Astrology, Fashion And Aging

satori caught this one. I was talking to her about shopping today, I caught a glimpse of myself in very harsh light and egads! I have degraded!

Not to say I feel bad because I don’t. I feel okay about aging, it was just that saw I saw it all at once and I was telling satori it was just as well. You want to find this stuff out before you buy new clothes rather than after so you can make adjustments.

“Yeah, you just have to be very careful what you wear when you’re old. You can still look good (Venus in Pisces) but you really have to scrutinize everything you put on (Virgo) and remember your age (Saturn).

“Is there something in the sky?” she asked. “Because I had this same conversation with someone else today…”

So yeah, there is something in the sky. Saturn in Virgo says mind your age if you want to look good (Venus)!

It was also a good day to see my age because with Venus in Pisces, transcendence is easy to achieve.


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  1. i do NOT NOT NOT want to think about my age when i look at clothes. i don’t want to dress my age or act my age or worry about my age. i don’t want to have an age-appropriate wardrobe or haircolor or makeup. i just want to do and put on my body whatever makes me feel good.

    i guess saturn may be displeased. won’t be the first time. but if i work very hard on taking good care of my body otherwise, perhaps he’ll overlook it. 🙂

  2. I’m 19 and a Capricorn asc – I’ve dressed too old for my age my entire life and I’ve barely realized it.

    I’ve associated my Venus conjunct Mercury in Gemini with my preference for a more androgynous style. They’re in the 5th and since my Venus has been squared by Saturn & Uranus I’ve had some serious styling revelentions and fashion infusions.

  3. the only thing that is pissing me off about getting older is the facial hair. JEEZ! Beard anyone?? And not in a good way, ha ha

  4. kashmiri! Saw palmetto, sister!

    You know, the kid and I were at Target returning something tonight, and I caught a glimpse of us in the security monitor and thought Whoa, I am falling apart! Then I realized that everyone else on the monitor looked like shit, too, my kid included (and it’s nigh impossible to make her look bad), so I chalked it up to the fluorescent lights and the greyscale monitor and the fact that the returns lady was in a terrible mood. At least that’s what I told myself to make myself feel better.

    I’m trying to dress a little less matronly these days, but I don’t want to come across as mutton dressed as lamb, either.

  5. Having Libra & a 1st house Venus, I looked great through my 40’s, OK to about mid-fifties but now that I’m past 60?! Time for the inner light(Venus in Pisces) to shine thru because the skin is loosing the fight with gravity! What the hell, I had a great run(natal Venus in Sagittarius)!! 🙂

  6. Yeah, facial hair … not fun. My SO “corrects” me when I call myself old and tells me I’m not old (I will be 60 this year – he’s 55). I truly don’t think of old as something bad. All my life I’ve wanted to be an eccentric old lady and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve always been a little odd – lots of Uranus influence – and I plan to get even odder as I get older.

    What I find totally unfair is that I still get zits!! You should not have to deal with wrinkle AND zits.

  7. You know what works on nearly everyone after the age of 40? Tailored pieces in good quality fabrics with just a little trend thrown in plus one or two bold accessories. Think sexy, classic a la French/Italian-style. Saturn in Virgo had me cleaning out my closets last month and throwing out a pile of stuff that had looked great on me a year ago but looks simply “off” on me this year. I’m just naturally gravitating towards a less fussy, less colourful and less trendy way of dressing. My skin and hair looking great these days–results of the Perricone skin diet definitely showing up now in my second month of the program. What can I say–Venus in Gemini makes me vain about maintaining my youthful appearance!
    Anna the Gemini

  8. elsa-my daughter would quite possibly disagree on the hip vs. ridiculous angle, but i think she’s come to expect my own eccentricities as endearing. what other choice does she have?

    i do threaten, however, to continue to dye my hair pink and cuss like a sailor until the day i die. and to wear pj bottoms as “normal” pants when i go out. if i want to make the kids squirm, i also reaffimr my vow to continue having sex the rest of my life. “unitl the day i die!” love tormenting the children.

    the physical changes about aging totally piss me off, like the stuff the other folks mentioned, but i keep acting like i don’t notice.

  9. i’ve been eyeing “school teacher clothes” in the stores and feeling like a fusty old lady every time i notice i’m doing it ;P

    i think i’m going to wear weird things just to keep myself amused.

    but, eh, i have clothes for different frames of mind.
    and then there’s all those jeans from before i was preggers that my hips will never fit into again no matter how much weight i lose. finally getting around to tossing those. too bad i didn’t have them neatly organized 😛

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