Elsa P And The Riot Act

Regarding people who storm off this blog, I woke up this morning realizing it’s because I am just not perfect enough for them. They read here for a year or 2 or 3 or more and then all the sudden, KA-BAM! I wrote one too many posts about my man. I’ve gone and said something about Italians, or Geminis or strippers that I don’t hate. Many times the wind just blows across their face the wrong way and next thing you know, Elsa P is read the riot act.

It’s really no different then waking up in a bad mood and taking it out on one of your kids. You know you shouldn’t do it but you do it anyway. You eat 500 meals, 1000 meals at someone’s house, never pay for a single one of them and then storm off telling them what a piece of crap they are… how disappointed you are.

If I am a disappointing piece of crap, I wonder what they are? Glorious maybe?

Why do you think this happens so routinely around here? Add the astrology if you can.

And here is my song for the dissatisfied (lyrics):.

“…I think I’ve lived a little too long on the outskirts of town
I think I’m going insane from talking to myself for so long
Oh, but I’ve never been accused
When they step on your face, then wear that good-look grin
I gotta break out one weekend before I do somebody in
But every single time I feel a little stronger
They tell me it’s a crime, well, how much longer?”



Elsa P And The Riot Act — 36 Comments

  1. They have Leo in asshole. How dare you not cater to the royal wishes! They are supposed to be catered to and if you don’t “off with your head”. LOL

  2. I don’t know. Honestly I don’t get it. I can understand how confusion happens. Very easy for people to get caught up in a discussion and take things too personally. I don’t get why you would stick around for years and not be willing to look at your own issues when something comes up. I think that’s it though. People are more willing to blame you than diffuse their own internal bombs.

    Tam – lol at Leo in Asshole.

  3. I wonder sometimes if they are embarrassed or self-conscious. There are however many people reading every day and then suddenly this little hurricane happens with everyone watching and the shame is just too much.
    You can see hints of it long in advance sometimes. I’ve noticed the spam filter is a big one. People who feel self-conscious about their comments disappearing or pissed off because they perceive some imaginary slight. Maybe it is too embarrassing to face the facts: that you are actually as fair and kind as you say you are???
    There is some kinds of behaviour that simply cannot sustain a decent relationship. Ie.complaining how irritating it is that there is no spell-check. LIke the world is watching and mocking you? FYI I still use the Canadian spelling for many words (hence my spelling of behaviour this way).

    I hope this doesn’t botheryou to hear Elsa but I think some people are too sensitive for Mars/Mercury. My boyfriend has Mars/Mercury/Jupiter in Sagittarius (1 degree apart!) and sometimes I have seen people react to him in what I feel is a completely overblown reaction.
    I’ve witnessed people accuse him of yelling when he is barely talking over a whisper!

  4. Well like for example, the gal who stormed off because I wrote “Gemaliar” which is a joke I have made for 20 years.

    She had me pegged as the motherfucker who was DESTROYING astrology with stereotypes. I mean, I was single-handedly RUINING life for everyone with my motherfucking thoughtfulness and if I did not take it back right now this instant welll… she was going to hold her breath, that’s what!

    Surely, there are people more guilty of ruining astrology than I am?

    I have also ruined Italians and Obama’s presidency among other things, (I have wiped out all the progress women have made in 50 years) all unbeknownst to me until I am INFORMED.

    In some cases, I have have just ruined the person’s ability to enjoy my blog which is especially queer if you think about it. I just shake my head but taken as a whole…

    Well, I just live on the outskirts of town is all and “town” if you ask me is pretty damned scary.

    Can you imagine me going to an astrology conference? I’d have to be crazy…

    “Hey psst. She said, Gemiliar. I heard she also has some thing against the Italians, plus she’s a warmonger…”

  5. I think some people are highly intimidated by certain types of Mercury. I see this with my bf and his Mars/Mercury/Jupiter conjunction. People accuse him of yelling, and he speaks so quietly you can barely hear him.
    My sisters accuse my mum of being a convoluted liar, and she simply has Pisces Mercury…and grew up in a %90 non-verbal family.
    My dad can cut right to the bone without realizing it with his Mercury in Scorpio.
    Right now I have Pluto transiting my natal Mercury and I can’t stop talking about gross stuff. Last week I managed to get 2 co-workers on board: “It’s inappropriate conversation day!” The next thing I knew they were telling me about their bowel movements. Not what I was getting it, but it helped me not feel so repellant.

  6. And, the person is going to SAVE astrology by storming off my blog. I have put up 10,000 on the subject, studied it all my life, worked with 1000’s of clients, taught hundreds of people and so far they have just got mad at me, hmm…

  7. My Gemini friend loved that Gemiliar, by the way. Some people are so nit-picky about how they hear a message they forget they are getting one.
    There is so much to learn from your blog, you know, like the gun thing. I’m not going to buy a gun, but I am going to listen to the message that a person can feel okay about defending themselves.

    Please don’t nit-pick the messenger to death!

  8. “I hope this doesn’t bother you to hear Elsa but I think some people are too sensitive for Mars/Mercury. ”

    It doesn’t bother me, I think it’s true. But these are not the people I am talking about.

    People who are sensitive will just leave. When a person feels compelled to lecture and chastise me – to pontificate, this sounds more like they’ve got a Mars Mercury of their own.

    Personally, I think they are just playing out a pattern they have in all their relationships. You;re in… and then you are OUT!

    I also think there is just no satisfying some people and the blame for why they are not satisfied has to go somewhere and I am damned handy for this purpose. I mean I am right here, with Neptune on my head – what could be more ideal?

    But as far as I am concerned, it’s like blaming the waitress in the diner. It just makes no sense.

  9. “Please don’t nit-pick the messenger to death!”

    This is another issue… what I said there, “I am just not perfect enough”.

    That people can’t tolerate my flaws.. well there is nothing I can do because hard as I may try, I am going to have them.

    But the effort I make here and the length of time I have sustained the effort is nothing less than staggering so if you’re going to point to the head on some pin and blow it up to the size of the universe… well I am sorry but this is lunacy in my mind.

    Also, on RUINING astrology, I do the dispatch (and before that the top 10) for just that reason. It’s because I suck and people like me ruin the world.

    See, it is all projection. Don’t like how it’s going? Find someone to blame! How about that walking by astrologer who has entertained your for 3 years? Hell yeah, she’s ripe.

    ::shakes head::

  10. I don’t understand those people who do that. I mean, this is a personal blog which happens to be about astrology. You own this! If someone has a problem, all they need to do is not read.

    This kind of thing…nobody should be subjected to this crap online. The real world is hard enough already.

    I’m so sorry you’ve had this happen Elsa. I think these instances are definitely cases of them having a problem.

  11. Another Gemini who loves the Gemiliar word. Nobody can spin the truth like a Gem. All my Gemini is caught up in a vicious t-square though so I’ve never gotten away with lying. Pisces mom pulled a mind trick on me when I was young and I have ALWAYS gotten caught if I even thought about playing with the truth. She told me that if anything bad was going to happen, accident, etc. that it would be when I was deceiving her and my dad. And it always was.

  12. Brace yourselves I have something to admit: I totally get it. In fact I think I carry the stomp-off-in-a-huff gene myself. If there is any astrology involved, it may be Scorpio or Pluto, (I have Pluto in the 8th opposing oversensitve Pisces Sun) and I say Scorpio because of the amputation qualities.

    In my twenties I ripped the heads off of some fantastic, loving people and I am still down on my knees in regret. My mom does this to eventually everyone she befriends. It was horrible to watch as a kid, and it’s always spooky to drive by those friends’ houses. It’s worse knowing that I can do it too. With therapy, hanging out with awesome friends, from being older and treasuring people, from having different gurus at different times, from learning to get another perspective, like from quadruple Aquariuses, from knowing that amputations are painfully permanent and people are never replaceable, and two heads may grow back but trust usually does not, from all this I try my very, very best to improve — one day at a time.

    Thinking more about the astrology, I have no air in my chart, my firey Sagittarian Moon is at a T-Square to the Sun-Pluto oppostion. The feeling, like if someone says “Gemilian” to me 🙂 if I dont have any awareness, the feeling is I will die. I am not sure if this can be further analyzed, because once it’s in such a state of extreme, there is no room for analysis.

    If you can compare this to being an alcoholic, like knowing the liquor store around the corner could bring down a whole life, having this stomp-off-in-a-huff gene is the same. It’s a loaded weapon that I don’t want to use anymore.

    Why this may happen here has to do with the intensity of emotion and a kind of a bonding from a collective synergy and a joy of having a sacred little spot to get really into astrology. The level of pain may have to do with Chiron being in Aquarius. Aquarius is groups and especially astrology groups, I’d say. Chiron in Aquarius can focus on a collective wound like loneliness, abuse, bereftness or alienation. We’re longing to be loved, feel close, open up, be understood, be astro geeks together. Then come projections, expectations, and worse case scenario, amputations. It doesn’t have to be this way, and its usually not, but his is my take on the painful and wounding topic.

    I was really sad over the weekend after the amputation. For me it hit core issues, I know this pain from a lot of sides. If there is anything good about it, it is a sign to stay aware and alert, to learn from it, and hold the feelings in check and remember amputations are thorough and there are options. So in the spirit of Chiron, now it’s time to heal.

  13. Not disagreeing with Deirdre, but don’t ever accommodate someone’s assanine behavior. It’s their journey let them walk it! If their behavior costs them every friend and family member they have, let them pay the price. Kissing their ass helps nobody.

    Child of alcoholic

  14. I too am guilty of just “walking away” – but it has always been in situations which were highly personal and emotional. I don’t quite understand expecting someone who runs a blog to to meet your emotional/moral/political expectations. If I want to do that, I would start my own blog (though I am too internet-ignorant to do so, but that’s another story). I don’t know, immaturity? I have certainly become more tolerant as I have grown older – other’s opinions do not take away from my own, nor threaten what I think at all.

    For me it’s like people being very concerned with what “religion” the President is, or if he is religious at all, or who his pastor is, blah, blah, blah. Who gives a shit? I just want him to run the country – tell me about those qualifications. I am not looking for him/her to tell me what my particular morals are.

    So I guess I am saying it may be insecurity in one’s own beliefs, and needing to be in an atmosphere where others are in agreement with them.

  15. I am sort of echoing Deidre’s theory. There are some folks out there who manage to destroy all of their relationships. I think reading about your personal life everyday, your interaction with us as your readers, the interaction between all of us readers, etc…this blog is a form of commraderie. I bet the most recent amputator was starting to get uncomfortable with the amount of ease she felt being here. I know one or two people like this, it’s a fear of happiness I think, and they look for any miniscule reason to flip their lid and say goodbye. I have to say, for some reason I saw this one coming. Intuition maybe.

  16. i tend to walk away before i do or say something i’ll regret.
    it’s a learned skill, to know when you’re temper’s about to get you in trouble.
    also, it’s useful to give people the benefit of the doubt… at first.

    i think we need less only children around. having siblings makes it easier to learn how to get along in a crucible… and be a little less self obsessed. the chinese have a saying about one of the effects of their one child policy: this generation is a group of “little emperors”

  17. but for me, walking away is just a means of giving myself space to cool off.
    people running off in a huff after throwing a big scene… i guess maybe they want to be recognized as the stars of their little movie in their head?

  18. The switch is what makes me dizzy watching this phenomena. You go from being Saint Elsa to Pit Fiend Elsa in 2.3 seconds. It seems virtually instantaneous.

    Thing is, if someone I respect says something that I think is nuts, they get the benefit of my doubt EVERY TIME. (Even if the only doubt I have left after said incident would be as to their remaining sanity, they still have it in full. :lol:)

  19. “The switch is what makes me dizzy watching this phenomena. You go from being Saint Elsa to Pit Fiend Elsa in 2.3 seconds. It seems virtually instantaneous.”

    Yes, I had someone tell me once they’d read my (free) advice for a year… but then read something they didn’t like.

    They decided this indicated my entire blog was an elaborate scheme to take money from the unsuspecting, I was making about 75 cents a month via Amazon at the time… there were no ads on the site of any kind.

  20. “So there’s my theory–if one doesn’t know how to tap into Mars or the Sun, life energy itself, they’re going to take it out on someone who does know.”

    yeah, but isn’t that like yelling at someone to stop yelling… 😉

  21. Might be a Neptune thing? You’re so accessible, and people here get very personal because you can let them and you share also, so there’s a high emotional connection, and with those connections can come dependency? It’s strange- sometimes when you give more, people take and take until you can’t fill them up any more and bam- they’re gone. I bet after they leave this blog they find another addiction that fulfills them, not knowing that they’re the problem all along.

  22. wow I just had an epiphany- I think I’ve done that- expected ppl to fill me up and when they didn’t… oh shit, another one awakened by elsaelsa lol!

  23. sonah22 – that sounds highly possible at least in some of these cases. I feel so… used, LOL. Rode hard, and put away wet… ::rolls eyes:::

  24. The amount you give is amazing, Elsa- I noticed it a while ago, and I was like crap, I don’t know how to thank her, and how it must be exhausting running this thing. And outside of the consultation, this blog had saved me a couple of times already. So thank you Elsa-really!

    (And I apologize for sounding sappy, but that’s Jupiter. Or Cancer or something :P)

  25. “from knowing that amputations are painfully permanent and people are never replaceable, and two heads may grow back but trust usually does not, from all this I try my very, very best to improve — one day at a time.”

    Wow Diedre- that really resonates me because I have the amputation gene also. I used it a couple of months ago, but it’s been embarrassing and tough. I’ve been trying to improve on it also, and your words are beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

  26. The most recent amputation—I too sensed it coming. It’s strange.. I’ve learned so much about staying still by coming here. Sometimes I find myself stirred up by what I read, including the comments.. and I’ve learned to just hold the feelings and wait for them to pass, or jot down what’s goin’ on in my own little journal.. but it’s always worthwhile to me. When I first started coming around, I wasn’t getting that anywhere else. Now that I’ve experienced the ache/churning of staying still and letting things pass…I find myself better able to navigate similar situations in my day to day, face to face encounters.

    It’s just queer to me, how Elsa can say she is this and this, and you know it’s true because it’s backed up by years of her writing, and then someone can come on and say no Elsa, you’re not this and this, you’re that and that.

    On the other hand, if someone’s going to take that route, then it’s always understandable to me when they choose to leave. It’s just not fun to watch. I can’t imagine what it’s like for Elsa.

  27. “Off with my head and I grow two more.” (Quote Elsa)

    LOL. Priceless! Thanks! I´d love to have that on my T-Shirt!

    Elsa, don´t worry to much about those people. Just not worth taking it personal. They´ve got severe issues. From my sight, it´s some kind of power struggle, and YOU´RE the one carrying the power, even though you might not be aware of it. But you come across as strong in your honesty, wisdom, wit and fearlessness. You´re empowered and you show yourself.

    And i guess some people can´t handle that, they feel inferior and take it out on you. You know, it´s not about leaving, it´s about having you take NOTICE they are, so they kick your shin. Angry babies…

    Don´t take it personal, it´s their fits. Maybe an aries problem (or aries moon), but nothing to really take serious, in my happily arrogant sagittarian (AC) opinion which I´d gladly lend you for these occasions.

    Even though i don´t normally post here these days due to continuing PC problems on my side- there´s not a day i don´t cherish your spirit and your output on here, there´s not a day i don´t consider you a high quality of deep running inspiration and a friend. I´m very grateful for what you give, and if i could, i´d defend you viciously against those aggressions, on my own behalf… but objectively, they´re not worth the bother.

    Love from Germany,

  28. Sweet. 🙂 Thank you, Kundrie. Nice to be reminded people like you are out there. 🙂

    On the current (latest) version of this, my thought is people are having real problems and if you are going to give them another problem, become a problem of theirs, they are simply going to have to amputate you, there is no other choice.

    Saturn in Libra, I think. If you can’t give back and balance and keep the peace, etc. no one is going to want anything to do with you for obvious reasons.

  29. “Off with my head and I grow two more.” (Quote Elsa)

    LOL. Priceless! Thanks! I´d love to have that on my T-Shirt! (Quote Kundrie)

    Time to shirt-up the entire free world in these and band together to obliterate those who would obliterate us.

    Thank you Elsa, for making us laugh, think, learn, share, care, for enriching our lives every day!

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