Effects Of Venus In Cancer Opposing Pluto In Capricorn – PAIN

Venus in Cancer will oppose Pluto in Capricorn at twenty degrees on June 5th, 2018. If you have planets in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn) near that degree, you’re just going to have to let go. I’d not expect this to be easy!

I watch things closely and this affects me personally. Consequently, I can give you a pretty good idea what you can expect.

First, you can expect people from your past to resurface. I call them “corpses”. These are people who are dead and gone in your life; they come back to haunt you in some way.

Often enough, it’s a real life contact. But a person can also “surface” in your life when you stumble across an old letter or a picture or their memory just floats up from your subconscious. This is necessarily a negative thing. The word, “corpses”, is just part of my colorful way of communicating. You all know what I mean. You think the person is gone for good. You look up and there they are.

With Venus in Cancer, it’s most likely to be a woman who comes back around. Pluto can heal or kill so you’ll just have to see what this gal wants!

I have already had this occur, twice. Both exchanges were good. I also see a lot of old-timers showing up on the blog. This has also been good. It’s encouraging!

Secondly, people will amputate relationships over this next week or so. I’ve experienced this as well. A person comes to a point where they’ve had enough of you; you won’t necessarily be told why. But it really doesn’t matter. My husband taught me long ago, the only people who count are those who stick with you.

Also keep in mind, these separations are not always personal.  When a person is struggling, it’s often necessary they simplify their life.  They prune the people and things in their life so that it becomes more manageable.

You can also expect power plays in relationships. People want to control others. In this case it may be due to a drive to stop the PAIN. When we’re talking Pluto in Capricorn, the pain is likely to be deep. The phrase “bone-crushing” comes to mind. I am having this experience as well.

Expect things associated with Cancer and Capricorn to be involved here. Aging. Dependency. Family. Responsibility. Even if you’re relatively unaffected, you’ll be dealing with people who are affected so guess what? You’re affected.

The pain I’m feeling at this time is out of this world.  Luckily we have this Grand Trine in Water (Compassion, Forgiveness, Ethereal Grace & Healing) in affect. It goes a long way in helping a person to cope.

If do find yourself crushed under the weight of something entirely outside your control, try to access this uplifting, healing energy. And if you can offer this to someone, by all means, do it!

How is the Venus Pluto opposition expressing itself in your life?


Effects Of Venus In Cancer Opposing Pluto In Capricorn – PAIN — 52 Comments

  1. My natal Venus is at 19 Cancer, transiting Pluto has been dancing around it in opposition for a while now but Jupiter has also (and will again) apply a trine to it…relationships/money and power are in play

  2. My brother has Venus in Cancer at 14* and his birthday is June 2nd. He has a corpse that he has been talking to. My husband’s sister used to be married to my brother and she walked out on him for another man back in 2004. Now, they have been messaging each other a lot and acting like they want to get back together, never mind that they have a girlfriend/boyfriend.

    I think it is a very bad idea for them to get back together, because it did not work the first time.

    • Checking my brother’s chart his Venus at 14* Cancer is exactly square his Pluto at 14*Libra. So this transit is going to set his square off and I guess we will find out what happens.

  3. Elsa,
    Very sorry to hear you are going through a very painful time. I benefit quite often from your writings, in navigating through life. Thank you. All best wishes for things improving for you soon.

  4. Thanks for the post!

    I would have never tied a Venus/Pluto opposition with corpses, but I guess thats the cancer influence.

    • After looking through the corpse posts, it really seems to be primarily venus/pluto bringing the corpses.
      I have a ven/plu opposition natally, so I don’t think this will be effecting me much. But then again, maybe *I* am the corpse and just don’t know it!

  5. Venus in 6H trines my Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio 10H and Pluto sextiles it almost exactly from the 12H.

    Something will be leaving, something will come in new or something will be transformed. Maybe all of it, maybe only one. Hard to say. But there’s a lot of relationships, love and abundance for good or bad.

    Maybe it will hurt, bit it will hurt so good. I have Chiron opp the sun-stellium at 25 degrees Taurus.

  6. Venus I think of love Pluto I think of war if love and war have their moment I’d like to think it is my ambitions versus nature putting up it’s curves and bumps stop signs I just want to have a peaceful mind and a peaceful heart keep my mouth shut sometimes because I might offer when not needed I am learning with my kids and grandkids I hear more if my mouth is shut and I’ve said enough so I really enjoy being the passenger not the driver
    But being 59.5 and a Cap. Withvenus in Aquarius and Pluto in Virgo I am on the seesaw is it
    Crazy love in a calculated war
    Or just a sunny day
    I understand Uranus in Taurus getting us deeper in the pond not my comfort spot but as once coached
    Chin up nothing to be ashamed of
    At this time and place in my life

  7. Good grief! Hubby and I have been at it for a while now and it seems, I hope, that it’s peaking. Been married 23 years and have hardly every fought, but lately, HOLY COW! We have just been so OFF, and to my surprise, the “D” word has come up a few times. We have always known that we are soulmates and to hear him say maybe we would be better off apart was just too much. It’s all about how he is the “sole bread winner” and he feels crushed by all of his responsibilities and how he is under so much pressure at work~ everything you just said. And I have been taking the brunt of it, man have I.(Stay-at-home-mom) It has felt bone-crushing…..but I am a strong gal, I have Pluto quite prominent in my chart and always rise from the ashes. I have different ideas about what it takes to raise a family. Yes, money is part of it…a big part! But there is also emotional responsibilty and care-giving! I have no problem getting a job~but I doubt that solves the real problem. He has always been a “stressed-out” kind of person. Last night I got him to sit and meditate with me, THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED! We sat facing eachother, eyes closed, listening to some mellow music and just breathed. I could not stop my tears from flowing. I hope it was cathartic for him as well. I am going to keep encouraging this and see what comes up next next week….
    As always, thanks for the heads up!

    • Niki, I have burned in the same transformative fires, the kind that light up the sky of your life. Grace – the grand water trine- has a different feel to it, although equally transformative. In my experience it is subtle, a whispering. It invokes a softening of attitudes and old behaviors that were barriers to intimacy and peace, healing our hearts so we can love more profoundly.. Next to the noise of fear it is barely audible. Like most acts of kindness, Grace can go unnoticed. Or not…..
      I believe It likes to be recognized like a gentle house guest arriving at your door. You can welcome It. “Please stay in me.”
      I wish you the best. However scary it is, it seems you are being gifted a healing.

  8. I have natal Venus @17 degrees, Mercury @ 29 (both in Cap), and late Asc in Cancer.
    Thanks for the post. Helps make sense of all the nonsense in my life. My life is a massive drama show. I’d rather now spill details at the moment, but I cannot wait for things to relax.

  9. Oof, that’s a little close to my Cancer Venus at 23 degrees. I hope it’s nothing too serious. I have natal Venus square Pluto so I deal with corpses on a regular basis lol.

  10. Thank you for this Elsa! Well informed & equipped knowing this in advance. At least as much as one can be — I.e *alert*. I have a 6house Capricorn Sun & Jupe @ 23 degrees and Cancer ascendant @ 29 degrees in 12th. The themes for those houses (aside from health/daily work) is always something that’s ambivalent to me. Any ideas/examples of areas that could be affected would be appreciated & helpful. 🙂 Thank you! ?

  11. “Often enough, it’s a real life contact. But a person can also “surface” in your life when you stumble across an old letter or a picture or their memory just floats up from your subconscious.”

    This is of my own doing. I worked for Kodak for over 2 decades, free film and processing. I am going through old photos. Thrown out over 3000. Tried to find the people who would want their ‘part’ in my journey. Found out several are deceased. Going over my 57 years has run the gamut of emotions. From joy to depression but it has to be done and done now for some reason that I don’t know but is driving me.

    “With Venus in Cancer, it’s most likely to be a woman who comes back around. Pluto can heal or kill so you’ll just have to see what this gal wants! I have already had this occur, twice. Both exchanges were good.”

    I just came back from my first appointment with my new dentist. I adored my old dentist but hated his female hygienist. She came from a wealthy family, always bragging about her wealth, everything in her perfect life: husband, kids, job schedule, how much she made. She was nonstop chatter and of course, she had sharp instruments in my mouth, so I never said a word. I haven’t been there in 4 years. This new dentist is 3 minutes from my house and my son can go to his appointments alone.

    When we walked in, the receptionist remarked that “Kelly is so excited to see you! You used to go to her old employer. So I’m going to give you Kelly and your son will see the other hygienist.” I had no clue what she was talking about because this woman was ‘dead’ to me, couldn’t remember her name. Kelly bounded out in to the waiting room and looked right at me and said “Well, I hope you don’t mind that you’re with me! You didn’t leave Dr. M because of me, did you?” She had felt my prior feelings about her, I wasn’t as clever at hiding them as I thought I was. I reassured her (that’s what you do when the waiting room is full and your son is there) that was not the case but in my mind I was thinking “WTF are the chances of THIS happening?” We needed our teeth cleaned so off I went to her chair. She chattered on but differently. Then she quietly said “I have a 2 year old now too.” I congratulated her but she softly said “She’s not mine. My husband cheated on me and got someone pregnant. It’s very difficult but we’re working on it and it’s a work in progress but it’s worth it because I do love this little girl and so do my children and if I had left him, they would have never gotten to know their sister as we have her every weekend. We are in counseling.” I could hear her pain, see her pain, feel her waiting for my reaction. I put my hand on her arm, removed the instruments from my mouth and said “You are a better person than me. I can’t even imagine what pain you felt. You are amazing.” She responded “But your son’s father cheated on you so many times.” I said back “but he never conceived a baby with them. Trust me, what you’re doing is remarkable to me.” She opened up even more. Asked me how my son was doing in high school. I said he was a solid B student. She said her older daughter was doing well but her son was failing out (he’s 13). Again, her sadness and pain seeped through as she said she had him in counseling as he just didn’t seem to care. We talked mother to mother, woman to woman, truth to truth.

    I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I had this whole picture painted of her perfect life and I was so resentful and jealous of her because mine wasn’t. In fact, we just don’t know what is going on in others’ lives unless we’re willing to put aside our ego and dig in deep past the facade. Normally I would have been gleeful at her misfortune but at this age, you hopefully have learned that it’s just bad karma. Instead, I tried grace, love, respect, empathy.

    I will be returning to my new dentist and it was lovely to let go and see the real Kelly. I hope she and her family will be thriving in 6 months.

    “Also keep in mind, these separations are not always personal. When a person is struggling, it’s often necessary they simplify their life. They prune the people and things in their life so that it becomes more manageable.”

    Elsa’s above statement describes me to a ‘T’.

    “You can also expect power plays in relationships. People want to control others. In this case it may be due to a drive to stop the PAIN. When we’re talking Pluto in Capricorn, the pain is likely to be deep. The phrase “bone-crushing” comes to mind. I am having this experience as well.”

    I am also struggling with this as on Mother’s day, my oldest daughter told me that she had one father and seven mothers (me, her boyfriend of two years’ mother, his stepmother, her father’s third wife, two woman she worked with in her late teens and a female friend.) She has asked me to talk to her when I’m feeling hurt instead of ‘holing up and disappearing”. I told her how ‘bone crushing’ it was to have her say that to me. She responded by twisting my statements and I was starting drama. I told her that on her father’s birthday and Father’s Day, she always put up pictures of him and a glowing paragraph about him on Facebook and that I would love if she did that for me. She said she did and when I looked, it was a generic mother’s day greeting with the 7 mothers tagged in it. I wanted to burn every picture I had of her I was so hurt (Moon in Scorpio). I didn’t even know she was going on vacation to Aruba with her boyfriend’s parents. It’s like I’m an afterthought. It’s a double dagger as my autistic daughter has not wanted anything to do with me 3 years come August. My oldest is due home soon and with our charts, I can see this coming to a head and I need to keep my cool or risk losing her forever. Never an easy thing for me to do. I’m still having trouble not sarcastically telling her that her logic is skewed because if she has 7 mothers, she has 3 fathers (her biological father, her boyfriend’s father and stepfather). Oye, oye, oye!

    I have 7 cardinal signs and she has 8. We are both Libra Suns with Mercury and Venus in Libra.

    • She has Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and her AC in Capricorn. Chiron in Cancer. Almost all around 20 degrees. This opposition occurs in her 6th House (Venus in Cancer) and 12th House (Pluto in Capricorn).

      My Mars and MC is in Cancer. My AC in Libra. Saturn in Capricorn. The opposition happens in my 3rd house (Pluto in Cap) and 9th house (Venus in Cancer).

      Breathe and let it go. I have to stop seething. Om.

  12. I just received a text from someone I have not heard from in years……..asking me to help her move, really?

  13. Natal Venus 22º Cap conjunct Pluto; dealing with physical pain (bad shoulder, fell and hit my head twice in a week, never happened before,trying to adapt to 20kgs more T gained when trying to stop smoking,backache,etc) I feel OLD, is as if in the last 3 years I got 10 on top. My husband (Scorpio,Cap asc) is 31 years older but faring much better and taking care of me.Then there`s my auntie who we, the family, had to deal with because of dementia (90) and my mother who is not as perky as before, depressed by seeing the condition of her sister and blackmailing me emotionally as usual. Amputating: five minutes ago I left a whatsapp group of my school for political differences. As I moved city for my job, people from the past peep out, but briefly and without many consequences. The opposition takes place inthe 2nd Cap and the 6thCancer. Another thing.An old flame surfaced. Not that I was very impressed,but now I remember that his sun and sat cancer oppose my cap venus. That`s enough, I guess!

    • Another thing?Smack dab on!
      After a long and Painful walk to the local bar, a lovely place where everybody talks to everybody, dog on one hand and bouquet of wild flowers I had been picking along the way on the other, I come in there to find him talking to another girl, common friend, (the 3 of us used to walk our dogs together like 5 years ago on the beach).The barman put the flowers in front of him, I joined and paid the first round, we talked a lot,he picked my moorish earring from thr floor, then my husband joined (I told him to pick me up) and talking about gardening and plants, his job, we closed the bar.I spent like 90? minutes paying him attention.
      I still don`t know if this corpse is so bad. The one that has been feeling like a corpse lately is me.

      • Transiting Venus at 17 cancer was conjunct his sun and opposite my natal venus and transiting Pluto
        Any hints?
        I`ll try not to worry!

        • Pain, physical:while doing rehab on my right shoulder, I fell TWICE last week on the bathroom’s floor,head first. Luckily it was only a bump.
          This morning it really hurt and went to the hospital where they checked me for brain damage.No problem, thank Pluto, but PAIN headache,cervicals.
          Then, this year I moved to the city. Due to several problems (cortisol,meds,etc) I gotfat. Three weeks ago I stopped smoking and I must walk 30/45 minutes a day. Well, it`s PAINFUL, backache
          Had a tooth removed…etc
          Painful feeling of rejection and power struggles with my brothers and mother, but I´m used to that
          Sorry about your pain,Elsa,sometimes I´m a brute who doesn`t read all the previous comments
          Double Sag!

  14. Thanks Elsa, again your spot on with the effects of this activity, I’m experiencing unwanted responsibilty for property matters that have little or no effect on me personally (ex’s stuff) but reflected in my own chart by very closely aspected 2nd & 8th house activity. Have to deal with it compassionately as I’m still the “rock” when really people should be able to manage their own shit. Hope your own “stuff” is not impacting too greatly on your own health and peace of mind. You can definitely see a trend through the comments of the effects of both this opposition and the current water trine. A perfect example of the paradoxes we all face, part of the natural flow of life.

  15. So, this is between my 1st and 7th houses. Ironically, this will be exact on my asteroid “paine” at 21 degrees Taurus, lol.

  16. Oh bother. My natal North node is at 20° Cancer. My Asc is Cancer. Probably gonna be really personal. Perhaps instead of bone-crushing…gut-wrenching (Cancer)? Maybe not so bad though, Venus is the most dignified planet I have outside Saturn, and we are talking north node. Hm. And the grand water trine is conjunct my natal GWT. Gonna have to deal with something, but it should be a healing methinks. Great insights. Thanks!

  17. More PAIN? Hmm, hardest year of my life so far already? Well, I guess I’m becoming close with pain in a way I never could have thought possible.

  18. Both my Friend and I have a deceased friend -a lady- who was a medium trying to contact us and asking for help because she’s earthbound. It’s difficult. She was quite controlled in the end by low type spirits then she died. Prayer hasn’t worked ( yet). I think this fits this transit which both of us are having.

    • That’s weird, didn’t people pray for her during the funeral? And also, doesn’t she have any relatives to ask for this?

      You could pray together, you could pray at her grave. In addition you could burn some incense.

  19. I got my dream job. Im a Scorpio with 5 planets in libra. This cycles been good to me. Ive seen twice now the current wife of my first husband. She came into my job at a hotel trying to get a room. I recognized her pictures from facebook. She seems to be living in motels. I noticed she has a necklace tattoo of his full name. It was jarring to look at her neck and see my ex husband’s unusual middle name inked into her skin. It looks like he helped her as little as he helped me. I wanted to talk to her but worried since she looks like shes hooking and or on drugs.

  20. I’m sorry for whatever it is that’s causing you pain. I have an Aries/6 Mercury in near exact opposite Libra Mars/12 at 20°. I don’t know how it’s effecting me. Also, Pluto has been squaring these two planets, but I’m not in intense emotional pain, like I had been for so many years. I feel good. I am sober and accountable.Netune has been squaring my Venus, I’m not hurting over that one either, on the contrary, I feel a great deal more empathy for others than I have in a very long time. Strange days.

    • Not strange, I’ll take a stab at this for you with Elsa’s adjudication. It looks like you’ve got some powerful T square activity going on, with Mars energy in the 12th house (spirituality) manifesting itself intellectually (Mercury) with the transformational push from the Pluto location. It would seem therefore that the Grand Trine in Water (Compassion, Forgiveness, Ethereal Grace & Healing) has a much greater influence on you personally than the Pluto Venus opposition.

  21. Funny how just last night I wrote a snail mail letter to an old roommate from the 70s that I just located. Guess I am the corpse ☺. Elsa, blessings of compassionate wellness.

  22. Thank you, Bob! That was spot on! I’m not feeling like an atheist/agnostic for the first time in over 20 years. I’m letting go of the resentments, and I want to do more and I want to be better, in terms of how I treat my fellow inhabitants on earth. It is not my desire to rack-up any more bad karma. We are here in this body for such a short period of time. Why not choose love.

  23. The pulse of pain and grace seemed to be repeating over and over through everyone’s story. Bob called it an ‘transformational push” and I think that sums it up. Particularly where the cardinal areas of your charts have suffered from the Pluto/Uranus squares in the past.
    It is natural to protect your heart after being emotionally wounded, suffering financial blows or losing loved ones. The Grand Trine is showing us where (under safe circumstances) we need to open our heart, soften our response even though we have been hurt. Sometimes we are the ones who must love ourselves because that is what these dark corners in our lives offer; the place where there is no one but you who is willing to give the love you need. In the dark corner the seed of compassion is planted and transforms your life.

  24. For me my life theme thise last 6 months has been “letting go”. Ever since that last eclipse we had this winter, I have been struggling to let go of a man I have feelings for.
    Its been so hard, since we also worked together as a group at the university (students). But yesterday we parted ways. I quick hug a fareawell and now he is out of my life.

    I don’t know how to process all this. I have an emptyness in my soul and life, and he was filling it for a while.

    He became a drug, and now I’m going through the waning phase.

    Constantly crying and having anxiety attacks… Letting go scares me so much!

  25. I think crying is ok, it releases pain?
    It’s like painting with water colors
    You add water and it pulls it all together,pain can be displaced just add something in, even tears will make it complete

  26. I have a natal PLuto at 20 degrees Libra in my 7th (just having fun, not being in a relationship). Wondering how this will play out as I’m currently single and doubt my ex will make a return…

  27. How about this. My boyfriend of 6 years moved out while I was away at a family celebration this weekend. He texted, “Bye”. No warning, no call.

  28. This manifested as literal pain for me, but good news – I know what’s causing it. Perimenopause! Female issues! Hello, Cancer Venus!

    All this affects my Moon, 19 Libra, and my Baby Scorp’s Moon, 16 Cancer. I told her, what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger. I have a way to go with t. Pluto square my Moon. I’m looking ahead and pushing on through.

  29. I just had two Scorpio male corpses (they are both the same age too, younger than me by a little bit lol) text me within an hour of eachother.

    One, I am only happy to hear from. He’s incredibly encouraging to me and is definitely on my side and I appreciate him.

    The other……not so sure how I feel about him. I think he has good intentions but hes an enigma.

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