Effects Of The Stellium In Pisces: February – March, 2018

The Sun, Venus, Mercury, Chiron and Neptune will be be in Pisces between February 18th and March 5th of 2018.  This will impact on all of us.

It’s particularly interesting because there was a large stellium in Pisces in January, last year. This year will be dramatically different from last year though.

For one thing, Saturn in Sagittarius squared the stellium in Pisces in 2017.  Talk about being thwarted.

This year, Saturn won’t be involved but beyond that, Jupiter in Scorpio will!  Big! Giant!  Difference!

Last year there was a block to stumble on. This year it’s portal wide open. People are going to dream and they’re going to dream big.

This stellium will also be fed by Mars in Sagittarius. It’s a harsh aspect but Mars functions well in a Fire sign and Sagittarius tends to be positive.

I can see some degree of megalomania resulting from this, but it’s also possible to simply push for your high ideals.

You’ll definitely want to note the house(s) in your chart that will be hit with this stellium.  You may also want to keep a Virgo handy, for balance and to help discriminate.

Cancer is going to love this by the way. And if you’re a Pisces, with a birthday during this period, you’ll most definitely want to get a Solar Return Report as this will be a phenomenal year for you.

Where will the stellium in Pisces fall in your chart?  Got plans?




Effects Of The Stellium In Pisces: February – March, 2018 — 42 Comments

  1. It’s splayed between my 8th and 9th houses… It’ll be nice to have some respite from all the 8th house crap that has played out this year with a vacation overseas we’re planning around spring break.

  2. Can you please tell me how I know what house(s) in my chart this will effect? 7/9/69. And why will this be something Cancer is going to love?

    Thank you!

  3. Sun and Neptune in house 6, Mercurius, Venus and Cheiron in house 7.
    In my birth chart is Neptune in house 2, conjunct Venus in Libra, is my Virgo sun in house 12 and is Gemini on Midheaven. Aquarius is on the cusp of house 6. I am 63 years old and find a new lover or a new job …… I don’t think so! 🙂 I am curious!

  4. I don’t know if you have written about january stellium in capricorn yet?

    I’m dredding that one a bit, capry energy can be so heavy:/ It will all be in my 5th house though so dunno.

      • Ah ok I most have missed it! Thank you!

        I have mixed feelings for that one!

        The pisces stellium will be in my un-exciting 6th house. My Dc is 14 degreees pisces so it will be under my Dc.

    • I am right there with you! The Capricorn stellium will also be in my 5th house along with natal Sun and Mercury. But I’m optimistic about it. Time to be a magician and use that heavy lead energy to make gold. I’m working on my first book and thinking more seriously about having children. I believe I will become a mom during Saturn’s transit of my 5th. However, there may be some complication or delay whether in conception or the labor. Either way I’ll still feel blessed. ?Just sad my mom won’t be here to go through it with me…?

      • Oh its sounds awesome with a book project with 5th house transits! I hope you will become a mother as you wish.

        Not saturn but my mother concieved me and later my brother when Pluto was transit her 5th house. (and I’m very plutonic , and my brother has scorpio rising). So I hope saturn means children for you! <3

        • Oh wow that is neat! I hope so too. Ironically my boyfriend is also a Capricorn. The Cappy stellium will be in his 1st house. The Pisces stellium hits my 7th and 8th house. It hits his 3rd house. The beginning of 2018 looks interesting especially with his birthday (Jan 16th) falling during the stellium in Cappy.

  5. Pisces stellium will straddle my 6th and 7th houses. I have Pisces moon conjunct the DC at 20 degrees. I think I’ll love this stellium.

  6. My birthday is 2/19 so sun is at 0 degrees Pisces…. 8th house cusp (as a Leo rising) is 01 Pisces so this is almost happening entirely in my 8th house. In my solar return this coming year it’ll be between my 4th and 5th houses. I’m moving on January 1, go figure!

    Do you really think this will be a phenomenal year, though, Elsa? Just because of all the Pisces? In my natal chart, only my sun is Pisces but I’m a quadruple Aries plus Leo rising so I’m not sold!

    Either way, love this site and always appreciate your insight 🙂

  7. 6th House. This is very welcome considering what’s going on for me right now. Definitely looking forward to a boost in the “work” “health” and “responsibilities” etc., areas of life.

  8. All happening in the first house with a square to my Gem Sun in the 4th but a trine to a Scorpio Jupiter in the 8th. The Sun and Neptune trine my Mercury in Cancer in the 5th. This should be quite good I think.

  9. I didn’t realize there was a stellium in Pisces coming up, so I haven’t had time to think about it. It will be conjunct my natal 9th house Pisces stellium and opposed my natal 3rd house Virgo stellium… so I have to ponder this one.

  10. This spans the eighth and ninth house cusp for me….I have a Jupiter Chiron conjunction in Pisces in my either house natslly…am wondering if perhaps it is a lover from overseas or travelling for work….?

  11. This stellium has been in my mind lately because I have another big social event to go to when the Sun and Mercury are still @29 Aquarius, but then the Pisces stellium is with Venus, Neptune, and the Moon, all falling in my 11th house, where I have Saturn. I’m still disenchanted with the NYE event, and this event is also at the beach. 12th house moon blockage right here so I cant write a conclusion :/

  12. Wow, 4th+5th house, with natal moon and mars. Good time to either fall in love and/or be deceived by same.? Sun in Leo says “Oh Hell Yeah, grab the love, girlfriend!” Of course, it might just be great that my kids are visiting during this time?

  13. 8th house. I think I’m feeling this already. I will need to feel and shine light on whatever comes up (stuff is already surfacing), love it, embrace it, heal it and transform it into art.

  14. Falls from my IC halfway into my 4th house. I’ve already been having problems with my home in the shape of a hole in my roof, followed by a severe mould problem (Neptune=poison). My home is dissolving… Chiron promises pain to come?
    And yet, I feel strangely tranquil.

  15. This falls in my 3rd and 4th houses. 2nd for hubby. Lately he’s been broke the minute his SSI check comes in because we’re covering all the rent until we find another roommate. Our old roommate has had trouble accessing her money (to pay us her portion of rent through end of lease) so she hasn’t been able to help us. Plus my auto insurance is sky-high for now til I get a cheaper insurer.

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