Eclipse In Leo – Creative Children Shine!

I’m under a Saturn transit at this time. I started working with children, a few days ago. This was unplanned and unexpected. All the sudden, I found myself amongst a group of children, in a position of authority.

I was also surprised how immediately I took to it. This should not have surprised me! I will always help kids do positive things.

The pic on the left is my son (in red) and his crew from back in 2011. They were dancers. I recall he and his best friend at the time (kid on the left in the white) came home one day and asked me if 50 kids could come to the house that night, for an outdoor party. This was a city-wide dance party.  I said yes.

The party was held in our driveway. It was sixteen degrees in Colorado that night. Kids showed up in droves.70+.

I served them hot chocolate and they came inside, in shifts, to warm up.  Boy did they have a good time. Ninety percent boys, as you can see.

So the new groups is also a dancing / singing group. It’s crazy, because I can’t dance or sing…at least not very well. But I was able to get all these kids going in less than one minute.

Now I have big plans. People heard us carrying on. They were curious, so I got some more people involved.  We’re going to practice this weekend. We started with my husband on his guitar. We have a drummer and a keyboard player, signed on and more to come, I’m sure.  But what I wanted to say…

These first kids are about fourteen years old. I could not believe what spilled out of my mouth, I wasn’t even thinking.

“Look! You kids are leaders. You are going to lead this thing. You’re going to teach your parents how to do this and you can teach the younger kids too.  I’m going to show you how to do this…make sure you learn because you’re going to be taking over. This is YOUR gig.”

I was talking about the number we’re doing and going to do, but I was also talking about life.  We’ve got to teach these kids to run their own GOOD, POSITIVE show. And when we do…well just look at the faces and the creativity.

Long live, my Venus in Leo. I love children!


Eclipse In Leo – Creative Children Shine! — 10 Comments

  1. Oh so precious. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for giving us a glimps into your real life. You know, this may sound strange but I always knew you were an amazing mom even though you never talked a whole lot about your personal life with your kid on the blog at least from when I read here. I had a dream once where I was at your house and you were entertaining a group of teenage boys and they all seemed to love being at your house all gathered round at a bar in the kitchen. My dreams can weirdly give me glimpses into people’s true nature even when I barely have a clue about them irl (really…strange but foreal). Anyway, I’m so glad for you that you get to impact these kids life in a positive way!?

  2. I loved this. Thanks for sharing.:-) Any time my kids ask to have friends over or have parties- I’m all for it and make it fun for them. It makes me happy to see them having fun. I have Leo Jupiter in the 5th.

  3. Love this post! Yes, you are right. The future is with our children and we need to nurture them and encourage them and be role models for good behaviour and good and kind actions.

    • Yeah, it’s super interesting. There was one girl in the group. She has five brothers and sisters and musical parents. So we’re going to their house for dinner and to add percussion.

      They don’t usually have people for dinner, since they’re a huge family? But they decided the should have people for dinner and we’re the people they are having.

      I am bringing dessert. “Brookies” which are a mash between brownies and cookies, since they have all these kids. I am bringing a mountain of brookies, actually.

  4. I like to listen to the kids. Really childish stuff. Silly talk. They are so sweet, until the wordly ways spoil them. Leos always remain kids at heart. Deep ones like Scorpios are for serious occasions, not fit for a Leonine Bash.

  5. We went for dinner and to practice with a family with six kids last night. It was great fun. We finalized our first number, in that it’s arranged. We have to still practice it, but got started on our second song. We really had a good time. 🙂

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