Expressing Your Aesthetic

you've got to break a few eggsOur individual aesthetic, our personal concept of what we find pleasing and beautiful, is represented in the chart by the position and aspects of Venus. How we express our aesthetic can be seen through Mars (how we act), Mercury (how we sense and communicate), the ascendant (Mars-ruled, expressed in our body and affect) and the descendant (Venus-ruled, what we find attractive when expressed in others). Though the 5th house is sun-ruled it shows our creativity and how we express who we are. Creativity draws heavily on the natal aesthetic. The houses where your sun and Venus reside flavor this area as well.

Even if these planets do not directly interact through aspect they impact each other as part of a whole, the person! We’re told, “Be yourself,” “Express yourself!” Well which part of myself is My Self? Expressing yourself creatively can help you to find greater self understanding. Exploring your aesthetic through examining your Venus nature and employing it creatively through a medium expressed by your sun and 5th house is one great way to gain a greater consciousness of a large part of who you are. If you have trouble with liking yourself, blending your Venus nature with your sun nature through creativity is one way to start the process of valuing yourself.

What is your creative outlet? Does it make you feel good about yourself? What is your 5th house situation and where is your Venus?


Expressing Your Aesthetic — 12 Comments

  1. Mars rules my 5th House–I have a stellium in Taurus in there. Aries Venus is conjunct my Mars in my 4th.

    I feel very strongly whenever I feel someone is trying to enforce an aesthetic on me, which has made art school an enormous challenge. Talked at length about this today, actually…

    I also have aspects to my Cap Moon, Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune.

    These days my outlet is painting, drawing, blogging, and book-making.

    All this makes me feel extremely good about myself, but I have to show my work continuously in critique and my work is routinely slammed, LOL

    It’s building me up and tearing me down…boy I can’t wait to finish and be judged by a different audience entirely.

  2. Hi Satori! This is a great post!
    My creative outlet is Dancing. I especially enjoy the challenge of creating choreography.
    I am Libra sun in the 12th house,
    Aries moon in the 5th house,
    and have Venus in Libra in the 11th.

  3. I have Venus in Virgo and it’s opposed by Saturn. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I’ve been putting my house together.

    I barely own anything. I do not own anything of worth, like silver or jewelry or big pieces of furniture, because I know I’ll be moving on from this planet and there is no point to carrying around a lot of heavy objects if you don’t have to. I have A LOT of herbal remedies, homeopathics, exfoliation agents, skin enhancers and I do own makeup but never wear it. Also books about spirituality, astrology, writing and money management. I don’t keep or frame many photographs, but there is one on my desk of my son in uniform.

    I get rid of stuff so I can have more space. Space to me is the ultimate luxury,and this can be in a room or on a page.

    It makes me feel good about myself to stay low carb, swim or walk every day, and make stuff in my crockpot. It makes me happy to get to bed before midnight and wake up with the sun :).

  4. I have always wanted to learn how to Hawaiian belly dance. I have a cappy moon so I like the tradition. My mercury in sag is conj my MC and like the thought of communicating with my hands. Pisces rising here so to do something so dreamy by the water of an exotic adventure pleases my ninth house sag, plus being sag I got the hips and thighs for it to. It is on my bucket list. My fifth house, uranus in leo, yeah I will shake it up like a youngin, I don’t care if it goes against convention. While some middle age women take up golf I will be tightening up the old keigels and saving my rotator cuff.

  5. One way I express myself is through writing (Venus sextile Mercury). I also make jewelry (Libra Mars) dance (Mars conj Uranus). I play the piano..poorly..but I still do because I love the feel of the vibration from the keys (Pisces Moon).

  6. But I have no creative outlet 🙁
    My 5th house is ruled by libra (venus) and my venus is either in my 2nd or 3rd house.

    Blending my venus and sun – but my venus and sun ARE blended – they are conjunct 🙁

    I guess i do like to write, to rant, to think, to conceptualize, to read?

  7. 5th house Sun and Venus in Aquarius (loose conjunct, not within the defined orb but I feel the energy anyway).

    I express myself first and foremost with my appearance- I have teal and violet hair, part of my head is shaved while the rest is long, I wear false eye lashes, have several facial piercings, my ears are stretched, I have tattoos, I wear “odd” clothes and scandalous shoes.

    Aside from that I’ve been drawing and painting seriously since I was about 10. I can’t always get what’s going down on paper or canvas though so…

    I put it on tumblr. I love that site and even though I see a lot of really funny or cool things, I don’t repost everything because I feel that everything I post personal or rebogged has to go with the “theme” I have in my head of what my blog should be. At’s all about design. It’s all about aesthetic.

    Lately I’ve been very into DIY crafts and fashion. I’m learning how to make shoes and I’m researching how to formulate nail polish.

  8. venus is my chart ruler, conjunct my ascendant in libra, she’s passing over my ascendant exactly today and in a couple of days ill have my venus return. she’s the only planet that is totally unaspected from other planets so she sort of cries out in her pretty way.

    5th house in aquarius, ruled by sun in virgo in 11th house, i work as a classical singer. always keen on finding new ways of expressing myself and exploring new areas of that good old field.

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