Effects Of The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: July 16, 2019

full moon facFull moons are inherently dramatic.  The lights go up.  To some, this is romantic. Others feel it’s important to howl like a wolf when the moon is full. I don’t think it’s possible to look at the moon when it’s full and not have a response to it. You’re going to feel something or have some kind of thought.

When I see the full moon, I’m instantly reminded of the marvelous quality of our universe.  I feel glad to be alive and able to see such a phenomena. Full moons are meaningful. They mark time, in their own way.

Eclipses tend to scare people who follow astrology.  They may even scare people who don’t follow astrology.  They don’t scare me.

This is not because I am brave or stupid or rebelliously counter-culture. It’s because I observed this for more than 30 years and if there were a reason to hunker down every time there was an eclipse, by now, I’d know it. These events have to be considered, case by case.

With that said, this full moon  / lunar eclipse in Capricorn will be powerful and felt on a deep level. There’s a good chance that the effects of this eclipse with be harsh. You can try to work with this energy; that’s what I’m going to do.  But outer planet, Pluto is involved here and something may happen that is completely out of your hands.

Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 2019 cropSetting that aside since there is nothing we can do about it; click to see the chart of the lunar eclipse in Capricorn. Even a novice can see the tension.

You’re likely to find yourself in a stand-off with something during this period. You might call it a power (Pluto) struggle but I don’t think that best describes this energy and I’ll tell you why: Mars is not involved. No one is pushing here. There’s a desire to control or contain yourself or the other person, so what?  So your sky doesn’t fall, what else?

To fare well here, you’ll have to work to see how similar the other person is to you!  Matter of fact, it’s likely you have the same goal, though you may not perceive this, easily.

The tendency will be to oppress or block, whatever it is that scares you. I’m talking about things or people who may very well scare you to death.

I don’t think the blocking will work. Maybe that’s the lesson here.

See more discussion of this, here: Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.

Last, the eclipse is at 24 degrees. If you’re like me, with planets in Cardinal signs between 14-29 degrees, you can expect to be directly affected. I’m going to try to track this closely. Get the newsletter to follow along.



Effects Of The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: July 16, 2019 — 55 Comments

  1. I’m scheduled for surgery that day unfortunately…I had a horary done and have been assured it will be ok, but I also have Venus 24 Aries and NN 24 Libra, Chiron 29 Aries…fingers crossed. Definitely sacred.

  2. Thanks Elsa, this was really helpful, like previous post on Pluto transiting 12th.
    I’ve been studying these eclipses in July. Solar eclipse usually brings big, unavoidable change.
    my boyfriend had a text book example, and I tried to prepare him for what’s coming, knowing how its gonna affect his chart. And it did come with a bang. Solar eclipse was in his 6house, sextile saturn his chart ruler, conjuct Jupiter . And this full moon eclipse will exectly conjunct his AC to a degree. Two days ago he left his job of 15 years, the only place he ever worked since moving to the city, and also was his home for many years. More importantly he broke off with the man who hired him, his boss, kind of a father figure, who took him for granted and was treating him like shit.
    This was coming for a while, but he wasn’t ready to make that big change, until eclipse made him act on it. I expect this next full moon to be a culmination of that situation. It was really something to see, this huge transformation in front of my eyes. He was indentifying himself with that place, but not anymore. Death of an old, birth of a new.

    • Hi there I’m also in similar situation, job wise having left it week before prior to eclipse, though not sure it was because of that ( eclipse in my 4th house cancer, Pisces 14 degree rising, Cappy sun mer in 10th house).
      I have been reading culmination often in these cases what will culminate? Joblessness? Thanks

      • Not sure about your job, if eclipse cause that situation, but your Pisces Ac was in nice trine with that new moon eclipse. I’m no expert, but what I do know is that solar eclipse is always step forward, wether you like it or not. People don’t like change and sometimes it’s just traumatic and frustrating, but that change is something that had to be done, when we look at the big picture. Usually only later we see why was it necessary. Sometimes we are stuck and solar eclipse is there to push forward and unstuck. Full Moon eclipse is different, it can be the end of something, but also transformation (when Pluto is involved).

    • Astrology ties to mathematics. There are 30 degrees in each sign. 30 X 12 signs = 360 degrees aka a circle.
      You are some degree, Capricorn sun. If your sun is between the degrees noted, this will have a greater impact.

      You can post your chart in the forum along with your question(s). Someone will help. 🙂


  3. Two people in my family passed away suddenly over the past few days and something really awful happened a couple of days ago that I can’t even speak of. This is squaring my Venus.

  4. I have all four angles in cardinal signs, at 5 degrees, but what really concerns me are all the planets in Libra and Aries at the affected degrees in my mother/father axis (4th/10th). I’ve been worried about my parents’ health for a while now.

  5. Hi, insightful post, thank you so much. My natal Uranus is in Libra at 24°49’27 in house 12 (retrograde). Any insight as to what that portends for me at this lunar eclipse on July 17, 2019?

  6. My natal Saturn is 24*Aries conjunct the North Node in 4th house w Natal Sun at 20*Cap. so closely square the Eclipse point at 24*Cap? Also it’s trine Natal Neptune @ 25*Vi your thoughts much appreciated – thanks!

  7. My natal Jupiter is at 24 Capricorn in the 4th house. I am so hoping this will be a positive eclipse but it could just exaggerate the issues I am having. Husband’s Venus is at 25 Cancer so they’re his issues, too. Is there a chance this eclipse could be positive?

  8. My natal moon is 24 degrees Capricorn.
    I will be in the middle of nowhere in an area I’ve never been (Arkansas Ozarks) beginning a 3 week house sitting stint in an offgrid home, while my health problems flare, and I deal with mounting anxiety.
    I would appreciate thoughts…Aries sun, virgo Midheaven (23deg), sag rising, Pisces Venus & Mercury.
    Trying to hold myself together, it’s the longest I’ll be away from home and my cat companions. Symptoms of chronic Illness are flaring bad this week due to over exerting to prepare for this travel.
    I have to include that up till this week, I was feeling exhuberant and excited about this trip, seeing it as a long overdue retreat from 3 years of continual stress at home.

    • I am sorry, you are feeling anxious. Perhaps that would change if you did something physical? Like taking a walk. I understood you were initially excited about the trip. Do not let your own thoughts and fears spoil The trip for you.

  9. Square my Sun/Saturn/Neptune at 18-21 Libra and square Uranus at 18 Cancer; should be interesting! With a fixed grand cross I do better managing internal pressure and conflict than outer; so hope that’s how this plays out.

  10. I’ll be honest I have no idea how the full moon is going to effect me. I think I have Capricorn in my 9th house. But I can say that I think I’m feeling the Pluto! I’ve been able to see the patterns of behavior in my life and power struggles for the first time. Mine’s in Virgo and it’s like I’m seeing it in a very analytical almost detached way. Also with a sense of kindness toward myself that frankly I never had before. Heaven only knows what the eclipse will bring!

  11. I got Bad News from court a couple of Days after The solar Eclipse. A totally unexpected result. There were not really good grounds for this Decision. There are good chances I Will get this changed, if I continue, take it to a higher degree of justice.

    However, is it true that according to astrology, a News at The Time of solar Eclipse is final? Does this indicate, that however well I stated My Case, there’s no chance for changing The result? The process would take Perhaps a Year, a New Decision in about a year’s Time.

    The solar Eclipse hit My 10th House in Cancer. Moon 3 degree Scorpio, in The second House. Tr. Uranus in my 8th…

    The solar Eclipse December 2019 hits My IC and transiting Jupiter enters My fourth House, too.


  12. Please help, as I have Saturn in Capricorn at 24 degrees in my 4th house. I have my Moon at 3 degrees in my tenth house, and Mercury at 29 degrees of Aries in my 7th house. I have Pluto at 17 degrees Scorpio in my 1st house. I feel danger around me, and I’m trying to see. Trying to trust. Where do I go from here? What do you thing this means?

  13. Mercury in Capricorn 27 degrees
    Venus in Capricorn 27 degrees
    Jupiter in Taurus 26 degrees
    Saturn in Capricorn 9 degrees
    Uranus in Capricorn 3 degrees
    Neptune in Capricorn 11 degrees
    My chart is filled with capricorn im sun in Aquarius 12degrees with moon in sagitarius 13 degrees. Am i doomed or what lol. THANK YOU!

  14. How does a lunar eclipse affect you if the eclipse is in your moon sign? I know my moon’s in Capricorn (and we have a lot going on this next week!)

  15. Thank you for the quick reply! This is interesting. One thing is for sure – I’m doing the right thing swearing off alcohol for the rest of the month!

  16. Hi Elsa

    The July 2 solar eclipse in Cancer square my Aries Moon and my dear elder cousin’s Aries Sun. She was a powerful, dynamic 86 year old wise firecracking woman who drove her own car (at high speed, too), cooked her own meals and lived in her own house until that happened. She had a seizure that morning right at the eclipse (!) and lost consciousness….then slipped into an irreversible coma and died. She is being buried on July 18, two days after the lunar eclipse…(the lunar eclipse squares my Venus/Mars. I am heartbroken. We were, as she says, in love with one another…so alike.

  17. Hi Elsa,
    “Matter of fact, it’s likely you have the same goal, though you may not perceive this, easily.” – many times this qualifies/manifests as a concurrent interest. That’s where it usually goes awry I guess. BUT, a bit of discipline (Saturn) may turn the tables in one’s favor…

    “The tendency will be to oppress or block, whatever it is that scares you.” – I agree with you. For the first time in my life, probably, I’m stepping into my Pluto’s shoes in a rather conscious way. I might lose, but even so, I win. 🙂

  18. Elsa I did not get a reply from you about hair to be cut under full moon or or new moon I am a Leo And I am a Sag. asc. can!t loose a lb. gained very depressed how do I get a reply???

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