Energy Coming Back (Adjusting To Saturn in Scorpio)

Being Saturn-ruled, I took a pretty good hit as far as my energy level goes, when Saturn went into Scorpio. I feel I’ve adapted now. I actually feel high energy.

My first clue was when I was thinking about Generating Energy. In thinking about that, I realized if I cleared my mind and focused I would probably be able sit and start threads on the boards, non-stop, for hours. I feel I could do 100 threads a day if I tried, just by getting into a zone. It’s a good thing to know.

I’ve had to push back and push heavy things up hills for some time, with Saturn in Libra. This is much better, much easier, to have Saturn off all my Cardinal stuff.

One of these days, I may do the 100 threads things, as an experiment.  This is how I used to write stories on xanga. I’d just get set and I could go and go and go.

It seems Saturn in Libra jacked up my inner whirling dervish, but she’s back.

How is your energy level with Saturn in Scorpio?


Energy Coming Back (Adjusting To Saturn in Scorpio) — 18 Comments

  1. It’s starting to come back…having to do detailed tedious work for my thesis, but now I know how to do it, so this next bit doesn’t seem quite so daunting.

  2. I always have a lot of energy it’s what I do with it that can exhaust or invigorate me. In Libra I felt stunted and frustrated like there was restriction, not enough room…now I feel more fluid,open and productive.

  3. Just a few more degrees and Saturn will pull out of my 12th house (finally). So relative to how that’s felt (energy wise), it’s a vast improvement! It’s actually been such a gift, and helped temper the Uranus energy that has been on top of my Sun in Aries. I feel much more in control (Saturn) of myself and smarter about when and how much of my energy I want to express.

  4. There’s a definite sense of rebirth with Saturn coming up to my Moon – after the trials and travails of Saturn through the 12th and 1st houses it’s very welcome.

  5. My energy’s not been great, but the Sun is passing through my 12th., and Pluto is squaring my Sun. Feeling a bit drained.
    The way I see it, handling Saturn in Scorpio is going to be similar to handling a Pluto transit (which I’m doing right now). I read somewhere that when dealing with Pluto, you need to “keep your life simple” and “get rid of all complications”. That’s a good idea! I think that’s what energy conservation is all about.

  6. I am so focused on managing my energy. I think I’m expending more energy doing that, so feeling a little low. Once I get where I want with my management/organization, I know I’ll probably feel pretty great.

  7. “It seems Saturn in Libra jacked up my inner whirling dervish, but she’s back.”

    That is one of the most beautiful phrases I have heard in a very long time. I’m glad she’s back, too. It’s inspiring.

  8. My energy levels are low, but what’s there is very potent. Saturn in Libra creamed my natal Cardinal T-square(s). I felt like I was running on thin. Things are fatter now, energetically.

  9. Great to hear l am not the only one with high energy levels!
    l love Saturn’s shift into Scorpio! the vibe l have it’s like l have been sleeping for 2 years and l just woke up thinking what’s happening?? Where am l what have l done all this time?
    So yes the energy is back also Saturn out of my 2nd house is a blessing! l didn’t know how heavy it all felt while it was there it’s just now that l start to realize how cramped l have lived with Saturn transiting 2nd house and opposing Venus&Mars . l don’t look forward to Saturn opposing Mercury this time around but time will tell!
    yay to new life!

  10. Doing really well. I feel more focused on using my time and energy wisely. I’m getting more accomplished.

    Saturn in Libra was a doozy for me as I have four planets in Libra. I only have one in Scorp (my Sun).

    I learned a LOT w/ Saturn in Libra but I have to say that I prefer this energy.

  11. Energy has increased since Saturn moved off my cardinals. I did a beauty ritual for myself today, first time I’ve felt up to it in 4yrs

  12. Mine is low, i am kind of depressed and i sleep a lot. I think it will get better with time and work since it has to do with my procrastination, a thing that Saturn is not fond of. I’m a Scorpio, and my double Scorpio friend told me he has been hit with a depression he has never felt before. Tough.

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