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sun zodiacWhy is my solar return report calculated for a day other than my birthday?

A solar return chart is a chart is calculated for the time the Sun returns to the exact spot it was when you were born.  This usually falls on your birthday but can be a day before or after.  If this is the case with your report it means your actual solar return or birthday is on the alternate day at the exact time specified on the report.

Can I order a report for another person?

Of course!

Can I get a report using the sidereal zodiac?  My own house system? Calculated to my own specifications?

Yes! Just note your preferences along with the data.

What if I don’t know my birth time or my partner’s birth time?

You can still get a report!  Just make a note on your order.  I have an option to generate a report that takes this into consideration.

What if there is a problem with my report?

We enter data by hand and it is possible I make a mistake. If this happens, just mail me back and I’ll send a corrected report right away.

Can I get a compatibility report between my friend and I or myself and my child?

Yes!  We send out a romantic compatibility report by default but if you would like a “friend” report, just specify.

I liked the report but have questions. What can I do?

Any of our astrologers can help you understand your report.  You can schedule a private consult here.

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