Effects Of The Current Stellium In Taurus

beautiful venusian bullThe Moon will join the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Taurus today – we’re heading for tomorrow’s new moon in the sign.  The planets fall within about 15 degrees of the sign.  This means the stellium will fall in one house, for most people.

The stellium falls in my 4th house. That’s mom, home, cooking and such. In my case, there’s no mistaking this.

Mother’s Day is this weekend, but besides that, I have house guests coming for the weekend. I’m getting our guest bedrooms cleaned up this morning. This afternoon, I’ll go shopping for groceries. Besides cooking for guests, we’re going to a tapas party and I need to cook for that as well…and bake.

The way it’s looking, I’ll cook dinner for our guests, while I cook for the party. Then my husband and I will go to the party and our guests can serve themselves dinner whenever they like. It’ll be ready, see? Just pull it from the oven and done!

I just think it’s funny – you just can’t beat astrology.  Everyone will be comfortable here, I’ll tell you that.  There’s a grand trine in Earth out there, and my husband and I both have a grand trine in Earth in our chart…and a composite grand trine in earth too, obviously.  So we’re in our element, I’d say.

Where does the stellium (and new moon) fall in your chart?  What’s happening?

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Effects Of The Current Stellium In Taurus — 25 Comments

  1. It falls in my 4th too. And the interesting thing is that I will travel today and I will live in another place outside my country, for three months, taking care of a child. It still includes family, but not my own 🙂

  2. That sounds like a really nice time in store for you, Elsa. I hope you’re feeling better and are more able to get around.

  3. The stellium falls in my 12th house . I have stuff to do for my big project , but I’d rather dream about doing art .

  4. I have it falling in my 8th house. Ive begun (gruelingly) paying back taxes I owe. I have a tendency not to want to pay bills. Or at least procrastinate. I hope this is a good start.

  5. Falls in my 1st. Taurus intercepted.Reflecting that I spent most of my life becoming conscious of Taurus and how much I love routine,comfort,beauty all of which give a sense of wellbeing that nothing external could ever provide

  6. Fourth and Fifth House Taurus stellium for me, with Mercury in tight conjunction with my North Node. A friend is coming to visit today for some sewing time and company. We live in the woods, and outdoors much of the time, so the orchard is now set up with the picnic table, a massage table under the apple tree, and a tiny kitchen garden has celery, lettuce and chard; raspberry canes are going riotous. Simple pleasure of a life on Earth. Grateful!

  7. The force is with me! Kroger has had their, “Taste of Spain” promo. I got stuff for this party during that, but today I went in and everything was 75% off.

    I bought all the olive oil and imported chocolate. Huge score!

  8. The stellium falls in my 3rd House. I will be telephoning my sisters (Mercury in the 3rd House) to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day. This weekend, I’m taking a short trip (Mercury) with my Cancer Sun boyfriend. We’re hiking (Taurus) and we want to research (Mercury) our family trees (Tr Mars opposite his natal 4th House Gemini Mars) on Ancestry.com. We’re also shopping for new flooring (Venus) for his home.

  9. My 8th house. Sex, money and transformation, tick to all three. I’m thinking about the first a lot, spent the second on something I hadn’t expected and tonight I’m dyeing my hair, so the thirds covered.

  10. Grand trine in Earth natally..Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon, Cap Asc
    So ready for Change…Chiron in Sag…
    Star of David in Fire Houses…activated
    My Heart and Soul are ready to fly…

  11. I have an Earth Grand Trine natally too that is being conjuncted by the transit grand trine involving natal planets Mars (cap), Saturn (taurus) and Moon (virgo). The stellium is in my 5th hoping for the best, lasting joy and romance please. With Saturn I suppose in theory could mean restriction but historically for me Saturn shows up with a seriousness bred from maturity (you know the good kind of serious) when your maturely serious about something it sticks. Holding out for long term success over immediate gratification type thing. I think this is part of how I have benefited from have Saturn as part of my Earth Natal Grand Trine.

  12. I’m Taurus rising. Most of the stellium, including the sun, is in my first house. The stellium hits my natal Taurus Jupiter. My appetite has been hard to control these past few days.
    Today I paid bills and some shopping. I stocked up on the vitamin sale.

  13. Stellium in 5th and 6th, makes grand trine to MArc/mars in Cap and Pluto Rx in Virgo. Hope it helps get me a new job (had interview today. :))

  14. Stellium in 5th house so thinking of creativity, romance, & children. Aries cycle has been exhausting. Looking forward to a calmer pace with Taurus new moon.

  15. The moon is in my 6th, and the stellium is in the 7th. I read 6th rules small animals and pets and neck. On Tuesday, a big dog got to my pet dog, and killed him. I’m floored. I’ll bury him tomorrow, on the new moon. My dog was family to me.

  16. Thank you, Elsa! This sad event is catalyzing much needed change, and the outpouring of support and love in response to the news about the dog was touching and strengthening. May the force be with me on the scale of your Kroger score! Have a great weekend, everyone.

  17. So very tragic Mena. It’s hard enough to lose a beloved pet to old age but this must be so much harder. I am really sorry for your loss.

    • Thank you, VenusDenys. My son and I together laid Mustard to rest, and it was weird how important that was.
      My son has just me and his half sister, and little Mustard was family. He cried, and dug, and cried some more. He’s entering his 20s, and is no stranger to loneliness and loss, but he never lost a true loved one before.

  18. My 10th and boy do I feel it. Stuck stuck stuck. My workshop here in the house, no t much is advancing with it: From the Three Stooges (workers who half-baked everything and left a 7 ft ladder in my kitchen to fall on me) to the real estate admin from hell who hired them, it’s been an interesting experience: The workshop is my new way of earning my income, but it is based on my career, my specialty. I havent been able to start using that space in 3 months. But woke up today to a happy Give a F. attitude: nothing is static, so that shop will move/advance/progress even with Larry, Curly and Moe.

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