Faith And The Flow Of Information… Mercury In Pisces, Mercury In The 12th…

My husband and I were discussing how things get communicated. Turns out we both agree it is often in your best interest to not go out looking for information.

For example, I have all this court stuff going on right now. I have meetings being scheduled left and right. There are all kinds of people in all kinds of committees making all kinds of decisions that affect my life. I could try to track them all, but I just rely on someone to call me when my number comes up. This is hard to do. Human nature wants to know what’s going on. This faith method does have some risks but I think the benefits outweigh them.

“I’ve noticed if you do nothing, you do tend to find things out in time generally speaking,” I said. “One way or the other what you need to know, you do seem to find out and in plenty of time.”

“I have always felt that way,” he said.

“Yeah, especially in times of stress the last thing you need is a bunch of minutiae. I have just seen this over and over, you do find out what you need to know and always in plenty of time. I imagine we have both been spared all kinds of things living this way…”

How do you handle the flow of information? Where is Mercury in your chart?



Faith And The Flow Of Information… Mercury In Pisces, Mercury In The 12th… — 8 Comments

  1. Now? Now I realize that the info DOES come to me all on its own. And in letting it just flow my way, I also avoiding getting my feelings hurt when someone somewhere in there says/does/perpetrates something bad about me. When I don’t go hunting, I’ve found that they have time to be mad/bad/sad and move on, leaving me happy with the end product and not mad/bad/sad over the interim emotional toll. Way less stressed now. 😉

  2. I obsessively seek out information. If I’m interested in something, I read everything I can about it, ask people questions, read more, then I act. I have CNN on in the background at all times.

    I like the idea of sitting back and letting information seek me out. It sounds peaceful. I am going to try it, because I have been obsessive lately.
    Mercury in Gemini in the 9th house.

  3. sometimes i need to do a ton of research first.
    just to exhaust a perspective so my logic brain can go shut up when my gut jumps and screams “this! now!”

    i’ve gotten a lot better about listening to that when it happens. it’s never wrong. (though it can be kind of creepy. brain says “don’t make any plans with X” based upon no obvious data and then they disappear for weeks.)

    mercury in taurus. opposite a scorpio uranus. both square saturn in leo. both in easy aspect to the ascendant.

  4. My Mercury is in Pisces, so one might think I’m just hopeless with minutiae, but that’s really not the case. I make my living dealing with minutiae, doing state healthcare bureaucratic work. How I deal with details is this: I have a running daily e-mail to myself open all day. It’s organized by date…

    XXX case, need to do XXX, need to talk to XXX, her number is XXX-XXXX only available until 3 pm

    XXX case, this is tough, talk to XXX, get XXX from XXX first though and keep it on the QT

    XXX case, get permissions from XXX these are due 3/23 so DO IT TODAY because XXX is off from 3/18 to 3/24

    And so on. I delete things as they’re done, add new as they come along, and save the old e-mails so I know what’s been done when AND I can back it up when others inevitably drop the ball. Then at the end of the day I e-mail myself the new daily list to be opened when I come in the next morning. There are probably forty entries per day and I make sure I’m working at least a week in advance so nothing takes me by surprise and I can allow for the occasional sick-kid day off. I don’t want to brag or bore you guys with all of this, but the point is, I handle a lot of details and I don’t fuck around because peoples’ lives and futures are at stake.

  5. Elsa, I don’t do minutia either. I really have taken your expression ‘learning by osmosis’ to heart as it sums it up well.
    I read a lot, everything, everywhere, and while I can’t perform memory tricks verbatim, once prompted (eg. through someone else talking/writing) I will remember something I’ve learned elsewhere. And too many details will make me feel sort of desperate inside…so I prefer to keep only the bare necessity in the frontal lobe.

    I am also a very good candidate for the ‘selective memory’ theory…ha ha ha

    Taurus Mercury/5th opposed Uranus; square Saturn/8th; trine Moon/1st
    (working with an equalized house system, as I’m making a transition to).

    Oh, and is fitting with Taurus Mercury…don’t try to tell me anything while I’m hungry as I will not remember anything except a desire to eateateat.

  6. I collect information and remember it. Mercury in Cancer in the 6th. There is a lot of information I have trouble absorbing.

  7. I like to research every nook and cranny of a subject alone, collect all the pieces and file them away, then wait to talk/act on it for a long time. Need lots of quiet, no distractions, long uninterrupted stretches of time to sit and absorb/reflect by myself. But then I come to some conclusion after all that time and firmly believe it.

    I love the idea of the faith method. You’ll know something when you need to know it. This has happened many times for me usually as dreams, pictures/symbols, hunches. Random things link together and produce odd results that somehow…fit. No idea how this works but it works. Just haven’t learned to trust it yet

    Mercury in Pisces conjunct MC, unaspected.

  8. Oh man, speaking of information, I wanted to show you this about the Saturn in Virgo preoccupation with health and have to fit this tidbit somewhere. Lately I’ve been wanting to transmit information with such urgency it’s as if my ass were on fire. Anyway, there is a photo project a girl did on BMI and how it’s basically bullshit. She paired the pictures with the person’s BMI.

    I found it on a blog about plus-sized women’s clothing since I’ve been hyper-annoyed about American body image/interested in how to dress plus-sized women. The girl gave an interesting interpretation of it:
    “The photos are a great example of using the BMI to judge people’s bodies and their weights. In fact, it brings to attention that it’s very difficult to assess a person’s weight by a photograph. We all have particular ideas in our heads of what ‘healthy’ looks like, and this photo project really challenges those preconceptions. They definitely challenged some I didn’t even know I had. I looked at one person and thought, “What? She’s not obese?” I looked at another person and thought, “What? healthy weight? Hell no, too skinny.” I then wondered why I was thinking like that, and what right I had to think that way. It’s something I must work on, and consciously keep in check, and I’m glad there are projects like this around to challenge our views and keep us thinking. One persons ‘obese’ is another persons ‘normal.’ And what are these but words anyway?

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