Enjoy The Holidays & Fare Well With 2020 Saturn Pluto Conjunction

Christmas elf capricornIn my teens and into my early twenties, I was a bartender. Invariably the bar was packed during the holidays. People were stressed or lonely or whatever. This made me feel sad.

I see the same thing as an astrologer. It’s a busy time for consultations.

In regards to this letter, I’m often told: “I wish I’d have read this sooner.” Some years ago, I realized it would really help people to have information ahead of time. I like to help people, actually help them; I’ve published a holiday guide ever since.

The guides are not created equally. Specifically, last year was pretty bland. But this year, we’ve got this huge stellium in Capricorn and the Saturn Pluto conjunction. People are scared to death. I want to help, so I set out to address this.

First, I realized I needed to expand the guide. Jupiter is in Sagittarius for one thing. But logically speaking, I needed to include January’s Saturn Pluto conjunction, even though it takes place outside the “holiday season”. This is what you’re worried about, yes? I generally begin the guide under a full or new moon. This year, the obvious date was November 12th, so this really is bigger.

Next, I asked Satori to get involved because this is not a normal period! Satori and I complement each other, so I asked her to add her magic as she saw fit. She did exactly that and in fact, this is a direct quote: “We knocked this one out of the park!”

I could not have done this alone. As a result of our collaboration, I can promise you this: If you buy this guide you will suffer far less stress. It may save you the cost of an emergency consultation, but beyond that, this is really important…

If you are calm, you’ll be able to calm those around you. And that, my friend, is priceless!

Get details here – Using Astrology To Navigate The Holidays: 2019-2020.

And for people offended by “early” holidays, that’s not what this is!  We’re dealing with Capricorn, here. You want to PLAN and the sooner you do, the better you’ll feel!

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Enjoy The Holidays & Fare Well With 2020 Saturn Pluto Conjunction — 8 Comments

  1. My birthday is November 12th, so just because of this, I thought I’d buy it.

    I also have the 1982 Saturn Pluto conjunction which is just another argument to buy this report. These planetary bodies squaring off with two of the same kind, will not only knock the socks off my feet, they will probably be harsher than I’ve ever encountered anything being at the same time. They will pass my Ascendant one after the other. My Libra moon has taken a lot of hits since Pluto began the square some years ago, and after it followed my progressed Moon.

    Relationships and structures are getting a hard knuckle again in the near future, and then I can hopefully breathe again.

    *going off to buy holiday report*

  2. The guide kicks in today! I’ve read through the whole thing but I’m excited to follow along with it as time goes by. Already resonates! Highly recommended!

  3. I have to wait until the 15th but definitely going to get too.
    Question for Elsa – should one get both the Solar Return AND this if birthday is close to the Holidays or would one suffice re the transits each day?

    • The transit report is personal. The HolIday guide is meant to assist and support people who feel stress during the holidays, this year or every year. It will help you feel a bit of control. I started writing these because people kept saying they wished they’d read something I wrote, sooner, implying that if they had, they’d have been less reactive and avoided some trouble or pain or strife.

      So the answer is, it’s according to need. And to risk, to some extent. 🙂

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