Dying In This Virtual World

Remember this: His Scorpio Moon And My 8th House: Death Plan In Place?

Back when that happened, I was stunned. Now I think it’s an okay thing to do. I think is because of Neptune and a general adaptability.   I am also more aware of how little people care, I’m sorry to say.

We live in this virtual world now and when someone dies it’s like a video game. It’s very different from losing someone you’ve met once a week for Margarita night for the last ten years.  That warm body is gone.

Consider this blog.  Some have been here, and read about my life for 10 years but I am still not a warm body, am I?

These things cross my mind as Pluto transits Mercury.


Dying In This Virtual World — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve had online friends die. No, it’s not the same as losing their physical presence.

    But if you’re used to “seeing” each other every day or several times a week yeah, you can really get to missing their mind.

    I’ve also had a friend die who I had always felt very close to, though we had lost touch off and on after I moved away. Her son sent an email when she died and since I had had no idea she was sick, it devastated me (and my daughters).

    I guess she didn’t realize what she meant to me, and that’s on me. There’s nothing I can do now to fix it but never let another friend go through life not realizing how deeply I care about them.

  2. Davy Jones died today. I thought about it. It could happen in a flash and what will My poor sons have to contend with?
    As far as my feelings for you Elsa, to me you are very real. No cyber posturing, nor holding back! It is a daily visit for me as if we’re sharing coffee together in your kitchen. Your writing tells a great story of who you are, how you’ve lived, and those people and pets in your life and those that have left your life. These stories make you real. It’s bigger than a song I like and posted or sharing what I had for dinner. Thank you!

  3. I think of you as a very 3-D, flesh-and-blood person, not a collection of stories or pixels on a screen. If anything were to happen to you, I would very seriously consider coming to your memorial service. And I don’t think I’m the only one.

  4. You’re definitely a warm body to me, Elsa. Very much alive and present, although we never met. I’m grateful for every bit of your writing. For sharing your unique brand of humanness. You made so many of my days more beautiful!

  5. i think im the only one who doesnt care what people will do when i die. yeah of course when people close to me die it hurts and its sad. but they havent been many deaths in my family or close circle yet. Maybe its because i dont have kids yet. Being a mother will definitly make me more sensitive about this issue. But i would make sure i leave my kids in the care of somebody trustworthy.

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