Fashion and Color Preferences By Zodiac Sign – Gemini — 10 Comments

  1. elsa, based upon your observations…crocs must be the official gemini shoe. they’re incredibly light and bouncy, lots of variations and possibilities for customization. i’m a total gemini — and somewhat of a fashion snob. to my amazement, have found myself living in crocs this summer.. i came to them because my pisces daughter wanted to buy a pair. i tried them on to show her how ‘ugly’ they looked and was immediately hooked by the lightness and comfort. she decided i was right about their looks and won’t have anything to do with them. 😉

  2. wow…never too old to learn. I feel validated and my eyes are open to a brand new idea!!

    As a Gemini, I haven’t been able to cross the croc ugly barrier yet, although I’m sure they are great…but I’m a flip flop person. I hate weight on my feet and ten to wear flip flops even in the winter…just with socks.

    So, my son’s medical expenses have gotten out of proportion and I just started working at Whole Foods to ease that pressure…a rule is that you have to have closed heal and toe shoes, and of course I didn’t own a single pair.

    I bought a pair of sturdy clog-like Danskins on the advice of a friend, and may have wasted a lot of money…I just don’t know if I can handle them.
    May have to find some type of airy tennis shoe.

  3. I have had shoe/feet issues my whole life! (pisces asc). Not so much that they’re big, but they’re wide, and I am always hurting them (clumsy sag). I prefer bare feet the best, and hate socks, but love pretty shoes for going out in but can only manage them for a few hours at a time.

    I want more comfortable shoes, but haven;t tried the less aesthetically pleasing ones yet, like crocs and dansko.

  4. I am a glamour shoe whore. I will wear anything beautiful even if it destroys my feet. And I’m completely irrational about this. I’ve found myself hiking in three inch heels in open fields on more than one occasion.

    I’ve got no air in my chart at all. Scorpio rising and Aries Stellium in the 5th. Wearing ugly but comfortable shoes not only depresses me, it actually makes me feel like I’m violating my sense of self.

  5. I love my almost-crocs, but it’s a practical matter this year. I knew I would be heavily pregnant through the summer, and that my feet would likely swell and make shoes uncomfortable, so I picked up a couple pairs of croc knock-offs! My feet occasionally swell, but they’re never cramped by the crocs! (Oh, and I LOATHE flip-flops. Can’t stand that strap between the toes thing.)

    Though honestly, I prefer to go completely barefoot whenever possible…

    Oh, and my Merc is in Aries, 8th house. No idea what the aspects are though. 😉

  6. Thanks Elsa! I love shoes, I will only wear well made expensive shoes. Isn’t the Internet fabulous?! You get to meet interesting people, learn all you could want and more, plus you can shop for awesome shoes which are delivered to your front door. Life just gets better and better! 😉

  7. I have had shoe and foot issues my whole life, also, My feet are short and thick and wide, and very difficult to fit. I also hate having anything heavy on my feet and prefer bare feet. No heels for me, I hate it when my feet hurt, makes me feel crippled.

  8. you know, i usually only wear very elegant and expensive shoes, too. a real shoe snob. that’s what has me laughing about wearing the crocs. thanks goodness that I don’t have to look at me. 😉

  9. I wore whimsical sneakers. I don’t particularly try to wear light footwear, with the Cancer stellium, I think I feel naked, and I’m not particularly good at tottering on high heels. I wore red and blue G Force sneakers and gold Nikes. Now I toned it down and wear Saiko Runners.

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