Endless Stories – They Can’t Be Stopped!

Heather M wrote regarding Disturbing Scorpio:

“A person should be able to share. It’s too bad your very watery friend could not be more sensitive to you. Maybe another time.”

It’s all right, Heather M. I know he loves me and would do anything I asked him to, including continue to listen. It’s just I don’t need that right now. I really was just filling him in, hitting the main points. I am the kind of person if you don’t track me, pretty soon you can’t catch up. There is just so much that happens to me and around me – it’s always been this way.

When I first started keeping a blog in 2001, people wondered when I would run out of stories. How many stories can she possibly have?

Well I will never run out of stories nor have the time to tell all the stories I have. I figure maybe 5 or 10% could be told if I wrote every day for the rest of my life and this is only if my life was very long… like into my 80’s.

If you think about it, you can see the amount of work I have to do is staggering so it should be no wonder to anyone why I would not mind dying sooner. Because man, I am tired! It’s an endless mountain, see? Or endless depth. Or maybe it’s both. In whatever case I am quite sure I am supposed to put this out there.

Um… the mountain is Capricorn, the depth, my 8th house. The endless stories come from Mercury in the 9th and Jupiter hard core.


Endless Stories – They Can’t Be Stopped! — 3 Comments

  1. Okay.

    So maybe he was being sensitive in that you were just updating him and weren’t necessarily looking for comfort right then.

    You are tough stuff, Elsa P.
    Hard core.

  2. Heather M – Thanks and yeah I think he was just calling thinking I’d have broken through to something and I haven’t which is probably why I have not called him. Just don’t want to bother people unless I need to and I have not needed to. I def know he would be there if I tapped him. I can’t see him ever telling me no and vice versa. We’ve been friends way too long and resolved our conflicts with each other long, long ago. It’s a nice feeling.

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