Sun, Mars, Uranus, Pluto) strives to be appealing,feminine and alluring. And Virgo Venus still wants to be a little practical and make my clothes serve my purpose.

    Ta da!

  21. Yes to ruffles!! Yes to colours!! And sequins! And rhinestones! And fake-fur! And, and, and……(going through wardrobe frantically)

  22. well no to ruffles…but I love colors and combining them (gem) ah and my fondness for short hair…(leo)
    and well my love of quirk (aquarius) guess I do make my sun, moon and asc. happy never really realized that before.

  23. Love it!!! So succinct and accurate. My Venus tried on each of her signs and it was a perfect fit. Thanks for the flattering light in the dressing rooms, btw. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Love this post! I’m a Cap sun and I do love uniforms. I’m a complete sucker for military detailing and architectural design. I never dress with comfort in mind. Put me in a corset, a suit with tie, stilletos, etc.

    Can we have a footwear related post? (Pretty please?) You would have to kill me to make me wear out Birkenstocks, Crocs, Uggs, bright sneakers etc and even then I suspect my ghost would swoop down and throttle anyone who dared to try put those shoes on my feet.

  25. Cap rising& moon 1st stellium/ influence. 4th taurus/ 4th house influence, 1st house heavy. Gemini sun. This explains it. I like summer dresses, comfortable materials for sweaters, jeans with a tee, overalls, uniforms, like the swat ones, athletic wear, diver suits, checkered shirts, leather. Silver and metal. Pearls. Summer hats and ball caps. But the most I love are my pyjamas and cute socks, I love me some cute socks because I can wear an all black situation and then hidden from the entire world are my cute socks.

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