Fashion And Style Tips (Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio)

Gemini: Gemini, your quicksilver, expressive eyes are always a treat for people! A Gemini has eyes to die for in their way of darting and dancing when conversing or listening to others, play them up! There are ways to design yourself that get your eyes noticed that don’t take a lot of time but pay off for you in showing one of your best qualities.

A Gemini can get away with a lot when it comes to style because of their ability to take on character but it’s not always good to present yourself as if you were someone you are not. To be natural, start with a haircut that plays up the eyes and takes the eye to your eyes when anyone is looking at you. It’s easy to find a style that plays up the eyes and the best way is to ask your hairdresser for ideas. This is something they study and they will have ideas for both long and short hair. You can also play with placement and hair color to achieve the same effect. Your intelligence fires through your eyes and it is a lovely thing to see! Start to shop haircuts as soon as possible and remember to keep things changing in the way of your hair because you have a lot to work with in the way of style.

There is a way to make your eyes pop that is simple and won’t make your beauty routine too long. Take a bit of glitter, a shimmer, really, and place it in the upper corner of each of your eyes. You can use a clear, light shimmer or a bright shimmer if you are the sort and it will make your eyes come right out at people! Your face has a way of lighting up a room so remember to frame the face as well, this is why I always suggest scarves to Geminis. If you’ve not played with scarves around your face year round, try it now!

Don’t let your earrings and jewelry interfere with your eyes and keep them toned down to play your features up.

Virgo: Natural is the way to go and if you don’t wear make up and a lot of Virgos don’t, consider blush. The best look for a Virgo is the look one has when one has just finished a work out. After a work out the face is blushed. Look at your face after a work out or a time when you have really put out a lot of energy and see what color you naturally blush. Many people forget the asset blush can be even when worn alone. Blush makes the face youthful and accents it as well. Get your natural color of blush and find out if you naturally blush in a peach color or a pink color; even a reddish tone! Apply blush daily before you leave your home and you will see a difference. The lips are a bit plumped after a work out and the blood is flowing though the lip area. Lips have no pours so it is important to develop that look for your lips when you are not working out. To do this, shop the products that give your lips a bit of help pouting. The products out today to help lips pout come in strong formulas and weak so there is no excuse not to find one that works on you. Use them alone if you like natural lips and put a bit of lip gloss on to give your lips a shine they would have if you’d just worked out. Check your face the mirror after a work out and you will find that it glows a bit. Go for this glow with a light dust of shimmer on your upper cheeks or if you wear a foundation remember to let your natural skin shine though. These days there are so many products to work on your skin that there is no reason for bad skin. Work on getting your skin in shape and then give it a glimmer effect that is subtle, again, simulating a work out. If you have a disdain for mascara remember the trick of using Vaseline on the eyelashes to give them a bit of zing. The eyes are usually clear and bright after a work out so use eye drops if your eyes tend to dryness caused by allergy pills, the weather, etc…

Libra: You are usually not one to shy away from make up and the best look for you is one that is lady like and not too colorful when it comes to make up. Bobbi Brown, in my opinion, still has the best line for natural looking make up but you can usually make an exception when it comes to your lips. Your smile is usually a wonderful thing so play it up. Pink is not easy for many people to wear on their lips but a Libra can wear it and wear it well. Remember that pink for your lips comes in many Lip gloss Lipgloss, lipstick, and stains. Pink can be pink, pink or blue pink for those with dark coloring. To give the middle of your lips on the bottom a pink tint when you are wearing lipstick is a beautiful look for you. Remember the eyes should not be where you concentrate your make up because your smile is where it is at. Don’t go too heavy on eyes and find ways to show off your smile. Take care of your teeth and find a way to whiten them that you can afford. Think of haircuts that frame the smile and they will be cut and classic on you. Hair that is not too long and that accents your smile is best and if you do wear long hair consider layers at the smile level to achieve a great look! Try to never leave the house, or for that matter, all the time, attempt to have your lips covered even if you use a lip balm. There is a world of product for you to experiment with and at all price points. Smile wide and keep in mind that your smile can charm just about anyone. The other point I would make is to attempt to make your smile sincere. If life is out of order, work on it so that your smile means what it says when it delivers and shines in the world.

Scorpio: Find a way to shade those eyes! Your deep, penetrating eyes are wicked in a great way so to go a bit dark on your eyes is a great way to make your point and accent your natural beauty. There are all sorts of ways to darken your eyes from the intense to the light handed. If you like, just line them on the upper eye or smudge a bit of dark eyeshadow on the lower lid just into the crease. If you are the type to put some effort into it, go ahead for the smoky eye bit and let it all go! Your deep eyes can be deeper if you accent the crease in your upper eyelid and put a bit of color on your eyebrows. Take care of the eyebrows as well, don’t forget they have an impact and the shape of them is important for you. Get your eyebrows shaped and never allow them to be waxed into a small line and resist the temptation to have them tattooed!! You need your eyebrows and having a arch is more important than you can imagine.

Your hair should have a seductive quality no matter how you wear it. You can get seductive with your hair in ways other than having a lot of it and wearing it Scorpio Scorpios penetrating eyes can look wicked when hair is pulled back and the face is exposed completely. I know many Scorpio that use this technique in their look. Your eyes are already intense so make up is not needed but remember that if you put some effort into them it will pay you back in spades.

“Sharp” jewelry looks great on you and you can pull it off without a hitch. Black accessories work wonders and think in terms of necklaces, earrings, etc… that have sharp edges or STRONG statements. You can pull these strong statements off in jewelry with one hand behind your back and pajamas on so think in terms of building a wardrobe of jewelry that works for you and use it instead of make up when you must be ready NOW and don’t have the time to mess with your face. Keep your skin clear and healthy because you don’t want anything interfering with your wicked glare that is so seductive and attractive! Embrace your dark side when shopping because it looks so good on you and you can wear dark and make it look friendly!

– Annalisa


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Fashion And Style Tips (Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio) — 4 Comments

  1. my moon and chart ruler are in virgo. i almost never wear makeup. but i love your ideas about the blush and lips.
    i am completely fashion challenged and am really getting a lot out of your articles. thanks so much. 🙂

  2. I’m a Virgo and I wear makeup and I know other Virgos who do so why people saying we don’t wear any? It is said that we look stunning when wearing heavy eye makeup!

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