Saturn Return Of Saturn In Libra: Big Fat F In Love And Money

I am not the first person to note that male/female relations aren’t going so well. I’ve written about this on some of my more mouthy days, claiming quite rightly that mothers were raising children with the government as daddy.  How these children are going to fare, having never had a healthy relationship modeled for them is pretty iffy and I think people are starting to realize this far and wide…and deep down as well.

What occurred to me today is that this is the Saturn return of Saturn in Libra. It is now that the chickens come home to roost and we see the results of how we’ve handled both love and money (Venus) over the last 29 years.  , I think most would agree, collectively speaking, that the results are horrendous in that people have no idea how to partner. As for the money, come on. Epic fail.

What do you make of this?



Saturn Return Of Saturn In Libra: Big Fat F In Love And Money — 35 Comments

  1. As a member of the Saturn in Libra tribe undergoing her first Saturn return, the question seems to be this: for love or money?

    I see many cases where people have excelled in one respect, but not the other. And perhaps that is the problem — our science has put them at opposite polls, when in reality (as any Libra can understand) they are similar, without it being slimey.

    Then there are people who are epic failures at both, but epic failure breeds epic failure, just as success breeds success.

    The true tragedy is separating love from money. This is the source of our failures. Separating our value (love) from our money (worth) has resulted in tragedy.

    Pluto in Capricorn shines its light on this, showing us that neither love nor money are enough to get us through.

  2. Yes, I see the degradation every day. Bristol Palin in particular comes to mind. She was date raped and got pregnant but she told Dr. Drew ‘that’s all okay because we got engaged”. Is this the lesson we’ve passed on to our daughters?

  3. Saturn Libra here and I say: Who wants a partner that’s not up to snuff? It’s dangerous to stay partnered with someone just for “the kids”, and it’s ludicrous to say that children are going to fare poorly based just on that. I know married parents who hate each other and their kids (tho they put a happy face on the outside), and you have to wonder what all their masochistic sacrifice and sadistic verbal and emotional abuse is teaching their children? Don’t be too sure you can judge a family from the outside with complete clarity. You have to always question how much you truly know anyone else, in fact, it could be argued that it is close to impossible as we change so rapidly and are so complex.

    Society needs to stop the judgments and look at people not as ‘groups’ with vicious detachment but as individuals with unique circumstances and let them work it out as best as they know how, using tools that work -for them-.

    It’s not “one size fits all” any longer.

    Definitions are changing, and Saturn in Libra stands for all families and all relationships to be treated with equal reverence. Your post is really off the mark. And let us not forget the single fathers out there, they are deserving of respect and acknowledgment as well.

  4. Lots of people probably aren’t fit to partner and I feel like one of those. It’s not my parent’s fault either- they stayed together and had a good enough relationship. What’s to blame? Society? Alienating technology? Feminism? Sag moon? No idea.

  5. I hadn’t thought about the Saturn lesson on a larger scale, but it absolutely makes sense.

    Are we going to be able to clutch it up before Saturn leaves Libra this time, though? I’m not hopeful. :/

  6. I kept picking men that were a different version of my Dad. Not a great role model: He was that extra member of the brat pack and very narcissistic.

    My mother suffered silently but my four sisters and I knew the truth. I accept my position on this and have learned that I am not a good match.
    Additionally, I did have one of my three children our of wedlock, and this was carefully addressed with the rest of my family. A child can’t miss what he doesn’t know. My decision was based on a mutual “choice” decision: You’re in or you’re out. He chose out. That made it all simple: He wasn’t going to be the right man to raise a child. No support, no contact, no drama. He’s a well educated successful man who is missing out on a great son!
    My baby son is now 16 and is an old soul. He has two older brothers and he’s a solid kid. As for me, I do believe women’s liberation let men off the hook. We can do it all and do it well. Or is it best said as half-assed? I gave up on partnering while parenting. No one is going to love my children as much as I do!

  7. SaDiablo, that is an interesting question because if not it may be many, many cycles before some balance is restored. Like hundreds of years, I mean.

    I am a bit more hopeful than you (perhaps) because Pluto in Cap is apt to take us to a point where we realize we need each other… and we need families as I started writing about a couple years ago – the natural chart and all.

    This is very plain to me. I mean there is no confusion / nothing convoluted about it.

  8. I agree epic fail. We are having a hard time pooling our money(resources) together. It’s either mine vs. yours or yours is mine instead of building capital in partnership.

  9. The Saturn in Libra return means to me the consequences of partnering for pretty. A lot of people hooked up back then because hot was the way to go, but substance got overlooked and they’re suffering the consequences. So here we are again… Have we, the collective, learned anything?

  10. Pluto in Capricorn is the money part. Venus is about love. Saturn is about restriction. I think relationahips and money are two different things elsa.

  11. i think you’re right elsa. as someone from the pluto in libra generation, its all or nothing when it comes to my relationships. so i guess i’m glad to finally see that we are serious about it even if it means a painful lesson. i’m kind of worried about this with uranus in aries though…it seems like these two are at real odds. the rebel individual vs. the conservative relationship…at least thats what i’ve been feeling. ego vs. we.

  12. Elsa this sounds quite depressing as many women have suffered because of some or the other mishapenings in their lives. Recently, in my nearby locality three women were killed just for the sake of money, which made me so scared. Is a Women’s life is so cheap for some people to kill them for just a little amount of money or make them suffer just because that’s your habit or fantasy, Saturn this is a huge amount to pay….? Thanks for sharing such a motivating article Elsa…..nice penning…..!!

  13. Saturn’s not going to destroy what is worth keeping in relationships though is it? Is that what you mean Elsa, that Pluto in Cap structure breakdown restoring family values eroded by Pluto in Cancer would be enhanced by clear and equal structure and values in relationships between the sexes, whatever form they eventually take?

  14. “Saturn’s not going to destroy what is worth keeping in relationships though is it? ”

    I don’t see Saturn as a destroyer. Saturn delivers consequences and that is what I feel we are looking at.

  15. and btw..totally agree with every word you wrote. sometimes the truth hurts people. sometimes it angers them. There is reason for that. It doesn’t change the fact that it is still the truth.

  16. Thank you for that Elsa, of course you’re right! I’ll rephrase that as ‘Whatever survives Saturn’s testing of relationships in Libra will be worth keeping and consequently enhance the necessary restructuring of family/tribal values formerly destroyed by Pluto in Cancer.’ (just trying to see the bigger picture)

  17. With regards to Bristol, I think she is heavily fudging the details of that to the point where you cannot trust what she says, given her mother. So I’m not even going there with a judgment.

    I grew up with two married parents and have no idea how to partner, so having a dad around the house doesn’t necessarily guarantee that. I learned to settle for the first guy who asks as soon as possible no matter how much you don’t love him, except I couldn’t stomach it. If you aren’t happily married, your kids won’t learn how to be happily married from you, period, whether you are married or not. (And even then, apparently that’s not guaranteed either.)

    But most people just don’t get that lucky, so what do you do? Hope they don’t have kids? Hah, that won’t happen, that’s why some folks settle in the first place is to have them now.

  18. I look at it this way. All the negative relationships wiped out by the Cardinal Climax will be replaced with loving, solid, enduring ones if that is what you value.

    At the very least, you can now lay down a solid foundation in preparation for same.

    The members of those failed relationships that caused the misery will be free to suffer their consequences on their own.

    Stable families are a necessary foundation for a prosperous society. That enables those who don’t conform to that norm to have the freedom to pursue the lifestyle they find comfortable. Society, as a whole, has to be stable in order to allow this to occur.

    My outlook on this is positive as Saturn will be Trining my Saturn, and then my Venus and ASC. I always look for Saturn to bring stability.

  19. I think I know how to partner, it’s just meeting someone that I mesh well with. There are many out there who don’t want to partner at all (or, that’s what they say).

  20. my spouse and i are figuring things out. which is essential to the marriage itself, considering we got married recently, and thus, with saturn in libra. and we are progressing. it’s not peaches and candy, but that’s ok, I’m diabetic anyway 😉
    his accident last month was a big blow on the financial vein, and his self image… but given the saturn pluto tsquare ringing up his sun, i guess something like that was to be expected. and he’s doing really well. we’ll make it through. we’re tough.
    and i guess that’s what saturn tends to teach me… how to be tough.
    oh, and, it’s transiting my second house. so it goes.
    but I’m being asked to step up in responsibility at work in some heavy duty ways. it’s a little overwhelming. but mostly because I’m not as confident as perhaps I should be.

  21. Another Saturn Returner in Libra (12th house, on top of Pluto. also progressed Moon in 12th. and Mars in Libra, 12th. All square the sun and nodes.)


    I am in the midst of an affair I started with a married and (now former) coworker a year and a half ago. A big part of what brought us together was talking about the faith welling up in me. I was “talked to” about it by my boss the day after they told me my hours were getting cut, so I guess I chose love. and challenge.

    At the same time, my faith is maturing with much support from that community, I’m volunteering at a kitchen which is one of my favorite things, had a commissioned public art piece go up after a lot of work (my first), some unhealthy friendships have been outgrown, my relationship with my boss has smoothed out a lot since those tough days last year and my relationship with my mom has been through a lot of healing.

    So, it’s a mixed bag of awesome and really damn hard.

  22. I’m a single mother, who hasn’t remarried since losing my spouse. I’m sick to death of the ills of society being blamed on us, like we can just up and pull a healthy relationship out of our asses; so we can model one for our kids, and quell the voices of the haters.
    If conservatives were so bothered by single, never-married moms, then why are they so quick to erase funding for education, birth control, and abortion services ? You can’t serve two gods, but they seem to be trying to; while they fill prisons to bursting with the living products of this gross negligence. That’s penny-wise and dollar-stupid, for ya.
    Besides, holding a negative belief about something (or someone) for long enough, will create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Doing so makes one as complicit in the undesired outcome, as the ‘other’ that’s receiving the blame for it.
    The planets may be doing this or that, but ultimately, we have free will.

  23. I’ve always thought a relationship was like a vinegar and oil salad dressing.

    Once you combine them properly they stick together pretty well.

    But in their normal state, the two would never combine.
    Even so, left alone for a while, they’ll separate out again and you have to combine them again, by shaking the bottle.

    So, why would it be such a shock to realize you have to keep recombining in a relationship?

    This about sums up the last twenty nine years of one persons relationship experience, lol.

  24. The obvious mistake here is that the children raised by the surrogate father Uncle Sam have not come into their own karma yet. When that happens I suspect that a group of either (a) sheep or (b) sociopaths will be foisted on society.
    As fat as single fathers is concerned, it goes without saying that they have a weak connection with the cosmic spirit that came through the mother and posturing cannot offset this.

  25. Saturn is exalted in Libra. I have Saturn in Libra and the least of my problems during my Saturn return was love or money. I mostly discovered how fake people can be which made me separate myself from some people. You can’t lie to a Saturn in Libra. They are the judges of the zodiac.

  26. Also, I might add, people tend to think Libra is all about partnerships. People tend to forget what Libra really is. Libra is the judge. Which is why the archetype has scales. Just because Venus rules it, doesn’t make it all sweet and innocent. Libra isn’t always all sweet and innocent. A Libra can judge you without even taking a second glance but you wouldn’t even know it because they judge you objectively. Less smarter people don’t often realize how good of a judge of character a Libra is because they don’t lord it over people. They don’t have to. They are above all of that jazz.

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