Exlosive Outbursts: Not Just A Mars-Mercury Issue

“Let us just say I was deeply unhappy, but I didn’t know it because I was so happy all the time.”
–Harris Telemacher, “LA Story”

To paraphrase an alcohol-related meme: I may not freak out often, but when I do it’s usually a Neptune-related issue. Today’s outburst was triggered by seeing the dirty cheese-grater in the sink for the third time in under 24 hours. So while the actuality of the outburst itself falls under Mars-Mercury, its underlying cause was the veil dropping and the fact that I had put the veil in place at all. Each previous time it happened instead of saying, “Hey, who used the cheese-grater? I need you to wash it,” I just Neptuned it away and washed it myself. So when the veil dropped I not only had to address the reality of that one small task but I also saw all the other undone tasks I had ignored. In one moment everything went from A-OK to mom going ballistic because the house is a disaster area.

Elsa uses the terms “dreaming up” and “dreaming down” in regard to Neptune, which I find extraordinarily, accurately descriptive. I dream down the state of the house and dream up the atmosphere of cooperation. When that veil drops I’m forced to view reality and it’s shocking. With Saturn and Neptune in easy aspect in my chart, along with certain Neptune-ruled placements, I’m prone to just such veil-dropping incidents. But I know this and the remedy is crystal clear: take care of things as they arise. I’ve even made a rule (Saturn) to help myself address this propensity. If it takes less than three minutes to do, do it now. But sometimes if I’m not acting consciously I’m prone to Neptuning it away.

The ability to dream up or dream down comes with Neptune and some of us can access it better (or worse) than others given our planetary makeup. It can be the saving grace that allows us to let things go in ways that are positive. It can be the mechanism by which we can fall in love with someone who thinks flatulence is hilarious in delicate social situations. It can also be the reason we’re left holding the flaming bag of poo when the veil drops.

As Saturn goes retrograde for its last pass in the end of Libra it pulls away from its supportive trine with Neptune in Pisces. We’re likely to see the veil dropping in the area of our one on one relationships and the opportunity to readdress reality. Use it wisely or end up with scorched, soiled shoes when Saturn hits Scorpio.

When was the last time YOU freaked out?



Exlosive Outbursts: Not Just A Mars-Mercury Issue — 17 Comments

  1. When Mercury was conjunct Uranus on the 1st pass…I exploded. My husband said: “I wouldn’t say that” one too many times and in so doing, created a healthy reminder of the fact that I’m not him, nor do I want to live within restrictions of being him, launched in his direction.

  2. p.s. My husband is an aries sun with a libra moon. If he wants to butt heads with me, he’s certainly free to do so. But has found this bull just stands my ground and lowers my head, so that he ends up impaled if he continues his charge.

  3. I very nearly freaked out when I had a family of three staying with me about six weeks ago. I go ballistic when my space and/or my effort isn’t sufficiently respected – but since I have Libra I tempered my temper…

    These days I avoid freaking out by keeping my distance from people. It seems to be the only way – so many things can freak me out! I suppose it’s true we get more and more set in our ways as we get older

  4. “It can be the saving grace that allows us to let things go in ways that are positive. It can be the mechanism by which we can fall in love with someone who thinks flatulence is hilarious in delicate social situations. It can also be the reason we’re left holding the flaming bag of poo when the veil drops.”

    OOOOOH yes. Neptune at home in the 12th…a little *too* well-aspected.

    I freaked out yesterday at the stupid idiot driver who hit me while I was riding my bike. I screamed bloody murder. Felt like I wanted to murder her, too, yikes. After I stopped being angry I cried my eyes out. Neptune/Saturn/Mars in a Grand Trine.

  5. This morning.

    Someone disappeared a bunch of work I had done.

    I can’t definitively prove who because of the way we track this specific kind of work.

  6. I’ve been in one non-ending freak out ever since Mars filled in T-square to tr. Neptune and Natal Neptune. But, I have no idea why.

  7. Satori, this was soooo helpful! Thank you!

    I’ve got Saturn-Neptune aspects, plus key placements of each as well, so I totally get the oscillations between veil and reality. Your post gave me some useful tips that I can use immediately.

    … although since I just put in two loads of laundry, I think I’ve earned some Neptune time.

  8. I love this post Satori! Neptune’s a big player in my chart and I love learning about its energy.

    I rarely freak out. It’s not that I suffer in silence, as Dawn described though. I can easily access the ‘dreaming up’ energy, that’s for sure and do it often.

    Neptune conjunct Moon/AC in Scorpio trine Pisces Chiron/Mercury/Mars.

  9. this post was on the money!
    last night…I was overwhelmed with my boyfriends financial stress and then fielded a call from his mom, who was also quite upset about money. I had done nice things for both of them and was feeling invisible in all their anxiety..
    I went to sleep, woke up this morning and did a couple things I never do. I put on bright red lipstick, a nice dress, did my hair up, lit a cigarette and drove away.

  10. I freaked out the other night when my husband started grilling me about things being said in the new women’s group I gather with once a month.

    We’re setting new boundaries, and that Neptune in Libra that I have does get wishy washy when it’s trying desperately to please that Venus aspec. I think it’s what you’re saying about dreaming up the months of listening to his blatterings about this and they and them. But, I have Merc in Scorp and Mars in Leo, so the hammer-veil does come down, hard when too much invisibility causes the fall. Whoops.

  11. *snickering appreciatively*

    I have a Libra Neptune,too, and am invulnerable to emotional manipulation. My hubby doesn’t exactly like being reminded that his responses to ‘whatever’, are his responsibility. But since he appreciates the fact I claim mine he can’t have it both ways.

  12. loooool oh goodness this post made my day! Amaaaazing satori. I can totally relate as this happens to me allll the time lol I particularly loved how you illustrated it through an unwashed cheese grater lol I feel the same way about unwashed dishes I always just neptune it away or do it thinking everyone else will co-operate too….. til I realise hey why am I the only one doing the DISHES!!!! WHO didnt put the god damn butter away AGAIN! looool oh that neptune he eluded me in my everyday activity I didnt even know it til your wonderful post! Thankyou for dropping the veil for me 🙂

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