Exalted Mars In Capricorn Conjunct Pluto – November 2012

Mars enters Capricorn on November 16th and moves towards conjunction with Pluto on November 27th.  This potent combination is supported by Saturn in Scorpio, which is in mutual reception to both planets.  It favors responsible, disciplined (Capricorn) action (Mars).  Think of a highly skilled surgeon wielding his or her knife.

Mars and Pluto will simultaneously square Uranus in Aries which adds an element of unpredictably.  We’ll see more accidents with this configuration and the potential for violence will also be increased.

It’s easy to see how this could be for good or ill as people will have the ability to detach (Uranus) and amputate or cut (Mars Pluto).

Are you comfortable handling power?

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Exalted Mars In Capricorn Conjunct Pluto – November 2012 — 26 Comments

  1. I don’t think it’s something I’m comfortable with, but it’s something I’m use to.

    I’ve learnt to keep a cool head. But this will effect my Asc.. I have to be extra careful

  2. Well, I’m learning to own my power, and I think I’ve mastered the Pluto in 10th house transit. Every individual needs personal power. Powerlessness makes a person feel frustrated and agitated while power over others is inappropriate unless the goal is stop another person’s excesses. There is power, and then there are boundaries.

  3. Transit pluto is conjunct my natal & progressed mercury for the last 2 years. Only now I managed to reduce stress, mind pressure, fear, etc. I hope Mars will not add anger in the mix.

  4. Power is good and I can handle it. I wonder if sometimes the problems people have with power is making the distinction between power and control. Just because you have power, doesn’t mean you have to use it to control others. There really is a sense of discretion that needs to be considered to use power wisely.

  5. My power is wobbly so I hope this lends it some stability. My Progressed ASC in Capricorn, my natal Mars in Scorpio, so will aspecting both natal and progressed charts. Again Elsa, I like to know the degrees to see how close these transits will hit, if at all.

  6. I’m thinking about setting the record straight with some people regarding the shit-talk someones been doing about me. It’s gone on for years now and I just don’t know how much longer I can hold my tongue.

    Some of the things he’s said about me are true, but taken out of context and he’s omitted his part in the situation.

    If I blow the lid off this shit, some people who already don’t like me (they don’t even know me), still won’t like me, and perhaps they’ll dislike me even more. I may even be accused of being petty.

    And, well, I won’t even be able to pretend that a friendship might one day be mended. But really, who wants to be friends with someone that says such awful shit about me?

  7. BTW, Mars will be conj my Venus @1* Cap in my 6th and will conj Pluto 2 days before my birthday. I’m still feeling the after effects of Pluto transiting my Venus over a year ago. This all ties into it.

  8. You talk about amputating or cutting, but would this be a good time to propose starting a relationship or taking one in an entirely different direction?

    I see this move in a different direction as shunning the shadow side of the way I have behaved in relationships and taking responsible action in a positive direction.

  9. “Think of a highly skilled surgeon wielding his or her knife.”

    This sounds like excellent energy to do what I need to get done. I will be keeping this image in mind.

  10. @orangie – yes. Anything requiring focused determination…the conjunction is very well aspected, except for Uranus. You’ve just got to be able to deal with the unexpected.

  11. I’m performing in a big civic event at that time, and transiting Mars/Pluto conjuncts my moon (also my moon is conjunct my MC from the 9th). I’m sure tI’ll feel a sense of power, even briefly. 😉

  12. Pluto is moving through the end of my 12th house and Mars moving through it has motivated major change.

    Natally, I have Neptune in 12th which is good for my artistic nature and career but bad for my escapism. I was escaping through alcohol the past 5 years. I was hospitalized when Mars rolled in and have been sober ever since.

    Sobriety has opened my eyes and there are new tacts I need to take in my relationships in my career and my relationships with my peers.

    This transit conjunction is in my 12th, squares Uranus in my 3rd and Semi-Sextiles my 2H Aqua Moon and 11H Sag Uranus.

    All of this going on while I am in full Saturn Return on my natal Pluto/Saturn conjunction on a 0 deg. Scorp. MC.

    Oh Mylanta!

    Needless to say, big BIG changes.

    I have to start being out for me, forward my interests; instead of always doing what’s best for the group (aqua moon/venus/mars) and watching others forward their interests. Saturn is calling me to do so. I am a Cap Sun and Rising. It’s time to pick up the phone.

  13. Anyone else twigged that this is Black Friday? I wonder how we will see this energy manifest with an event that is already traditionally fraught with violent outbursts and accidents? The traffic in and around shopping malls is INSANE during this time. Ugh…..

  14. ThankYou Elsa P. !!!

    I Wish I Will be Handling the Power because I Will Be Handling It With Respect but I am Hoping to have the Opportunity to Redirect it to Good Things !!!

    Best Regards !!!

    Blessings Everybody !!!

  15. This also occurs with a Full Moon Gem/Sag @8*. Along with Venus conjunct Saturn, and Mercury with in 3* of the solar eclipse @ 18* Scorpio. Not a quiet Transit.

  16. I will wield power when needed or requested….. and uncontested.

    btw… LOVE your energy and nutshell insight Miss E… Namaste

  17. Elsa, you were spot-on. I finally achieved closure ON MY TERMS with somebody who wasn’t worth my time or energy anymore. Just a few hours ago, to be precise. Nearly 7 years worth of a festering sore that wouldn’t close is now ready to be healed entirely. This energy is terrific. I feel like I could go kickboxing now (Mars-Pluto warrior) Haha!

    “It’s easy to see how this could be for good or ill as people will have the ability to detach (Uranus) and amputate or cut (Mars Pluto)”

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