Elsa Fixed My Internet: Mars In Aquarius

foghorn leghorn and junior“The simplest hypothesis proposed as an explanation of phenomena is more likely to be the true one.”
–Richard Swinburne

Over the last several months I’ve had increasing trouble with my internet connection. I replaced a bad modem, talked with the provider tech person, messed with settings, all the stuff I can figure to do in my limited understanding of technology. It would get better and I’d think I had it, but then poop out again. It also seemed to coincide with Uranus (electronic communication systems) transiting my natal Chiron (chronic dysfunction).

Uranus is now moving forward at a steady rate. Today Mars is at zero degrees Aquarius (Uranus-ruled) moving into semi-sextile (30 degrees) with mercury (simple communications), also aspecting Uranus. Elsa got serious with me and said, “tell me EXACTLY what it is doing.” After listening to me natter on and on she said, “did you check the connection on the internet cable itself, screw it in tight?” Holy barking mother of Maude, it was loose. I screwed it in tight and now the internet works. If I weren’t so incredibly relieved and elated I might feel like a complete maroon (Foghorn Leghorn reference which I’m not going to bother to tie to astrology).

So someone with Mars-Mercury gave me a simple tech tip and solved my systemic problem. Hallelujah. Mars (action) in Aquarius (the internet, systems) aspecting Mercury (simple communications, machinery) in Capricorn (work, maintenance). It’s a good day to make sure all your connections are tight. Don’t be like me, avoid the “facepalm” moment.

Ever had a terrible problem only to find there’s an embarrassingly simple solution?


Elsa Fixed My Internet: Mars In Aquarius — 16 Comments

  1. This brings to mind the time I was freeeeeaking out about my loss of internet connection….turns out I’d unplugged my modem, ha ha!

  2. h, my mother did the same thing last year. LOL. We couldn’t believe it. After she’d finally called someone to come out the next day, I asked her where she’d been cleaning, moved the bed back (the office is next to her bedroom), and I found it unplugged. None of us could believe we hadn’t thought of it sooner.

    I’ve been having a continuous problem with my computer, since the Spring of last year. Maybe with the New Moon conjunct my IC, I’ll get it seen to properly.

  3. Old anecdote about customer on phone with tech support. Customer can’t get new monitor up and going. Tech asks, “Can the computer see the monitor?” Woman turns monitor so that it is facing the computer tower, then reports this new monitor position to Tech, who has to put phone down so customer won’t hear laughing. “no, no … I mean have you configured the monitor settings?”

    Kinda relates to “Is it plugged in, Ma’am?”

    Not taking a shot at you, Satori. We’ve all been there. Me, too! Glad Elsa helped solve the annoying problem.

  4. I once had a bunch of stuff I was carrying to my car, this story might not fit exactly, but I couldn’t find my car keys. I looked everywhere, went back inside tore apart my bedroom looked in the refrigerator etc… went back outside looking on the ground under the car on the seats on the floor.

    They were in the ignition, the first thing I did when I entered the car. Ended up to be a good day after all that.

  5. Happens to me all the time, Satori! Where the *hell* are my sunglasses??? I’m checking pockets and purse and sonofabitch they are on my face. Keys? Forget it – they hide from me. And yes, they are usually in the ignition.

    This is my latest and greatest:

    I was in a fender bender a week ago this past Friday (in my new car, dammitall) that took out the driver side headlight. And bumper and stuff too, but the headlight is important with the new job I have; I drive a lot, and often before or after dark.

    So Lee went and got a new headlight and managed to fit it in where the bumper is missing…no body work happening until the weather warms up. He’s a do-it-himselfer. He was so proud, until the next morning when he went to warm it up for me and the battery was stone dead. The headlights weren’t turning off automatically.

    Oh, noes!! Bad thing, since the battery is beneath the backseat. (I shit you not. Who the hell ever heard of such a thing???) I am NOT undoing the battery at every stop on my route anyway. I’m pretty self sufficient, but there are limits!

    So Friday, he drives me through the route, hanging out, drinking coffee in a coffee shop and shooting the breeze with farmers while I work. I come out of the first place, 50 miles from home, and he says…

    “I fixed the light problem!”

    The headlights are automatic, coming on at dusk, turning off when the engine is killed. At some point during his putting the replacement headlight assembly in, the button inside the car that *manually* turns them on – and leaves them on indefinitely – got pushed. VOILA!

    He was kinda kicking himself, but I was thrilled to pieces…and told him so! We’re both happy now, but what a silly thing to happen, and how ridiculous neither of us even thought to check that button?!

  6. ::snort:: that reminds me of the time my dash lights quit working. I couldn’t drive at night because I couldn’t see how fast I was going or if I was in drive or low.

    eventually I realized there was a knob that dimmed the dash lights and it was all the way down. I like to sit in my car in the parking lot and read my book with my feet out the window. the knob is right next to where I put my feet out the window.

  7. I have done the “Where’s my glasses” thing and well duh, on my face” It’s amazing how distracted and unaware I can be at times.

  8. overthinking..and missing the simple solution.I’m guilty.

    Krisinluck, you sound like me! I usually have to leave the house and office at least twice before I figure out where the hell everything is..keys..phone..etc. The girls in the office are so used to it when I leave the first time they say “see you in a minute”

  9. Oh yeah. & my Gemini friends point this out to me ALL the time!!! Lightning years ahead on the forward thinking stakes =)
    My first plan of action, if the electricity ever conks out, is to go make a cup of tea (with the electric kettle) & think about what to do next. L M A O!!!!!!!!!!

  10. & also… I think Capricorn is a hindrance to picking up technology. Our reasoning just don’t work that way. If it makes you feel any better @satori- I know quite a few Cap people who have this trouble (NOT to say there aren’t plenty of wizz kid caps OUT there o course! =)
    Then stir some Neptune in…

  11. LOL- I don’t like to laugh at your frustration, Satori- but, it is pretty funny!

    I write all my HTML/CSS/etc… by hand (old school, I know), but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a glitch to only find out it was a single character (i.e. comma) that I had neglected to insert… Oye… the hours I’ve spend looking for commas!

  12. “Increasing tech or internet problems with Uranus transiting natal chiron…”

    Wow, I am undergoing this transit too. And over the past few months, I just could not understand WHYYYY my cell phones have not been working, why my phone got stolen right in front of me, why my messages get lost, etc. Could this be it? I hope it ends soon. I am the type of person who thrives on speedy and accurate information, and not being able to send my messages when I need to stresses me out.

  13. guilty techless cap here – if you show me then I know for life, but to work it out I just am unable to follow the steps. Have improved half a notch over time.

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