Driven To Rebuild With Mars Conjunct Mercury

I’m sorry I’ve been scarce!  Mars has been conjunct Mercury for more than a month. I have these planets conjunct in my natal chart. The conjunction in the sky activates my natal. I am driven at this time.

I’ve known all year I was going to have a Saturn in Capricorn workshop. I was working on it when my site was hacked. I lost my start on this, along with three months of posts when we had to resort to an older backup of the site (which was still infected).  Then there was the Mercury battle and then the clean up. Mars and Mercury are in VIRGO.

I also intended to create a Holiday Guide. These were my publishing (Sagittarius) goals (Saturn) for the rest of the year. Besides the lost work (blog posts, etc.), I lost a month of time. Now I gained knowledge but you can see the situation I’m in.

There is no way I would skip the Saturn workshop. No one can do this like I can. I’m going to do it and I am doing it now. But I am also writing the Holiday Guide.  I just don’t feel like sacrificing (12th) my goals (Saturn) due to the attack.

I have the newsletter to maintain, of course, but satori is also involved here.  She has a demanding job in real life now. She’s super time-limited.

This means, if I want her to edit or contribute in other ways, I have to think and write ahead. She’s just not sitting there, in front of her computer, ready to fix my work and return it to me, quickly.

I’m know I am not alone, in having to do more with less. I’m just letting you know, I’m working on these things…front-loading them.  And this is the good part – the work is really good.

The workshop opening is smooth but serious. I like the tone and feel certain people will benefit greatly.

I am also really happy with how the Guide is coming. I really liked me first guide. One of them I did not like as much. I hate to avoid responsibility, but I’m not sure it was my fault. The sky was sort of benign at that time.

I guess it’s good to know the holidays will be somewhat flaccid. At least you don’t have to worry about it. But this year is really interesting and having an outline ahead of time will be greatly beneficial.

This is a time where a person should define their goals. I want to help people; cleanly, clearly and cheaply. I don’t care to cater to the elite.  I am elite, naturally, simply because I’m able to do this.

I like to make these green onion rolls.  They are very good. People love them, but they take a lot of time. I take the time to bake these, for myself and others because they’re worth it.

It’s the same with these writing projects. I do this because I can. People like the product. They get a lot from this stuff but it will not exist unless I create it, so I’m working on this stuff now. And I’m a bit late, right? Because of the hacking. But that episode is fading by the day.

This reminds me of when the rain came and washed away my families house. Our adobe (mud) house was three-quarters done when a monsoon came through.  The walls were vulnerable because they’d not yet been stuccoed. We went out to the house after the storm and the walls had basically melted.

Think about it. We made the blocks by hand. Most of the walls were fully built, ready to put a roof on, straight and true.  We got out there to see them reduced to rounded hills of mud.

But in the long run, it didn’t matter.  We rebuilt the house and eventually moved in and had a home. The home is still there, today.

So I know what I’m doing. Oh hell, yes. I learned this when I was six years old!


Driven To Rebuild With Mars Conjunct Mercury — 4 Comments

  1. I have a Grand Trine in my natal connecting Mercury-Aries, Mars-Leo, and Jupiter-Sag. I get these grandly large ideas that take a lot of energy to actualize, but I love it! Right now, I’m busy painting the inside of the house – not as a job, but as a work of art.

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been hacked, Elsa. I know what that is like. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone. We DO appreciate your work out here.

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