Elsa’s Style and Fashion, a Sister Sounds Off by Annalisa

I’ve been Elsa’s sister all her life and I mean all her life because I am a couple years older. Her style and fashion is known to me and better than most because I shared a room with her as a child as well as some intense moments in life. I’ve seen her under complete pressure and in light hearted times. After talking to Elsa she has agreed that I discuss her style.

Elsa sits on a mound of talent and knowledge in many fields and as an astrologer she is second to none. However, if you point out something good about Elsa to Elsa she will rear her head and say “WHAT?” Her question is: Something is good about me? Let’s take an example. All of you know Elsa’s “Elsaisms.” She has a way with words that have caused her to become a unique voice as well as one knocked off by other astrologers because of this particular way she writes. If you tell Elsa that she has written something, a sentence perhaps, that is unique and brilliant she will be shocked out of her mind. She will not believe you, she will try to find a way to believe she is not so unique and she will often try to find a reason instead of it being sheer talent. If Elsa finds herself insulted she will look between her toes, under her nails and all over her mind for a reason the insult might be right before she decides the offensive remark is unwarranted! Elsa simply can’t believe that she has a very natural and excellent way of communicating that is great and different. She is shocked if she tries to own her own brilliance. Elsa is the first to be her own worst critic and it’s hilarious to listen to and watch!

I know this is not really funny but if you consider that Elsa is a realist you will understand that she does not mind knowing that she has what I call an “upside down Leo.” Many Leo people or people with strong Leo placements rest on their laurels and love their fans taking all of it in as if they have it coming but Elsa’s Leo can’t believe she is special in any way and don’t let her fool you. Those “Elsaisms,” are great and make us laugh, think, smile, and even treasure them but believe me she does not know she is writing them. When Elsa was knocked off by Astrology.com she didn’t think it was because she had said something great, she thought it was because someone was lazy. She could not imagine it was her talent being taken from her she thought it was her WORK being taken from her! My little sister is hilarious when given a compliment as well. She sees herself as rough around the edges when she has very good taste and if someone compliments her on her taste she will find an excuse not to believe it. Her style is to not admit she has a style and if she admits it she puts herself down before she lifts herself up.

Her hair is a great example of her fashion style being this way. Once, a top end hair dresser picked Elsa’s great hair to style in a big production at an art gallery. Elsa has unusual hair…well we both do, but she has even better hair for working with than I and I was a hair model for fifteen years. A hair dresser having a promotion at an art gallery in Denver asked Elsa to come and have her hair styled in front of a crowd at the museum. Elsa was shocked, she was dumbfounded! “Why me?” “Why does he want to do my hair?” “What do I wear?” “I can’t do this, I don’t do these things!” Now keep in mind that Elsa at that time had long hair in a very conservative long cut and did not give thought to her hair but was deciding she might. She was so funny as she puzzled over why a top of the line hair dresser might pick HER hair to style when she has tons of beautiful and soft hair! She tried every excuse BUT that her hair was the type any hairdresser chooses and I know because I have it and I modeled because our hair texture is in demand. Elsa took so much counseling to get her hair styled wonderfully by this hairdresser and innocently fell in love with her hair after it was done. She was like a child who discovered their beauty and she was no child when this happened. Elsa simply does not know.

At a make up counter I was helping her pick out lipstick and make up that worked with her skin. She was so shocked when we told her what a great skin color she had and that it was a different shade than mine that she kept looking in the mirror and looking away trying to take all the attention in. She was SO uncomfortable as she emerged even more beautiful after they were done with her make over that she almost washed her face. “Me?” “Beautiful?” “No way!” LOL, it was again, so, so funny.

When any of you like her post or her reading or her “Elsaism” she is shocked and completely so. She does not believe she is gifted she thinks she works hard. When you mention she is gifted she has to change the subject IMMEDIATELY and tries not to take it in. Elsa is humble as humble pie and it can get very funny when you watch her great smile as she finally believes there is something great about her. She simply can’t believe she is special and puts everything off to hard work!

Guts? Forget about it! Elsa is so brave it’s a wonder to behold. When E. get’s an idea in her head forget about it but not because of her ego but because of her conviction that it is the RIGHT THING. She is motivated by the right thing and puts off all her accomplishments to hard work and never to being gifted. Make no mistake, she is no wilting flower, she is just full of a work ethic and totally unaware of her gifts and that she is gifted.

“Who me?” “Write well?” No, she puts it off to working hard. Yes, she works hard but she was gifted in her prose long before she started a blog and was very popular on her job for cracking people up and saying the most unexpected things.

And this is Elsa’s style. She is not all about herself or even close. She is about the work and aiming to please and you better believe she will check under those fingernails before taking on a troll or a creep so she is sure it’s not her and it’s them. It’s her blog, right? It’s what she says because it’s her blog. She has to be reminded of my former statement often when she is in doubt about what to do.

Elsa has a cute factor that is one hundred percent but you can’t convince her of it unless you all agree with me! She simply can’t see it for lack of taking her head out of the working zone long enough to do an honest assessment of herself. Help me along here.

Elsa looks lovely in jewel tones and her skin is a wonderful shade. She has a different skin color than I, as I have said and it is slightly dark but not dark, dark. It is an Italian color and very beautiful. Italian lines of make up look great on her and she wears lipstick like it was made for her. She is very cute and cute clothing looks great on her while she rocks little dresses and skirts like no tomorrow. Her eyes are a focal point on her face as is her dimple which adds to her cuteness. No matter what birthday Elsa has she will retain a “cuteness,” that is different than myself. Of course, try to tell her she is cute and she will blame the clothing or the hair!

Ha! We’ll see if she’ll print this!

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Elsa’s Style and Fashion, a Sister Sounds Off by Annalisa — 46 Comments

  1. She printed it! Hooray!

    I think she is simply lovely inside and out. I wish I had half the gift she has for reaching people!

  2. It’s really wonderful to see two sisters really and authentically encourage, uplift, protect, and bring out the best in each other. I am so happy that this was posted and I believe every word of it!

  3. I love this, Annalisa! and I love Elsa, too πŸ™‚ She is amazingly “cute”…

    I’ve been in love with her smile since I first saw a pic of her. Of course, she claimed it was just b/c of where her Venus fell in my chart πŸ˜‰ But, I still say she has the most beautiful smile ever…”killer dimples” as she puts it. AND incredibly talented…

    You are both gifted writers. Thanks for writing this, Annalisa & thanks for posting it, Elsa! πŸ™‚

  4. Aww… that was beautiful. Thank you Elsa for posting it!

    Regarding the trolls, they’re like cockroaches. You post something publicly, the trolls show up. Everyone who has a blog has trolls and critics. NOT everyone who has a blog has people who show up in droves and come back faithfully every day. Your Venus must be very busy Elsa, because a lot of people love you. <3

  5. I think she’s simply beautiful. I would do anything for a dimple like that.

    That was a wonderful thing to write, Annalisa, and thanks to Elsa for sharing it. Let’s talk more about her clothes too. πŸ™‚ I know she has good taste, from the blouses she choose to wear on camera that suit her face and her neckline, and she’s shared the cute dresses she shops for as well.

  6. Great post – you two have such a wonderful relationship, thanks Annalisa!

    To this comment section I add this story:
    Last Tuesday night I’m on my laptop in the living room, on this site reading postings. My daughter (13) comes up behind me as one of Elsa’s youtube videos is on
    – “Who’s that?” my daughter asks.
    – “Elsa. She has an astrology site and blogs about all kinds of topics.”
    – “Wow, she’s really pretty! Look at the hair!! She looks young..how old is she?”
    – “I’m not sure.”
    – “Well, she can’t be more than 35 to be sure…”
    What can I say?? I agreed with her!

  7. I agree Annalisa! Are you sure she doesn’t have a a virgo moon? Or is that just the saturn flavor of her life?

    Thanks for writing this! πŸ™‚

  8. You’re right Annalisa, I’ve never encountered her writing style before. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it pulls you in.
    She definitely has a cute factor in her videos for sure!

  9. Haha, Annalisa, I was thinking that after all you wrote and all these comments. But it’s true, I heart Elsa’s dimples too! πŸ™‚

    Such a wonderful piece, thanks for reminding me of true sister love…:)

  10. Thank you Annalisa!

    This makes me very happy for both of you, (I have a younger sister I adore) You are lucky to have each other! Great piece about an exceptional, and yes VERY cute woman!

  11. love love love this post, loving Pisces sister uses her full Moon starlight to show supportive younger sister how very dear, pretty and talented and appreciated she truly is, which gives us the chance to applaud and absolutely agree XX

  12. Yes I agree she is very talented and cute. So much so that she makes me look at developing my own talents through hard work. She is a great example.

  13. For the record, this is giving me one of the worst days I have had in months. I don’t want anyone to feel bad but it’s a fact.

    I feel like vomiting and am going to take a few days off.

  14. Well i also enjoyed this post and the comments as well,aww Elsa i know it might be a bit much ,but its true you are one divine looking woman ,person ( we can tell ) and a helluva writer and astrologer as well.Annalisa it must run in the family, it was great reading your sisterly insights thank you, i always enjoy ur post as well !!!

  15. Annalisa, this is your best celebrity write up, yet! You chose a most captivating subject. Yes, Elsa is gifted, talented, cute, bright, beautiful and hard working as writer/astrologer/mother/wife. However, my favorite qualities are her keen wit and guileless nature. This is a rare combo, indeed.

  16. Annalisa, after I left today I was running around town, kinda thinking about this post. I realized that I have never said how nice it is to finally get to “know” Elsa’s sister I’ve read so much about. So while Elsa is squirming right now, let me say it’s a joy to get to know you first hand, as well. πŸ™‚

  17. I Think ElsaΒ΄s hair is alert to receive all the vibras Around That ‘s for sure but also i think it is wild and attractive and the Soldier coul say many more things about her Hair i Think !!!

    Elsa’s way of Writing is Powerful, Black Humour, Wise Humour, Insightful, etc.

    Elsa’s Eyes are Quick to get to the Point are Deep are Compassionate, Expressive, etc.

    Think Elsa got Talent in writing but hard work is making everyday her talent Grow !!!

    I Think The Soldier would love That Elsa develops her Aha Outside at least sometimes as she keeps developing her Inside !!! Because Elsa has The Magic to Do It !!!

    I Think Elsa is Ready to become a Celebrity Even if I dont Know About her Astrology !!!

    Best Wishes !!!

  18. I love this!!! I heart you Elsa and Annalisa!!!! Elsa you are sharp as a tack and Annalisa you are very intuitive. I love this soo much!!!!

  19. Elsa gives people joy, wisdom, encouragement, etc. etc. She does so even during her hard times. She is very special and we are blessed to have her.

  20. Re Elsa’s discomfort.. SORRY!!

    maybe sometimes the gifts we give are the ones we’d like to receive..rather than the ones the recipient would prefer if gifts indeed are to be given ( which is why I tip as often as I can and try just to say thankyou, work appreciated) but it’s hard NOT to take advantage of a chance to say something from the heart..so I guess you may well have to take off, turn your back to this wall of (to you perhaps queasy)warmth and wait for your own normality to resume.. deep breaths, in ..out..thinking.. it’s not real it’s cyberspace ; ).. just kiddin arond, forgive me

    this kinda reminds me of a conversation I had years ago with a Sun/Moon Virgoan showbiz colleague,now deceased,whose quiet kindness was legendary. I tried to thank her for something she did, which was HUGE, for me..
    I was in mid flow of Piscean effusive (but sincere) thankfulness and she snapped “oh stop gushing and get off the phone!”..I back pedalled and made my goodbyes, and a day or so later got a call asking would I do her a (pretty small)favour..which I leapt onto with delight of course..as I do, but muted my tone to “sure, no probs!”..trying to give what the recipient will benefit from or enjoy is always a challenge

    We’re all different..vive la difference..and thanks for this platform X

  21. I wonder if being so used to taking dark energy and turning it around that the opposite when overloaded simply takes you down. Sorry as well. I tried to keep my comment brief so as not to overwhelm too much.

  22. This crossed my mind this morning because I told the wedding day client today how I was the anti-bride / could not stand the attention. I also hate having my birthday acknowledged… I really hate it and usually just ignore anyone who bothers me about it.

    I used to have big parties when I was young, I could not avoid them because I was the bartender and it’s just part of the gig. What a nightmare.

    One year they gave me a rugby team for my birthday… my boyfriend didn’t like that one bit PLUS by boyfriend from high school showed up PLUS a woman who was engaged to another ex-boyfriend was there. Talk about a demand performance. `
    This stuff is not funny if you’ve no Gemini in your chart, LOL.`

    On top of that I had roses from 3 different men on the back bar, each thought they were doing something big.
    Fuck me, I wanted to die that night.

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