Estrogen vs Testosterone And Pluto’s Transit Through Capricorn

Last night, Vid, the soldier and I were messing around. I took a stand against the soldier and Vid took his side. I looked at him mockingly. “Siding against your old mom now, are you? You’re on his side?”

“Yeah I’m with him,” he said.

“Great! My own son sides against me…”

He stared and held firm.

“Nah… it’s okay, Vid. I am glad you are on his side.”

“Well, Mom, we’re boys. We are both boys so I am on his side. I was the only boy around here for a long time but now it’s your turn to be the only girl. Your turn to suffer and feel the pain.”

I stared at him completely flabbergasted. “Suffer and feel the pain? Suffer? Did you say, suffer and feel pain?”

“Yep. Yep, that’s right.”

I walked off muttering and shaking my head. There has apparently been a revolution and P is just finding out about it. Boys rule, did ya hear?

But the main thing I am getting loud and clear is there are things boys want and needs the moms just can’t deliver and I am pretty sure Pluto’s transit through Capricorn is going to make this painfully apparent.

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Estrogen vs Testosterone And Pluto’s Transit Through Capricorn — 3 Comments

  1. Des – ha ha ha. I would not have interpreted that in that way but to answer your question… um, yes. They probably do because women hurt men all the time and seem to have no compunction about it.

  2. We had a birthday celebration for my grandma this weekend. It was a good time for sure. She’s 90! Any way we had a livingroom full including two of my nephews, one 5 1/2 and one turning three on June 8th. My youngest daughter is home for a couple of months and we are so happy about this. She is 21 in July and has finished her third year in nursing at university. She has a great job at the main hospital in our city and did not get home until 7:30pm. She greeted everyone and went down to get changed. The three year old wanted to see her and his Mom would not let him. No you will just have to wait. No she is getting changed. No she will be up in a minute. He cries out, ‘But I want to see her vagina!’ Most of us howled with laughter! Grandma wasn’t so sure about this.

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