Dreaming Of Another Person’s Dying Father

death crierLast night I dreamed I was called to the bedside of someone dying. When I got there, it was the father of someone from my past. Past, meaning my relationship dates back to when I was 15 years old…last contact with this person was a month ago.

I knew this person’s entire family, mother, grandmother, sibling, cousins, second cousins, aunts, uncles…but I never met his father. The was was estranged from the family, though I did tell him once, he might want to forgive his father and maybe visit him? Which he did, by the way.

But all this was so many years ago. And then here is this man, lying in a bed…a cubicle, really, dying.  The colors were muted…burlap. Death garments of my imagination.

Pluto in Capricorn.



Dreaming Of Another Person’s Dying Father — 8 Comments

  1. Oh–how sad ? Have you contacted this person to tell them about it? Sometimes those dreams are actual visions. (I know from experience…)

  2. It was an unusual dream for me. I really have no idea. When I woke up, I paid attention. It was closest to a visitation. I have of of this from others. Someone appears in you’d room. You wake to find they’ve passed.

  3. It could be that he passed. It is odd how something that you don’t think about before going to sleep, gets into your subconscious and causes a strange dream. Keep us updated if anything happens from it.

  4. When I read this, I didn’t for a moment think it was about the boy, I thought it was about you.
    I find it a soothing dream – a good ending to something far back.

  5. Do you remember details in the room? Have you been to this hospital before? How did you feel when you awoke, tired and exhausted or reminiscent? Were you observing from a distance or close up? Did time seem slow or slow motion? Did you feel you needed to take action? Did you think more about the man or the friend?

    If it was about the man, you maybe were tuning in to the actual event. Your emotional bond with the friend let tuned in so you could see what your friend is not telling you in conscious life. You never met the father so this seems possible. Maybe your friend was or is in need of comfort because of the event and he thought about you or maybe you tuned in to the event at that moment.

    You dreaming traveled to him during his time of need or he called you to him. You two were linked in the past, even a month ago, and you are surely still linked. Maybe your friend was wishing he had your support right then. If you woke up with sadness (oh, sad he died) or nostalgia (my friend needs me) you can see if the dream was more about the man or your relationship.

    A prescient dream to me is rare, short and powerful and you wake up shook up and know something is going to happen. A dream of a death made me wake up sad knowing the person is gone. I wake up and know the event is over or will soon be over. It feel final and real. A prescient dream hits like a punch and you do not forget how you feel. You know there is an event coming. It is like turning on the tv and watching a news clip.

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