Exact Dates Saturn’s Transit Through Sagittarius In 2017

I’ve mentioned that Saturn’s transit through the late degrees of Sagittarius would be HARSH. I was working with a lot of people who had planets in the late degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces) at the time.

I continue to work with this group of people. I often refer them to this post so they can check out the degrees, month by month. This way a person can see when the pressure peaks for their particular situation.

January, 2017: 21-24 degrees
February, 2017: 24-26 degrees
March, 2017:  26-27 degrees
April, 2017: 27 degrees
May, 2017: 27-25 degrees (Rx)
June, 2017: 25-23 degrees
July, 2017: 23-21 degrees
August, 2017:  21 degrees (Direct)
September, 2017 21-22 degrees
October, 2017: 22-24 degrees
November, 2017: 24-27 degrees
December, 2017: 27 -29 degrees, leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn on December 21st.

As you can see, Saturn stations at 21 and 27 degrees.

Station at 27 degrees from March 7th through May 8th.
Station at 21 degrees from July 24 through September 26th.

If you have planets impacted by this transit, you can expect to be pressured. I’m happy to help (consultations) but this may also do the trick – Saturn in Sagittarius – A Real Education.


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Exact Dates Saturn’s Transit Through Sagittarius In 2017 — 41 Comments

  1. My natal Venus is in Sagittarius at 21 degrees, I’m definitely not looking forward to transiting Saturn conjuncting it so many times. My natal Sun is in Sagittarius as well and in 2016 transiting Saturn conjuncted it multiple times – it was definitely a tough year for me.

  2. My second Saturn return is in full swing ! I’m restless, stuck, dissatisfied, worried, frustrated, lost. My happiness seems to be behind me. Its in my fifth house at 25 degrees…just not fun. I’m a survivor, a strong woman who has been thru hell, now Saturn is holding my ankles. My Pisces sun is at 26 degrees so I’m in for a long ride . The pressure is real !

    • My second Saturn return is in full swing too Melinda! What a blast. I too am restless, dissatisfied coming off illness and pissed off lol….. My happiness is behind me too. It’s in my 6th house. I have also always been a survivor and a strong woman who has been through hell but Saturn has me by the neck! You are right, the pressure is real. I have all but given up.

    • I have my second Saturn return, too–whole year. And, opposing the Moon. Ha. I guess it’s better than when Pluto opposed my Moon for a few years. 🙂

    • I feel like a different person from the previous posting. I was so sick. I rode bikes for miles yesterday and showed my g-baby how to ride with no hands 🙂 I have been swimming laps, joined a new gym that will open tomorrow at 6 am and I plan to be there. I have been swimming daily and it has really helped me in so many ways….so has spending time with the grands. They keep me young and in shape. Chasing after little kids is no joke 🙂 LOVING LIFE AGAIN….I know its not over. I still have to hang on till October. But, things are certainly looking up.

  3. Well, I have mars at 21 degrees. My natal Saturn is in Sagittarius squaring my mars. I’ve dealt with harshness all my life. Currently, Saturn is making its exact square on my mars and I have definitely had situations with increased pressure. But now I’m approaching the stress as an opportunity to gain greater control of my energy (mars) and add some more tools to my toolkit when it comes to anger. Since this 21 degrees thing will be training my mars for the majority of 2017, I’m preparing for a slow burn.

  4. I have my AC, MC,(both at 27″) and Uranus conjunct my IC (25″), and Chiron (21″) through all these point. I already know that April will be a huge change as the company is turning to be government run. I’m also having my first Saturn Return. Saturn has yet to travel the bottom of my chart. I guess I’ll just keep trudging along, huh?

  5. Saturn is separating from it’s opposition to my Moon & Ascendant but still close enough to count for a bit, opposing my Sun & Venus (late Gemini 1st) pretty much all year while conjunct my Neptune (which is conjunct my descendant) in the 7th. Should be a lovely year, aye… ha ha.

  6. Just an example of how harsh this is….my ex daughter in law has a Virgo stellium. 24 deg 12th house Virgo sun….broke her hip in January. Now imagine this. She is only in her 30’s. Its a bad break too. She is moving slowly with a walker right now. Just had major surgery and had to have metal put in her hip. Its a nightmare. Also, she suffered a horrible 3rd degree burn on her neck and chest just before that happened in a separate accident. Harsh doesn’t begin to describe her bad transit mojo….

    My son has a Gemini stellium. 27 deg Sun/28 deg Venus/22 degree Merc…he is a hot head with a smart mouth (that is unable to shut his mouth) and is up for an August promotion. I pray for him! His wife has a Saturn Sag @27 deg/ Uranus/ Sag @28 deg with NN @25 Pisces and Gemini Chiron @24 deg ….they are fighting like cats and dogs…how they will make it to 2018 is anyone’s guess. And….Pluto is beating them both to death.

    That’s not the only family…but its the ones being hit the hardest unless you count me with the 22 degree Saturn in Sag in the freaking 6th!!! I am OVER IT.

    Every time I turn around these transits put me in the hospital!!! My ex daughter in law with all that 12th house stuff is suffering health issues too. The others are just tearing each other apart.

    Lets not forget my husband with the 26deg Virgo Pluto (which is actually killing me as its on his Cap moon) and his 21deg Venus in Pisces…..

    I am so happy this stuff is no longer beating the crap out of my oldest son (the Libra) who when going through this stuff almost lost a foot, got a divorce and broke his back!!!

    I tried to tell them about the energy…they laughed and called it crazy koo-koo nonsense as one was getting pins placed in her hip (with bandages on her 3rd degree burns) and the other two are trying to destroy each other….

    OH WELL…. I will just mind my beewax and try to stay out of the ER!

  7. Uranus Saturn Chiron so it’s less personal, correct? (Always looking on the bright side, lol).
    Sorry for everyone’s troubles, esp you, soup! Big hugs, Scorp sister!

    • Thanks Kumquat!! I am just trying to stay out of the ER. I have had it with the health issues. Friday I was laying in a gurney saying….instead of this torture, just take me … 2015-2016 and even now. I am still fighting to get back up. This has been the worst two years of my life 🙁 but…as all things …I suppose this too shall pass or I will 🙁

  8. Hi! I have Pluto and Rahu @ 22 degrees in Virgo. Also this transit of Saturn is in my 5th house where my natal Mars is. I am a Leo Rising and Moon. I wonder how this affects me.Thank you!

  9. I have Venus in 27 Gemini in 5th house And technically Saturn will be opposite to her during the rest of his time in Sag. I’ve been struggling with being myself in social circles. I feel somewhat isolated, but I guess it could be worse…

  10. It’s terrible just to be honest, my Moon is 21 degrees. I remember the last time and it was much worse then so I just keep telling myself it’s just a transit. Acknowledge painful feelings, adjust, breathe, music, repeat.

  11. Ben Stiller is a good example of this. His marriage just broke up after 17-18 years. Looked at his chart on the day of the announcement. Wow.

    Saturn was exactly conjunct his Sag descendant with Chiron in partile square and opposing his Jupiter in Gemini rising. It was probably activated by the new moon in Gemini, which was in tight square to his moon in Pisces on MC of public standing AND in looser square to his 6th house Sun in Sag. It’s activating his Sun sq Moon = divorce aspect. He’s definitely being pummeled.

    His wife’s Saturn at 4 Gemini is also curiously exactly conjunct his 12th house NN. Also, upcoming is the full moon lunar eclipse (endings) in Leo at 15 –exactly conjunct his 9th house asteroid Juno/BML (marriage). Wouldn’t be surprised if some of the dirty details of *why* they broke up are leaked to the press (9th) around that time in early August. His wife has something on him.

    But Saturn and Chiron have been doing a number on him. Between Neptune transiting his 10th, his previous Chiron in Pisces return opposing AND Saturn squaring his Uranus/Pluto conjunction in the 4th. Dissolution has been in the works for awhile. He’ll be an interesting story to watch develop as all the biggies in mutable signs do their thing. Poor guy ?

  12. And, the Rx hits of Saturn on your chart. Wow, more intensification of everything if it makes direct impact w/ one of your planets. Whew.

  13. Thanks, Elsa. You can only plant your feet firmly to the ground, but don’t concentrate on what could happen.
    It’s good to logon here and there to see what’s going on in other people’s lives — don’t feel like the Lone Ranger for this transit.

  14. Saturn has been squaring my Sun and Moon @23/25. This is strange, but I have barely noticed it. It seems to have had the opposite effect on me –rather than depression, I feel happy and good about myself and the way my life is going for the first time in my life. I didnt notice it when it was conjunct my Sun and Moon either. Maybe I don’t notice because I have Saturn at the bottom of my chart natally. Saturn seems to have little effect on me. Weird.

  15. My natal mars is 21 degrees pisces. Though, it squares my natal saturn at 28 degrees Sag. I don’t know why I’m only feeling mild pressure. I guess since I am already a mars saturn…I’ve dealt with cruelty and harshness all my life. I’m having to fight a difficult battle at work which is exhausting and stressful. I’ve managed with pisces-sag disciplines (saturn) like meditation, yoga, massage and visualization to keep processing the intense frustration and bottling of emotions I tend to squeeze in. I don’t like it but its the only way to survive right now. I’ll be happy when it moves on and I complete my saturn return. I’m ready for a climb out of the abyss I’ve been hiding in for the past 3 years.

    • I have natal Mars in Pisces at 23, and the Saturn squares have been so difficult, actually the hardest was the recent retro pass; one more trigger in October when Saturn goes direct. Delays and obstacles have almost wiped me out, I actually experienced a breakdown that I’m slowly recuperating from. But I’m starting to see that the stuff that’s being “removed” was not sustainable and that I’ve had to transform how I assert myself to get what I want. I now see how a lot of immature crap was holding me back. Another positive is that I’ve tried to be patient and take very small steps if I could and that actually helped me stabilize.

      There’s a great blog post on LUA Astrology about Saturn opposing Mars. In a comment she mentions that sometimes it’s so hard to know what Saturn really wants! But endurance and picking yourself up again and again can count for a win in the long run.

      You might check out the concept of removing obstacles, candles and incense etc, and working with saints or Ganesh. That’s helped me a lot, along with the idea that you don’t have to just take it but try to keep things going forward.

      Mars in Pisces for women is an interesting placement to navigate in itself. Jazz, clowns, dance, movie fanatics, erratic schedules, weird rhythms. I’ve had more than one “clown” boyfriends, I mean real clowns, one was in a circus!

  16. As someone with a Natal Mars (22 leo) Saturn opposition, I am actually really appreciating have Saturn and Uranus trining Mars, and Mars on it….after hideous period when Saturn in Sagg hit my mid-degrees-in-angular-houses T square of 1st house Sagg Sun-Great Attractor-Pandora-Merc/10th Virgo Uranus-Pluto/IC Pisces Jupiter-Chiron.
    I say appreciating it because one has to be positive about any damn thing right now. Saturn is on my progressed 12th house Sagg Venus, and Pluto in Cap in my progressed first. Somehow I feel like Pluto has been in my real (Scorp-Sagg) and progressed (Cap) 12th and first forever. Weird to think that some people can live a whole lifetime without this transit (or a natal Mars opp Saturn square VenusNept in Scorp tsquare).
    Why I told the universe I was up for it by popping out of mum when I did, I have no idea. In my dying breath THIS time around I will be asking for something different – no Sun square Pluto, and no Venus square Saturn natal next time pls!!!

  17. Hi all,
    I’m having my second saturn return. My natal saturn is 28 degrees of sag, in my seventh house squares venus in pisces at 29 degrees. I’m suffering, but feels not as tragic or terrible as when pluto conjuncted my moon years ago, leaving me with no parents, pets or partner! This time round i’ve had to recover from longstanding health problems, financial black out, no secure home and ending a relationship that may have served me well, but i couldn’t feel it/see it.
    Devastating really, but I’m somehow handling it with meditation, new dog and no lovers:)

  18. that explains a great deal about this summer. saturn’s dancing back and forth in trine with my sun.
    weighing what kind of vision i want for my career, the ethics associated with my line of work, my long range vision, what sorts of risks i’m willing to take… new opportunities forcing reconsideration of goals… having to go back and redo work i’ve already done, pick up plans i’d dropped for (years.)
    and how, where, and whether i’d want to move for a job/ raising my kids (saturn’s in my fourth.)

  19. No problems now, but I had serious difficulties when Saturn was transiting my Moon, Venus, and South Node in Sagittarius a year before. I felt so terrible early one morning that I looked it up, and discovered that Saturn had been exactly conjunct my South Node about 4 am.

  20. OH yeah. I have 4 planets in these degrees, Gemini ascendant and Nodes. Yep I’m cusps through and through. Sag, 26′ in 7th house. Got divorced finally! My business partnerships went down stream. Yet I found, Unexpectedly, True Love with Jupiter’s return to my natal Libra placement. Greatest lessons I have learned is Be true to yourself and Be ready for dreams to come true. Overall it’s been a great time with a huge release of things that where holding me back. I feel liberated and alive again.
    **Points arrows and shoots for the stars. —–>>>>

  21. Well I have Sag Moon in my twelfth house natally and this year…um NO THANKS. Barely making it day to day. Then it’s on to Capricorn which will hit my rising sign so no getting rid of Saturn’s pummeling for me for a while.

    I’m being realistic that this will not get better for another few years.

    Phases of life, right? This just happens to be one of the horrible ones, unfortunately.

    Much love.

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