Effects Of The Stellium (and New Moon) in Cancer – July 14-16, 2015

cancer stelliumI’ll write a separate post in regards to the New Moon in Cancer, but check this out…

That stellium will be in place from July 14-16, 2015.  If your birthday falls in this time frame, I’d get a Solar Return Report to see what area of life will be focal for you 2015-2016. That’s the cheapest, easiest way.

For everyone else, note where the stellium will fall in your natal chart.  You’re going to see a lot of action in that area.

For example, it fall around my descendent and squares my planets in LIBRA.  So partnership will be featured. With Mars and Mercury conjunct like that, I expect a lot of counseling work…and perhaps fighting, lol. Or maybe “debate” is a better word. ::rolls eyes::

Where does the stellium in Cancer fall in your chart?



Effects Of The Stellium (and New Moon) in Cancer – July 14-16, 2015 — 30 Comments

  1. That’s straddling my ascendant/Jupiter and also squaring my Libra stellium — Mars, Venus, Pluto in the fourth.

    Think I’ll be a bit emotional and over-sensitive? *snorts & rolls eyes*

  2. stellium in my 8th, mars/ mercury exact conjunct vertex, pluto on anti vertex, new moon sextile taurus sun in 6th, virgo pluto in 10th….I have moon in leo in 9th…could it possibly be that my mountain land in another state will sell?!?!

  3. went ahead and did my hubbys SR using pacidus default..the SR ac is right smack on natal 2nd house cusp and SR Desc/natal 8th…hmmm land is in my name but in my view it would be our money once it is sold…I plan to put it toward paying off our mortgage…

  4. cool! I have been experimenting with houses lately and that is what I used for my transits…I pulled up hubbys SR using equal….hmm SR Jupiter is right smack on natal 2nd cusp, need to check out my SR for this year

  5. Mmm. Interesting. That stellium will evenly straddle the 12th house cusp. Mercury/Mars in 11th and the sun exactly conjuncting my natal 12Merc and moon squaring my natal 3rd pluto.

    With Jupiter and Venus transiting the 1st, my precious pride wounds have forced me airing my secret grievances openly with friends. It’s sad but I’m moving into a new chapter of far fewer, deeper, more meaningful, and authentic relationships. I think it’s neat to see that reflected here almost exactly. It may be the theme for the year because I’m definitely feeling like this is a necessary transformation.

    • Actually, come to think of it. It’s ALL squaring my Pluto while it is being squared by natal Pluto (and opposing that stellium) Yeah. Wow. Nothing like swimming through the watery deep…and then having a light shown on it… Let me digest that. (@@$&@(/&:,&!!!)

  6. Conjuncting Uranus, 13 degrees, in the 10th house and squaring my Libra stellium in the 1st and 2nd house, specifically Saturn at 12 degrees. I make no predictions but will watch, wait and hopefully learn.

  7. This is in my 11H, opposite Venus and Mercury. Aha…this is always a busy time of year where my focus and energy is turned to birthdays, my stepson’s (it’s tasked to me to make it nice and right, representing my husband’s wishes), then my husband’s birthday and doing the same there. And getting ready for a small vacation. The stellium sextiles my first house stellium so it has support.

  8. It is on the cusp of my 10th/11th house, New Moon will take place in my 11th house. I wouldn’t mind busier social life! Also, New Moon around 22′ degrees Cancer will oppose my Moon in Capricorn and square Mars in Libra.

    Also, it will be conjunct my Daughter’s Natal Jupiter/Moon in Cancer 11th/12th house, and in my Husband’s 11th house, squaring his Sun. So, I think it’s safe to say we’ll be busy socially.

  9. It completes mine and my Husbands t-square in synastry. Sq. my 9H Mars in Aries, sq. his 11H Libra stellium and opposite his 2H Moon, so it will fall in my 11/12H and his 8H. We should be deep in our counseling by then. Unless something happens… Gonna try to stay mellow with my Mars being hit.

    Thanks for the heads-up. It does help to be aware of these transits ahead of time. Most likely, our fights/”debates” will center around 11th house issues. Hopefully counseling can help us get our hopes and wishes in sync. My husband is controlling And non-compromising, and I really hope counseling opens his eyes.

  10. My daughter’s birthday is right then. She is going to be 3. Do you suppose it would be worth looking into her solar return report given her um, stage of life? Do you suppose it would be helpful to me as parent?

    • In general, I would say no. I would not bother with a solar return for a three year old. But I with this stellium, you might consider it. I am not sure it would “help” but it would be highly interesting to see what house the planets fell in…and if she became obsessed with one area of life, you would know it’s temporary. So I would buy it if you’re the curious type, or studying in any way. 🙂

  11. Elsa, will you expand on your original post a bit more?
    This lands smack dab in the middle of my 7th house (my dec is @ 27deg Gemini) and hard squares my Uranus@13deg Libra (I got nothing in Aries, except IC@14deg). Even my POF is 17deg Cancer.
    Been really beat up lately in the relationship department. 🙁
    Might this indicate a bit of a reprieve?

  12. I have the stellium in the second house with mercury just 1 degree 11 min. past my uranus opposite chiron in capricorn in the 8th. The stellium also squares saturn in Libra in the 5th. Am getting ready to put an offer on a condo and this scares me. Not sure how it’s going to play out.

  13. My oldest will be 18 on July 15, thinking I will get a report for his year. He’s had a pretty rough go of it lately and if I can help give him a head’s up, I’m thinking it would be good idea. Of course, at 18 he knows everything already and won’t need a heads up 😉

  14. Conjunct my natal Saturn in the sixth house, and opposite my Venus in the twelfth house. This Mars-Mercury combo makes me think of sharp conversations (about health or daily routines, and I am suffering from my corroded vertebrae again since transit Saturn went retro in Scorpio) and with the Moon joining in, it could become emotional. Depression also has it’s effect on my back, and I have been waiting for psychological therapy for a few months now. I am not so fond of that transit Pluto on the other side… It could be healing, but since this Pluto is conjuncting my natal Venus I only had destructive things (and people) going on, so I have to be on guard.
    Luckily, I think, I have my natal Moon in Taurus sextiling the stellium, and Jupiter in Pisces trining it so I will try to keep the focus on healing. And then the New Moon (still in 6th house) could be a new, healthy beginning.

  15. How do you figure out which part of your chart it will be affecting? Is it what signs/houses are in those planets in your chart?

  16. So hard to interpret my 12th house which will be touched by this stellium, Saturn in Cancer 10 degrees with North Node 19 degrees opposing my 6th house Venus in Capricorn 9 degrees and squaring Neptune in Libra 5 degrees in 3rd house. Cardinal T square action! Any thoughts would be so appreciated….. Thank you in advance….

  17. Hi Elsa,

    My Solar chart has 29’28 Gemini and Venus is 5’00 in the first house. In the progressed chart I have Mars 16’04? Any ideas how this will work it self out in my favor?

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