Effects Of Five Planets In Capricorn For The Next Three Weeks

Capricorn goat paintingMercury will ingress into Capricorn next Sunday. At that point, we’ll have five planets in the sign. The stellium includes the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto and will be in place from December 29, 2019 through January 15, 2020.

Everyone wants to know how this is going to affect them.  It seems an easy question but there are so many ways to consider this.

      • An individual should note the house(s) in their natal chart where the stellium lands. Let’s say it’s your 6th house. This would be an ideal time to change your diet to improve your health, long term. You quit one thing and begin another – period!
      • If your birthday takes place during this period, you’d also want to check out your Solar Return to see what house(s) is impacted in that chart.
      • If you have planets in the other Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra), this is likely to pressure you, greatly.  Generally, it will take the form of “grow up” or “do the right thing”.  You’re probably be humbled in some way.
      • If you have planets in Earth signs, you’ll catch significant support.
      • People are also impacted by the people around them. If you know people who are suffering, you’re going to feel some of that because you’re human.
      • I could go on and on.

    Now on collective level, Capricorn is known to be conservative.  Jupiter rules the courts so I would expect more conservative judges to be put in place over the next year.

  • I mention this, not to trigger people but to answer the question. When there is a (celestial) event like this, it can affect you because it affects you, but it can also affect you because affects everyone. There is a real (Saturn)  transformation (Pluto) underway at this time.This current period will see a lot deals being made. Talk. Contracts. Information. Mercury!

    The second half of 2020, when Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are conjunct – that’s when things will harden off.

    So back to the 6th house example, up top. Change your habits now and you will be transformed by the end of 2020.

    Either way, things (and people) around you will be transformed… which will affect you.

    Some have asked me why I think everyone will be affected by this. Jupiter! Mercury rules your neighborhood. Jupiter spans the globe!

    What is being stopped, blocked, limited or grounded in your life?  What house(s) in your chart is hit by this?

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Effects Of Five Planets In Capricorn For The Next Three Weeks — 14 Comments

  1. I think there are interesting transits during this 5-planet Stellium as it starts on the same day, with:

    12/30 Sun conjunct South Node 8 deg Cap … now I see!

    1/4 Mercury conjunct South Node 8 deg Cap … food for thought!

    For 5 days 1/6 to 1/10 Jupiter conjunct South Node 8 deg Cap….. the turning point!

    With Mercury Cazimi on 1/9 preceding t.Uranus going direct on 1/10 on the 5th day of Jupiter-S.Node and during a 5-planet Stellium …. we will know without a shadow of doubt.

    I wonder if we’re paying enough attention t.Uranus going direct on 1/10? or is it really just about Saturn-Pluto? I’m not so sure, because Saturn-Pluto have been parallel by declination all year, and we have been deconstructing and reconstructing. So is the conjunction on 1/11 not just the remnants in a pinnacle of the the event itself?!

    A turning point!

  2. I have it all on my 8th House, just finished yesterday a hellish transit of Pluto conjunct Mars that lasted from Jan 2018 till now.

    Currently Saturn is conjunct my Mars in my house 8 till Jan 7

    Pluto and Saturn are trine my natal Sun in 12H

    I’m all about purchasing a consultation with you

  3. Saturn has just crossed into my 5th house to conjunct Pluto. I am relieved that they have left my 4th house, though not before my marriage was burned to the ground – and by me, I might add. It had to happen but it wasn’t pleasant. Through it all I kept my children in mind and have come through with our wonderful relationships still intact and my soon-to-be ex-husband and I are finding a friendlyish balance if not a real friendship.

  4. It’s all in my empty 12th, opposing my Cancer Moon in 6th.

    My emotions are feeling it already as are my nerves and overall health.

    December has been extra challenging and has left me depleted and burnt out.

    Hopefully the next few weeks RESTORE me to serenity and health, instead of the expected oposite.

    But, whatever comes, I shall work to transcend it, if that is what is needed.

    • It’s in my empty 12th house as well, opposing my 6th house Cancer moon. The last three weeks have really been hard and painful. My birthday was on Friday the 13th and Saturn was/is in exact opposition to my moon. Not one of my better birthdays. But still I’m hopeful and actually looking forward to and embracing being a different person. I’ve needed to change for a very long time.

  5. I wish I could post a picture of my chart with transits. So many many points are hit by this period.

    For starters I have my SN at 5 Cap, Mars at 8 Cap, Juno at 10 Cap, Black Moon Lilith at 8 Cap – and all 4 of my progressed planets are hit in Cap + progr. Venus is conjunct natal Mars in Cap. Talk about heavy?!

    My Scorpio stellium is (thank God) forming a sextile to this phenomena, and to top it, my natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction will be squared by this gang, when the planets pass it to go into my 1st house and cross my Ascendant.

    Every important point in my chart will be lit up next year like crazy.

    Grow the beep up, do the right thing, leave behind bad bagage, and stand up to take responsibility and act with integrity. Stop doing what is hurting yourself.

  6. They’re all gathering deep in my 4th house. I’m not feeling anything one way or the other about this, I just feel like I always do during Capricorn season.. eschewing as many gatherings and parties as possible in favor of hibernating in my apartment with video games and movies, food, books and my own thoughts.

    So it’s business as usual, although I do feel I can’t quite ignore my responsibilities and obligations as much as I would like. But it’s no big deal, really.. I don’t feel stretched out thin at all. And maybe that’s my Virgo sun/asc/mars talking.

    I’m longing for that Capricornian structure that this transit is supposed to invite, though. My life currently consists of too many open endings, with no definite conclusions in sight: it’s too much mutable, not enough cardinal if you know what I mean. So maybe I’ll regret ever saying this but if, in the coming weeks, life decides to close a door or a window or just lets me walk face first into the wall.. I really won’t care either way as long as it means I regain the sense of living in a f*cking house..

  7. Dear Elsa,
    I’m writing you this just to let you know I appreciate you and your blog wisdom. You bring light and hope with your wits! I especially love your youtube vignettes. You clear my head as I swim through Neptune opposition. Regarding this topic, the current stellium falls in my 2nd House (intercepted) and it sextiles my SaturnAscendant. Life has not been fun for a while. I feel tired for this transformation and that worries me so much. One should never feel to tired to Phoenix themselves.

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