Fall Fashion Ideas Through The Signs: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Libra FashionLibra

Lovely Libra ladies look excellent in skirts and I love the forties pencil skirt for them. In a solid fabric, these tulip-shaped skirts look good on any body type when worn with a fitted blouse and the trick is in the FIT. No matter what your body type you can wear the look so long as you find it in your size and make sure the fit is nice but not too tight. So many times a woman with a not so perfect figure will pass on a fashion trend that will be lasting because she is worried about her weight or her body type but the fact is that if it fits, you look great! Don’t be afraid to try the new tulip skirt with a fitted blouse in your size and do your favorite thing: accessorize! Libra can wear extras like no other and I love them in jewelry, scarves and other additions that make their outfits look so put together. Remember the new accessories that can make your old outfits look new again.

The bib necklace is very “you” and can be had in many styles whether you are classic, as many Libras are, or you are a bit different in your choices. Also, the chain necklaces look smashing with a collar and the new blouse has a great collar even if it’s a “peter pan” collar, it looks new! Try to tie a scarf around your neck just at the level of your bust line and remember to use floral patterns that are darker for fall or even leaves or other patterns work right now. Again, you can rock accessories and should collect them in your spare time. You can change up your current wardrobe by following the new look for extras like wide belts on the waist that look smashing with these new skirts. A Libra should never be without her jewelry so get yourself a growing collection from everywhere from department stores, boutiques to even EBay and Etsy! Keep your hair a bit simple to prevent it from fighting your look and keep it adding instead and you have a pulled together you!

A new purse is on the horizon and I love the new chain straps that look so right with today’s fashion for a Libra. With a leather and chain strap a bag looks so classy and you can carry off “classy” better than many. Get in the market for a new bag and try one with a chain and leather strap of a hand held bag with shape that works well also with the modern look.

Your face should say “today,” so go lightly on the eye makeup and stay in the natural family of colors that are very fall. Greens that are deep, browns and deep burgundy look great on your lower eye lid and you can forget about the upper eye this season to look less made up and more “now.” Use a layer of mascara and don’t overdo it while using the lightest base you can get away with. If you can wear your face with a great primer to take away the pores and get into an all over face color you can almost forget a base so long as you use concealer where you need it to cover spots or dark circles. Sometimes we look younger with less makeup and it’s something to consider when you look at your base this season.

If you dress for your Libra you can gather a great look with less makeup and that includes a lighter hand on your lips. You always want to use a lip liner if you are Libra because you look so good with a bit of perfection on your face, but make sure that the lip liner is in a natural shade that matches either your lipstick or your lip line so you don’t ever have lines on your lips that can be seen. Finish your face with a spot of powder applied with a big, big brush and remember to brush up to keep the skin in good shape!

Scorpio FashionScorpio

For you, Scorpio, I LOVE some of the new edgy jackets that are out. Remember that jackets are knocked off so quickly that you can find a smashing one for a lot less money than you think if you look at the stores that are made for being on trend at the right price point. Fringe is hot right now on a jacket and a Scorpio has the attitude to pull off fringe like no one’s business! Look for fringe on the front and back with some on the sleeves as well. Motorcycle jackets that are distressed are also everywhere to be found and you can rock those too! You want to find a jacket that looks and feels “lived in” to be on trend and remember that a jacket should last you five years or more before being “out, ” if it ever is out. Our jackets can be our signature when it comes to our look if we are Scorpio so pick your jacket with care and have some fun with it! You should go easy on the jewelry when you have a slammin’ jacket for it will say all it has to say about you! If you are a thrift store shopper and need a new jacket you will be happy to know that most thrift stores stock an abundance of jackets so there will be many to choose from. Don’t be afraid to check out men’s jackets in thrift stores as well because some of the older men’s jackets have plenty of feminine qualities and again, Scorp has the attitude to pull of a bit extra in this area.

For you face, I like the look of minimal makeup for you as well, but I think a wicked sweep of eye liner looks fantastic on a Scorpio. You can use a liner that is wet and give yourself a sleek, bare line that extends just a bit out on the outer corners and have yourself a very vampy look or you can use a pencil liner and smudge it over the top of your lashes to give you that nice dark look without the commitment of cat eye liner that some of us love. If you choose to smudge try to keep eye shadow out of the picture for an even more dramatic eye, for when we don’t use eye shadow but use dark, dark eye liner we have a very intense look!

Keep your skin looking smooth and with as few pores showing as possible to make the look work and give your mouth a bit of red whether you use a stain, a gloss or a lipstick. Depending on how intense you want to look you can choose your lip treatment accordingly. I love the bare eye with liner look for Scorpio and no blush is really needed to pull this off. The focus on your eyes always looks great because the eyes have it for Scorpio whether they are trying or not!

If you are a distressed jean wearer you can try the look of distressed jean shorts with black tights that is so very now. If not, you can always do the distressed but not tight jeans with a chain belt and black accents. I love the new shorts and they can be any length depending on your attitude so no one is left out of this look. Just remember to wear a leg treatment with your shorts whether they are dressed up or dressed down and whether they are long or short to get a polished look with an edge. Pair these with your new jacket and you have a very Scorpio look! Distressed boots or booties complete this look so be on the look out for the best boots this fall because there are SO many to choose from this season. One more great look I find for the feet of a Scorpio is the leopard pump if you are so inclined.

Sagittarius FashionSagittarius

Sagittarius looks smashing in distressed jeans and jackets like Scorpio but with a more sporting feel than an intense one. You will serve yourself well to find a pair or two of pants or jeans that are on the looser side that you can use a belt to belt at the waist and bring yourself up to trend! You look fantastic in pants because you are on the move and your legs look long in the new pant that is not cut way down to there in the waist. The new waist is on the waist and belted and I love it on a Sagittarius when it’s done with a sweater of substance adding to it’s sporting look. A Sag looks great in a sweater and I love color for you, and some weight or the appearance of weight when it comes to your choice of sweaters. Try a sweater or two that are thick or appear to be thick and that an either be tucked in to your waist or that are cropped at the waist to flatter yourself in that area. A Sagittarius likes the “get up and go” quality of a great sweater and it suits them so well. Try a cable knit in a camel or beige or a gold color that is on the side of mustard when it comes to color. You can also pull out a brown in your sweater and pair them with a new pair of boots to do your walking!

I have enough Sagittarius to love a great boot and it is open season on boots this fall. Try the new bootie look that covers just the ankle but is fitted for a look with pants or skirts but they are most smashing with a pair of great pants and a sweater. You can layer your summer tops under your sweaters and get yourself a pair of new distressed boots that are as comfy as you can find to run all day in. Think of the practical side when it comes to your new boot so you can wear them with all of your clothes and make them a part of your signature. Many people notice a Sag’s walk and for good reason, for they walk in a unique way and usually love to do it! A pair of great boots are just the thing for you if you make sure the heel is the right height for you and your lifestyle. I love boot shopping and remember to look online or off to find the right one. Again, it is a season for boots and these will last for many seasons to come so you want to choose well and maybe get a couple pair to match all your clothing. Many Sagittarius look great in boots year round and there is nothing wrong with keeping this in mind. I find the best boots this season look worn in and come in ankle size in all styles. You can find “cowboy boots” that rock or even a riding look if you prefer. A motorcycle boot never goes out of style and the new short boot that is “moto” style is a fantastic find! Never underestimate the look of the “cowboy boot” as well when it is paired with a great up-to-date grouping of clothing that says “now.”

Dress your hair in loose curls or if it is shorter, in natural waves for a great look and don’t be afraid to try letting it dry naturally with a dap of product to keep it in the shape you want. If you hair is cut to be blown dry you might want to talk to your hair dresser about a natural dry cut that allows you to get into the action a lot faster. It’s good to wash your hair every third day or so to keep it healthy and to make color last if you color. One does not need to wash their hair everyday and it certainly is on trend to wait a few days and go ahead and let your natural oils get through your hair to make it interesting for the next day or two after you wash it. You might want to keep in mind that you don’t need to wash and style every day when you next visit your hairdresser. I, personally, with so much Sag, hate to be tied to a blow dryer or a flatiron because it takes so much time and seems too fussy for me so I have a haircut that does its thing for days!

Your face can be semi-bare, as you love most of the time, and you can look great so think about keeping off the base and giving yourself a great primer instead with just a dusting of powder if you hate shine. You can use a creme blush or face color to give you a glow and a light and natural line above your upper eye lashes just to make your eyes dance. I like to think small when it comes to product this season and you might want to dust up your brows with a great shape and a light coat of dark brown or whatever brown your eyebrows need to give them a pop and help your eye look. Remember a coat of mascara and one will do you well this season. Finish your face with a light and flattering color of lip product that does not go on like paint but has sheer qualities, and again I mention “Lipstick Queen” for a great product that leaves lips a bit sheer but has great colors. You can find “Lipstick Queen” at “Barneys,” and you will love their products. You can find this lighter lipstick in all price points, however, so whatever companies you are familiar with that have sheerer lipsticks perhaps you can share with others in your postings!



Fall Fashion Ideas Through The Signs: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius — 14 Comments

  1. Wow, you have got my look to a tee! semi make-up, mustard knit cable and I am planning to by my high waisted jeans with boots to match next week! oh yeah I don’t like being tied to a hair dryer at all, wash and wear, if you have natural beach curls let it flow!…
    Thanks for the tips as well.

  2. I’m going to come back and answer this later, but I wanted to know if anyone knows of a good eyeliner that can be smudged? I use a certain Clinique eyeliner (comes in a pot that you apply with a brush) because I have oily skin around my eyes, and most drugstore products end up in a puddle at the base of my eye after a couple of hours. But as great as it is for staying put, it doesn’t really smudge. Anyone?

  3. Love Cover Girl’s perfect point in espresso brown and, for a more casual look, in khaki. I won’t wear anything that won’t smudge, as I hate a harsh look on me… a Libra

  4. Am in the process of losing wgt right now, Annalisa, and when I get to my goal, I will definitely be looking at pencil..tulip skirts. I enjoy wearing capri pants, but I really prefer skirts and dresses. Really enjoy your posts on fashion. Thank God fashion has gotten back to looking feminine again!

  5. Ahhh, but will they stay Annalisa? lol, that is the question. I guess I could try some one way or another?
    Norah, thanks but something tells me I’ve tried that product before. I do love to wear eyeliner just as a line on the top and extended at the corners, (thankfully it doesn’t look harsh on me) but it is nice to have other options, like smudging, as well.

  6. Thanks Annalisa, and thanks for the article on Scorpio’s. I absolutely love jackets and just wish I could afford a nice leather one, especially one along the lines of what you have pictured. I use a light hand with my makeup but I do do the cats eye with my eyeliner. I also love boots, sounds like you’ve got some great ideas for Scorpio’s!

  7. I do love the cat eye, Snapdragon so I’m glad you do it! I’ve got a Scorpio trine that gives me enough energy to love that look on people! Thanks again for your feedback!

  8. Love the tips for Libras–I’m actually working on turning one of my long scarves into a shorter square one that I can tie around my neck, it’s a more “pulled together” look. I can’t wait for the aquarius tips now, but I feel like the libra style also applies since my sun in the 7th and a libra moon.

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