Erratic Lover Traveling The Globe: Leo Rising, Taurus Sun

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Dear Elsa,

I have been dating a Libra Male for over four months now. We met online and seemed to hit it off VERY well. Maybe too well. The sex was mind blowing.

He was calling me several times a day, everyday. The only time I would call him was to return his call. One day, I returned his call and he was at work. So was I. Out of the blue, he totally let loose on me and hurt my feelings. He said that he did not have time to entertain me and that he was working and he would get to me when he gets to me.

This left me confused and I fired off an email to him explaining that I understand that he may be under stress related to work… but that if he wanted to continue to see me, he work at all times respect me.

Well, he said that he wanted to take me out to dinner and talk about it. I have to note that he is a photo-journalist and his time is limited because he is always half-way around the globe. He came home from the Middle East and called me up for that dinner.

My friend’s father had just passed and I was with her for support so I had to pass. He waited and the next time that was free, I had house guests. He did not call ahead to check. So he blew up and said that he wanted to talk over the phone since we were having problems meeting face-to-face.

He told me that he did not think that we were going to work out and that it was because we both have fiery personalities. He said I wanted to be friends and he did not have the time to be my friend.

This guy called me almost everyday before this (when in the country), and then he dumped me the day before he flew to Peru for a month. He also said that it was moving too fast and that he was scared of me. Well, then he calls me from the Andes Mountains to tell me that he MUST see me when he touches down. He indeed did call from the tarmac. Now he is telling me things like I am the best lover that he has ever had and that he thought that he had lost me. That he was feeling too strongly for me and it scared him.

I’m confused because he broke up with me and now he is saying that he thought that he lost me. Help!! Please this man is too confusing, but I feel deeply for him and want to see where he is coming from. Or if it is all a game. Any insight????

At A Loss

Dear Loss,

No, it is not a game. The guy is definitely a self-absorbed jackass and probably has a mental illness to boot! So what is it you want to know? Do you want to know if he is going to settle down with you and have kids? Fuck no!

Are you going to be his girl? Sure! If you don’t mind his dick in you on the days and nights he’s in town! If he doesn’t meet someone else on the way to your house, that is.

Look. Just how bad do you need to hear you are the “world’s best lover?” Because it seems you like this. It seems you like the drama of him calling your “from the tarmac”. Seems you think this guy is special! So I think you’re in good shape, as long as you don’t mind him traveling for months at a time and kicking your teeth down your throat when you least expect it. Hey! If you don’t mind that, you’re in, but me?

Well, I’d be deleting the motherfucker from my cell phone right now, with no plans to look back. This guy offers nothing but a little (a very little) bit of dick and dick is not exactly rare, you know?

Good luck.



Erratic Lover Traveling The Globe: Leo Rising, Taurus Sun — 7 Comments

  1. so, the arrogance is his leo rising, & the taurus sun = cliched stubbornness? fixed & not gonna change?

    *snickers* sucha way you have, Elsa [with words].

  2. So what does the man’s chart look like? Example: Is there something in the chart also that is indicative of mental illness, self-absorbed, inability to commit?

  3. I don’t think you have to look at the chart, his behavior speaks for itself. Sometimes you don’t need astrology.

  4. I cringed reading about this guy.

    Elsa’s assessment is spot-on!??

    There’s a book out there called “Having Sex, Wanting Intimacy: Why Women Settle for One-Sided Relationships.” (Jill P. Weber) It’s specifically for women who deal with this sort of thing with ambivalent men and how to break that cycle.

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